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Operating Your Freezer - Haier HUF138 Series User Manual

Upright frost free freezer
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Operating Your Freezer

Temperature Control Dial (fig. 1)
• The temperature control dial has settings from "1" to "7"
with "1" being the warmest and "7" being the coldest.
• Initially, set the temperature control dial at "4".
• After the freezer has been turned ON for 24 hours, adjust
the temperature control dial to the setting that best suits
your needs.
Note: If you unplug or turn OFF the freezer, wait at
least 4 minutes before restarting or plugging it in again.
Temperature Alarm System (specific to EA models)
When turning ON your freezer, the temperature alarm system switch should be at
the "O" position. Put it in the "-" position once the freezer has been ON for a
period of 24 hours. The temperature alarm is activated at 15.8˚F. Once
activated, the built-in audible alarm system will signal a warning of high
temperature to you. The alarm will continue to sound until you turn OFF the
temperature alarm switch. A red light will also warn you that the temperature
alarm system has been activated.
Lock and Key (fig. 2)
Your freezer has a lock and key feature to secure the contents of the freezer.
Close the door, push and turn the key to lock. Push and turn the key in the
opposite direction to unlock.
Lock and Key
fig. 1
Control Dial
fig. 2


Table of Contents

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