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Frost-Free; Extended Non-Use And Moving - Haier HUF138 Series User Manual

Upright frost free freezer
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Frost Free
Your freezer is frost-free. No defrosting is required as it is factory preset to
automatically defrost.

Extended Non-Use and Moving

Extended Non-Use
For long vacations or absences, empty food from the freezer, move the
temperature control dial to the "1" position and disconnect the power cord from
the wall outlet. Clean the freezer and door gaskets according to the Proper Care
and Cleaning section. Prevent odors from forming by placing an open box of
baking soda in the freezer and propping the door open to allow air to circulate
Moving the Freezer
When transporting the freezer, it should be kept in an upright position. If the
freezer is inadvertently tilted beyond 45 degrees or was laid down horizontally
for any reason (e.g., shipping), the unit must not be operated for at least 24
hours. It must be placed in the upright position for 24 hours to allow the internal
oil and refrigerant to stabilize in the system. Ignoring this precautionary measure
may result in damage to the sealed system and compressor.


Table of Contents

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