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Adjusting Your Oven Temperature; Before You Call; Common Problems - Frigidaire PLEB30T9FC 318205119 Use & Care Manual

Electric wall oven single and double


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To Remove the "Hidden Bake" Cover
1. In order to remove the "hidden bake" cover, pull the back edge with one
hand about 1/2" inch and lift up the "hidden bake" cover with both hands.
(See picture)
2. When re-installing the "hidden bake" cover, be sure to put it all the way to
the back of the oven and lay it down on the 2 shoulder screws. Then push
the front edge of the cover in its place below the front bracket.
To have easier access to the "hidden bake" cover, you can remove the oven
door by following the instructions on previous page.
IMPORTANT: Always replace the "hidden bake" cover before the next use.
For instructions on how to adjust the oven temperature refer to the electronic oven control guide.
Oven Control Beeps and Displays any F
code (for example F11).
-F8- is displayed.
Entire oven does not operate.
Care & Cleaning

Adjusting Your Oven Temperature

Before you call

Solutions to Common Problems
Electronic control has detected a fault condition. Push CLEAR pad to clear the display and
stop the display from beeping. Reprogram the oven. If a fault reoccurs, record the fault
number, push the CLEAR pad and contact an authorized servicer.
The door was left open and controls set for self-cleaning cycle. Close the door and push
both upper and lower oven CLEAR pads.
Place oven rack in center of oven. Place a level on the oven rack. Contact installing agent
if rack and cabinet cutout flooring are not level.
Kitchen cabinet misalignment may make oven appear to be not level. Be sure cabinets are
square and level. Contact cabinet maker to correct problem.
When the oven is first plugged in, or when the power supply to the oven has been
interrupted, the display will flash. The oven cannot be programmed until the clock is set.
Be sure electrical cord is securely connected into the electrical junction box.
Cord/plug is not installed and/or connected. Cord is not supplied with oven. Contact your
dealer, installing agent or authorized servicer.
Service wiring not complete. Contact your dealer, installing agent or authorized servicer.
Power outage. Check house lights to be sure. Call your local electric company.
Short in cord/plug. Replace cord/plug.
Controls are not set properly. See instructions under Setting Oven Controls to set the
(some models)

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Table of Contents

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