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Frigidaire FEB30S7FCB Control Manual

Electronic oven control
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Control Pad Functions

Read the instructions carefully before using the oven. For satisfactory use of your oven, become familiar with the various
functions of the oven as described below. Note: The graphics on your timer may not look exactly like the one shown. This
doesn't change the way it operates.
Speed Bake Pad- Used
to enter the speed bake
mode temperature (some
Feature indicator
lights- These light
show which
feature is in use.
Used to enter
the normal
baking mode
Broil Pad- Used
Keep Warm
to select the
Pad- Used to
variable broil
set the Keep
Warm feature.
The oven can be programmed to:
Bake normally, Speed Bake, Keep warm, Time Bake,Delay Start (delayed bake), Broil, Clean and Speed Clean.
Note: Push buttons or pads may be shaped differently.

For a silent control panel:

When choosing a function, a beep will be heard each time a pad is pushed. If desired, the controls can be programmed for silent
To tell if your oven is set for normal or silent operation push and hold START TIME pad for 7 seconds. "- -" or "SP" appears in the
display. Within 5 seconds, press the UP or DOWN ARROW pad to switch between normal sound operation and silent operation
mode. The display will show either "- -" or "SP". Wait 5 seconds to return to normal operating mode.
Note: If "SP" appears, the control will operate with normal sounds and beeps. If "- -" appears, the control is in the silent operation

Temperature Conversion

The electronic oven control is set to operate in °F (Fahrenheit) when shipped from the factory.
The oven can be programmed for any temperature from 170°F to 550°F (77°C to 288°C).
To change the temperature to °C (Celsius) or from °C to °F (control should not be
in a Bake or Clean mode):
1. Press and hold BROIL pad for 7 seconds until °F or °C appears in the display.
2. Press the UP or DOWN ARROW pad to change °F to °C or °C to °F.
3. Wait 5 seconds to accept the changes or press CLEAR/OFF pad to accept the changes.


Note: The oven function will not work if the time of day clock is not set.
Speed Clean
Bake Time
Pad- Used to
Pad- Used to
select the speed
enter the length
clean cycle
of the baking
(some models).
Clean Pad
Start Time Pad- Used
Used to
to set the desired start
select the
time for baking. Can be
used with BAKE TIME
to program a delayed
bake cycle.
(Fahrenheit / Celsius)
Up and Down arrow pads- Used along with
the function pads to select oven temperature,
cooking time, start time (when programming
an automatic start time), time of day, clean
time and minute timer.
Speed Bake Oven
Door Locked
Oven, Preheat & Lock lights- The "oven" light indicates
that the oven is functionning. The "Preheat" light will glow
when the oven is first set to operate, or if the desired
temperature is reset higher than the actual oven temperature.
The "Door Locked" light will flash until the door locks when
the self-clean cycle is in use. It glows constantly after the door
locks (some models).
Clock Pad- Used to
set the time of day.
Oven Interior Light
Pad- Used to turn
oven interior light ON
and OFF.
Clear Pad- Used to
clear any function
previously entered
except the time of day
and minute timer.
Push Clear pad to
stop cooking.
Timer Pad- Used to
set or cancel the
minute timer. The
minute timer does not
start or stop cooking.
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Table of Contents

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Summary of Contents for Frigidaire FEB30S7FCB

  • Page 1: Electronic Oven Control

    To tell if your oven is set for normal or silent operation push and hold START TIME pad for 7 seconds. "- -" or "SP" appears in the display. Within 5 seconds, press the UP or DOWN ARROW pad to switch between normal sound operation and silent operation mode.
  • Page 2: Setting The Clock And Minute Timer

    Note: The minute timer does not start or stop cooking. It serves as an extra timer in the kitchen that will beep when the set time has run out. The minute timer can be used alone or during any of the other oven functions. When the minute timer is in use with any other mode, the minute timer will be shown in the display.
  • Page 3: Setting Oven Controls

    To Set Control for Continuous Bake or 12 Hour Energy Saving: The oven control has a built-in 12 Hour Energy Saving feature that will shut off the oven if the control is left on for more than 11 hours and 59 minutes. The oven can be programmed to override this feature for continuous baking.
  • Page 4 The interior oven light(s) is (are) located at the upper left (and right, some models) rear wall of the oven interior and is covered with a glass shield held by a wire holder. The glass shield must be in place whenever the oven is in use. To change the interior oven light(s), see changing the Oven Light in the General Care &...
  • Page 5 To Set the Timed Bake and Delay Start Features The BAKE TIME and START TIME pads operate the features that will turn the oven ON and OFF at the times you select in advance. The oven can be programmed to start immediately and shut off automatically (Timed Bake) or to begin baking at a later time with a delayed start time (Delay Start).
  • Page 6: Setting The Keep Warm Feature

    The KEEP WARM pad turns ON the Keep Warm feature and will maintain an oven temperature of 170° F (77°C). The Keep Warm feature will keep oven baked foods warm for serving up to 3 hours after cooking has finished. After 3 hours the Keep Warm feature will shut the oven OFF automatically.
  • Page 7 Celsius). 5. If you desire to set the oven control for a Timed Bake or a Delayed Start do so at this time. If not, skip this step and continue to step 6. Refer to the Bake Time (complete steps 6-7) / Start Time (complete steps 6-10) section for complete instructions.
  • Page 8: Oven Cleaning

    Your oven thermostat has been precisely set at the factory. This setting may differ from your previous oven, however, so your recipe times may not give you the results you expect. If you think that the oven is cooking too hot or cool for your recipe times, you can adjust the thermostat so that the oven cooks hotter or cooler than the temperature displayed.

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