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Battery Charge-Control Indication; Working Advice - Bosch Rotak Ergo Flex 34 LI User Manual

Cordless lawnmower
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Continuous lighting of the green charge control LED
signals that the battery is fully charged.
Additionally, a signal tone sounds for approx.
2 seconds, which acoustically indicates that the bat-
tery is fully charged.
Afterwards, the battery can be removed for immediate
With no battery inserted, continuous lighting of the
green charge control LED indicates that the mains
plug is plugged into the socket and that the battery
charger is ready for operation.
Battery Temperature below 0 °C and
above 45 °C
AL 3640 CV
AL 3620 CV
Continuous lighting of the red LED indicates that the
battery temperature is not within the rapid-charging
temperature range of 0 °C
lowable temperature range is reached, the battery
charger automatically switches to rapid charging.
When the battery is not within the allowable tempera-
ture range, the red battery LED lights up when insert-
ing the battery into the battery charger.
No charging procedure possible
AL 3640 CV
AL 3620 CV
If a different malfunction of the charging procedure is
present, this will be indicated through flashing of the
red charge control LED.
The charging procedure cannot be started and the bat-
tery cannot be charged (see section "Troubleshooting").
Charging Advice
With continuous or several repetitive charging cycles
without interruption, the charger can warm up. This is
not meaningful and does not indicate a technical de-
fect of the battery charger.
A significantly reduced working period after charging in-
dicates that the battery is used and must be replaced.
Observe the notes for disposal.
Battery Cooling (Active Air Cooling)
The fan control integrated in the battery charger con-
trols the temperature of the inserted battery. When
the battery temperature is above 30 °C, a fan cools
down the battery to the optimal charging temperature.
The switched-on fan produces a fan noise.
The battery temperature is within the optimal charging
temperature range when the fan is not running. Anoth-
er reason for a non working fan might be that it is de-
fective. In this case, the charging time of the battery
might be extended.

Working Advice

Battery Charge-control Indication

The battery is equipped with a charge-control indica-
tor which indicates its charge condition. The charge-
control indicator consists of 3 green LEDs.
Press the button to actuate the charge-control
indicator. After approx. 5 seconds, the charge-control
indicator goes out automatically.
The charge condition can also be checked when the
battery is removed.
LED Indicators
Continuous lighting of 3 green LEDs
Continuous lighting of 2 green LEDs
Continuous lighting of 1 green LED
Flashing of 1 green LED
Bosch Power Tools
45 °C. As soon as the al-
Battery Capacity
When no LED lights up after actuating the button, the
battery is defective and must be replaced.
For safety reasons, the charge condition of the battery
can only be checked when the garden product is at a
During the charging procedure, the three green LEDs
light up one after the other and briefly go out. The bat-
tery is fully charged when the three green LEDs light
up continuously. The three LEDs go out again approx.
5 minutes after the battery has been fully charged.
Temperature Control Indicator
The red LED signals that the battery or the electronics
of the garden product (with battery inserted) are not
within the optimum temperature range. When this oc-
curs the garden product will not operate or not at full
Temperature Control of the Battery
The red LED flashes when pushing button or pressing
the On/Off switch (when the battery is inserted): The
battery is not wihin the temperature range for opera-
tion of
10 °C to +60 °C.
The battery switches off at a temperature above 70 °C
until the optimum temperature range is reached again.
Temperature Control of the Garden Prod-
uct Electronics
The red LED lights up continuously when pressing the
On/Off switch: The temperature of the garden product
electronics is below 5 °C or above 75 °C.
At a temperature above 90 °C, the electronics of the
garden product switch off until the temperature is
within the allowable temperature range again.
Area of Cut (Battery Duration)
The area of cut (battery duration) depends on lawn
conditions, grass density, mositure content, grass
length and height of cut.
Switching the machine on and off frequently during
cutting will also reduce the area of cut (battery dura-
To improve the area of cut (battery duration) it is rec-
ommended to cut more frequently, raise the cutting
height and walk at a normal pace.
The example below shows impact of conditions
against run time, for one battery.
Cutting Conditions
Very light, dry
Light, dry grass
Area of cut (Rotak 34 LI)*
up to 300 m
up to 150 m
Area of cut (Rotak 37 LI)*
up to 300 m
up to 150 m
Area of cut (Rotak 43 LI)*
up to 300 m
up to 150 m
*with battery 2 607 336 107
To increase the run time an additional battery or high-
er capacity battery (Ah) can be purchased from an au-
thorised customer service agent for Bosch garden
English | 9
Medium, dense
up to 100 m
up to 100 m
up to 100 m
F 016 L70 762 | (27.9.10)

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Table of Contents

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