Axminster AT1628VS User Manual

Variable speed wood lathe.
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Code: 502703
AT1628VS Variable
Speed Wood Lathe
Axminster Tool Centre,
Unit 10 Weycroft Avenue, Axminster, Devon EX13 5PH

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  • Page 1

    Code: 502703 AT1628VS Variable Speed Wood Lathe Axminster Tool Centre, Unit 10 Weycroft Avenue, Axminster, Devon EX13 5PH

  • Page 2: Illustration And Description, Operating Instructions, Rotating The Headstock, Removing The Faceplate, Indexing Facility

    Index of Contents Index of Contents Declaration of Conformity What’s Included Optional Accessories General Instructions for 230V Machines Specific Safety Instructions for Woodturning Lathes Specifications Assembly Instructions 6-10 Lathe Assembly Lathe Stand Assembly Lathe Extension Assembly 1 and 2 Illustration and Description 10-11 Operating Instructions 12-14...

  • Page 3: What's Included, Optional Accessories

    What’s Included Quantity Item Part Model Number 1628INV 1 No Variable Speed Wood Lathe 1 No Spanner 1 No Push Rod 1 No Spindle Lock Pin 1 No Motor Plate Handle 1 No Instruction Manual Optional Accessories Quantity Item Part Code Number 1 No Lathe Extension...

  • Page 4: General Instructions For 230v Machines

    General Instructions for 230V Machines It is good practice to leave the machine unplugged Good Working Practices/Safety until work is about to commence, also make sure The following suggestions will enable you to observe to unplug the machine when it is not in use, or good working practices, keep yourself and fellow unattended.

  • Page 5: Specific Safety Instructions For Woodturning Lathes

    7. If your lathe has the facility to run in reverse, you must ensure that the mounting accessories (chucks, Specification Code 502703 Model AT1628VS Rating Trade Power 230V 50Hz 1.5kW Speed Low 0-1,600rpm High 300-3,750rpm...

  • Page 6: Figure, Illustration And Description

    Assembly Instructions Please take some time to read the section entitled be cleaned from the lathe, its components and “Illustration and Description” to identify the accessories prior to it being set up. various parts of your machine so that you are familiar Use degreaser to remove the barrier grease.

  • Page 7: Table Of Contents

    Assembly Instructions Figure 04 Figure 07 Figure 05 Figure 08 Figure 06 Figure 09 3. Lift the lathe bed from the pallet onto a work bench, see figs 7 then refit the headstock, tool rest and tailstock as described in steps 1 and 2, see figure 8 Lathe Stand Assembly (Code: 502705) 1).

  • Page 8

    Assembly Instructions Figure 13 Remove the headstock, tool rest assembly and tailstock from the lathe bed as before to make it easier to assemble the stands 2. After removing the above lift the lathe bed using a scissor lift, lifting host or seeking help. 3.

  • Page 9

    Assembly Instructions Figure 15 Assembly 2 1. Line up the holes in the lathe extension (H) with the threaded holes in lathe stand (F) and secure using the 3/8” Hex bolts and washers (d), see figure Figure 18 Remove the tailstock stop “PIN” and place safely aside Figure 16 Using the 3/8”...

  • Page 10

    Illustration and Description Motor locking handle Headstock Tailstock Faceplate Live centre Tool rest Banjo lock Tool rest lock Headstock pivot lock Headstock locking handle Control box Spindle speed LED Tailstock wheel Motor plate handle Tailstock barrel lock Access panel Lathe bed Tailstock lock stop Tailstock lock Banjo...

  • Page 11

    Illustration and Description The control box has a magnetic base enabling it to be ON (Green) and OFF (Red) buttons positioned anywhere on the lathe Forward and Reverse switch The Speed Control Knob, enables you to increase or decrease the speed of the spindle Indexing ring Index lock Headstock Pivot Lock, pull this knob to rotate the...

  • Page 12: Operating Instructions, Figure, Rotating The Headstock, Removing The Faceplate

    Operating Instructions Figure 20 Rotating the Headstock The Headstock can be swivelled in any position by lifting up the Headstock locking handle (a) and pulling the Headstock pivot lock (b) out, swivel the Headstock to the desired position is reached, lock in place by pushing down the headstock locking handle (a).

  • Page 13: Indexing Facility, Figure, Operating Instructions, Removing The Drive Centre, Changing The Belt Speed

    Operating Instructions Figure 25 Indexing facility DISCONNECT THE LATHE FROM Drive centre THE MAINS SUPPLY The Indexing ring is situated to the left side of the headstock which incorporates 36 positions at (10˚) segments. To the side of index ring is the index locking pin to lock the spindle in position.

  • Page 14: Changing The Belt Speed, Figure, Operating Instructions, Maintenance

    Operating Instructions Reposition the belt, making sure the groves in the Figure 27 belt slot into the groves in the pulleys. Pull/push the motor assembly until the belt is under tension, retighten the motor locking handle (a). (See figure Close the pulley access panel and replace the Hex screw.

  • Page 15: Parts Breakdown/list

    Parts Breakdown/List Headstock Assembly A...

  • Page 16

    Parts Breakdown/List Headstock Assembly A...

  • Page 17

    Parts Breakdown/List Headstock Assembly A...

  • Page 18

    Parts Breakdown/List Body Assembly B...

  • Page 19

    Parts Breakdown/List Body Assembly B...

  • Page 20

    Parts Breakdown/List Stand Assembly C (Optional)

  • Page 21

    Parts Breakdown/List...

  • Page 22: Wiring Diagram

    Wiring Diagram...

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    Please dispose of packaging for the product in a responsible manner. It is suitable for recycling. Help to protect the environment, take the packaging to the local recycling centre and place into the appropriate recycling bin. Only for EU countries Do not dispose of electric tools together with household waste material.

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