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Miele SE 247 Operating Instructions Manual

Hob control unit
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Operating instructions

for hob control unit SE 247
It is
to read these
operating instructions before
installing or using the machine,
to avoid the risk of accident,
or damage to the machine.
M.-Nr. 04 697 770



  Summary of Contents for Miele SE 247

  • Page 1: Operating Instructions

    Operating instructions for hob control unit SE 247 It is to read these operating instructions before installing or using the machine, to avoid the risk of accident, or damage to the machine. M.-Nr. 04 697 770...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents ......... 3 .
  • Page 3: Description Of The Appliance

    Description of the appliance Display area and timer push buttons, – /+ push buttons with indicator lights Cooking zone control: front left Cooking zone control: back left Cooking zone control: back right Cooking zone control: front right When the control unit has been built in the data plate can not be seen. A further data plate is supplied with this appliance.
  • Page 4: Caring For The Environment

    Caring for the environment The transport and protective packing Old machines / appliances contain ma- has been selected from materials terials which can be reclaimed or re- which are environmentally friendly for cycled. Please contact your dealer, disposal and can normally be recycled. your waste collection centre or scrap merchant about potential recycling Rather than just throwing these ma-...
  • Page 5: Warning And Safety Instructions

    The control unit is intended to be Never open the casing of the ap- used in combination with a Miele pliance. hob / cooktop. Any other usage is at Tampering with electrical connections the owner’s risk and could be dan-...
  • Page 6 Warning and Safety instructions Installation work and repairs may only be carried out by suitably qualified and competent persons to en- Before discarding an old ap- sure safety. Repairs and other work by pliance / machine switch off and unqualified persons could be dan- disconnect it from the power supply.
  • Page 7: Timer

    Timer - use With the push buttons you can: – enter the – enter the of a cooking process. The timer can: – show the time of day, – enter the of a cooking pro- – switch the hob front cooking zones cess.
  • Page 8 Timer - use All data input or alteration is done with “*” the front left cooking zone Changes to the start, duration or end of “#” the front right cooking zone cooking time, or time of day are ef- fected in 1 minute steps. “t”...
  • Page 9: Before Using For The First Time

    Before using for the first time After the appliance has been switched on “12:00” and the symbols “f” and “)” flash in the display. (24 hour display) Press the buttons “f” and “)” at the same time. “12:00” and the indicator light for the –...
  • Page 10 Safety feature The operating lock can be activated to prevent the hob being switched on un- intentionally, by children for example. Press the “f” button until the key symbol appears in the display area. The cooking zones can now not be switched on.
  • Page 11 Timer - use When the colon in the time display – flashes: Once the time has been entered it proceeds in minute intervals. Press the “f” and “)” buttons – is on constantly: twice in succession. Time of day has been halted and The time of day continues to run un- can be entered or altered.
  • Page 12 Timer - use When a the hob zone symbol With the timer it is possible for both the flashes next to the time of day display. front hob cooking zones to be switched off automatically, or set to come on at a the symbol for the chosen hob zone later time and then also be switched off.
  • Page 13 Timer - use Press the “)” button. The time of day and the duration of cooking time entered appear in the dis- Turn the hob zone control to the re- play. quired setting. Use the + button to postpone the The hob zone comes on.
  • Page 14 Timer – use Press the corresponding button. It is possible at any time to call up the Use the – /+ button to enter the re- times entered. The corresponding but- quired time. ton for the time to be checked or When the indicator light for the changed has to be pressed.
  • Page 15: Cleaning And Care

    Cleaning and care Use a mild cleaning agent or a dash of detergent in hot water. Wipe dry with a soft cloth. Do not use a scouring agent as this would scratch the surface.
  • Page 16: Problem Solving Guide

    Problem solving guide Repairs to the electrical compo- nents of this appliance should only ever be carried out by a competent person. Unauthorised repairs can be dangerous. Some minor problems however can be dealt with as follows: This is not a fault. There has been an interruption to the power supply.
  • Page 17: After Sales Service

    After sales service In the event of any fault which you can- not remedy yourself, please contact – your Dealer – the nearest authorised Customer Ser- vice department (address on back page) When contacting the Service depart- ment please quote the model and ser- ial number of your appliance which are shown on the data plate.
  • Page 18: Electrical Connection

    If the connection requires a different Connection of this appliance should be cable, the Miele Service dept must made via a suitable isolator which com- be consulted. plies with national and local regulations...
  • Page 19 1.8 metres long cable. If the connection requires a different cable, the Miele Service dept must be consulted. See the data plate for the maximum rated load. If the connection requires a different cable, the Miele Service dept must be consulted.
  • Page 20: Installation

    Installation Before building in the control unit pull the control knobs out of the openings in the facia. Draw out the control unit from the re- taining plate. The control unit must be separated by a removable shelf from the rest of the space in the base unit, to make it inaccessible.
  • Page 21 Installation The plugs on the control unit / hob and the sockets on the hob elec- tronic control are coded with the same colour for matching. Fit the plugs into the sockets. Insert the knobs for the control unit into the control facia. Put the hob electronic control into the control unit.
  • Page 22 Installation Fit the hob plugs into the sockets. When pushing the control unit into Feed the connection cable without a place, ensure that no connecting plug through a suitable hole in the cables are crushed or caught. base unit. Connect to the electricity The mains cable must not come supply with an isolator which com- into contact with the underside of...
  • Page 24 Alterations rights reserved / 22 GB / IRL / ZA – 1597 M.-Nr. 04 697 770 This paper consists of cellulose which has been bleached without the use of chlorine.