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Preparation Before Washing - Haier HWM85-9288 User Manual

Fully automatic washing machine
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Preparation before washing

Connect the water inlet hose. Open the water faucet.
Confi rm that the washing machine is earthed reliably. Then insert
the power plug into the receptacle. The earth terminal shall not
link to gas pipeline and faucet water pipeline.
Put down the drain hose.
Slanting or uneven ground may result in unstable working or
abnormal noise. Please make the machine stand horizontally.
Pay attention to followings before washing the laundries
Confirm if there is special requirement for the laundries.
Clear the pocket. Take out the coins,sand, hairpins etc.
Tie the long strips; fasten the buttons;close zippers.
The quantity of the laundries shall not be too large. Stretch and loosen the
laundries before putting them in the tub.
When the pulsator is running, the buttons of the laundries may cause noise.
For the sake of discretion, please put the laundries with buttons into other
Check if the laundries are applicable for washing with machine.
Please repair the damaged cloth before washing in order to avoid the situation worse.
Divide the laundries that are not colorfast from other laundries.
Put those laundries diffi cult to absorb water into water with hand.
For those laundries with heavy soil, please fi rst remove the dirt like mud or dust. For the parts
with heavy soil, please apply detergent on them in advance, which can make it easier to remove
the soil.
For those laundries that may get lint ball and those with long fur, turn it over before putting in.
Do not put those laundries polluted by chemicals into the washing machine directly.
The foreign materials will result in damage of the machine.

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