Preparation Before Washing And Referenced Clothing Weight - Haier HWD1406 Instruction Manual

Double-roller full-automatic washing machine
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9. Preparation before Washing and
Referenced Clothing Weight
Preparation before Washing
Check whether the cleaning solution bottle and the disinfectant bottle on the table board of the washing machine
needs to be added with solution.
Check whether clothes to be washed have special requirements and are suitable for machine washing and
drying, to avoid the deformation and damage of the clothes.
As for clothes spotted with much mud, please remove the dirt
before washing.
Please separate easily faded clothes from other clothes for washing.
Please take out coins, sand, hairpins and the like from the pocket
before washing.
Tie the necktie, buckle buttons, zip the zipper and sew the seam.
In order to prevent buttons of clothes from making sound, please turn clothes with buttons over before they are
put into the washing machine.
Washings shall not be excessive, please unfold and fluff up clothes before they are put into the
washing machine.
Please place small objects, easily wound and worn clothes into the washing bag for washing,
poaching and dehydration, so as to avoid the damage. When in use, the washing bag is not allowed to be
dehydrated independently, instead, it shall be dehydrated together with other clothes so as to avoid abnormal
vibration or non-drying.
Referenced Clothing Weight
Blending work clothes
(including a jacket and
around 800g
Cotton bath towel,
around 300g
Cotton nightclothes
(including a jacket and
around 300g
Cotton briefs,
around 70g
Blending shirt,
around 200g
Cotton socks,
around 30g
Cotton undershirt,
around 130g
Cotton jeans,
around 600g



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