Preparation Before Washing; Usage Of The Detergent - Haier HWM65VA User Manual

Semi auto washing machine
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Preparation before washing

Preparation before washing
1.Connect the water inlet hose.
2.Confirm that the washing machine is earthed
reliably . Then insert the power plug into the
receptacle. Do not connect the earth terminal
to the gas pipe and tap water pipe.
3.Put down the drain hose .
4.Slanting or uneven ground may result in
unstable working or abnormal noise. Please
make the machine stand horizontally.
Pay attention to followings before washing the laundries
Check if
Clear the
Tie the long
the laundries
pocket. Take
strips; fasten
has special
out the coins,
the buttons;
sand, hairpins
close zippers.
on washing
a. Check if the laundries are applicable for washing with machine.
b. Divide the laundries that are not colorfast from other laundries.
c. Put those laundries difficult to absorb water into water with hand.
d. For those laundries with heavy soil, please first remove the dirt like
mud or dust. For the parts with heavy soil, please apply detergent on
them in advance, which can make it easier to remove the soil.
e. For those laundries that may get lint ball and those with long fur, turn
it over before putting in.
f. Do not put those laundries polluted by chemicals into the washing
machine directly.
The quantity of
When the pulsator
is running , the
shall not be too
buttons of
laundries may
and loosen the
cause noise. For
laundries before
the sake of
putting them in
discretion, please
the tub.
put the laundries
with buttons into
other laundries.

Usage of the detergent

How to use the whitener
Fill water to decided level. Dilute
the whitener with container.
Pour it slowly into the washing tub.
Avoid using whitener on laun-
dries with color or pattern as they
are prone to lose color.
The whitener shall not touch
the laundries directly.
Refer to the user's manual for
the usage and quantity of the
For powder whitener, please
dissolve it before using.
Do s and Don ts
The capacity of washing and spinning of the
machine refer to the weight of the
standard laundries under dry condition that can
be washed or spinned in one time. Laundries
quantity in one washing cycle shall be lower
than the
the largest capacity is only the loading capacity
of the drum
The thickness ,size , type of the cloth will influ-
ence the actual washing capacity. It is suit-
able to put in reasonable amount of laundries
and the laundries can be turned round in wash-
ing for one time washing.
Do not select " Maximum " water level for
laundries less than 1.0kg, so as to avoid
splashing of water.
It is suggested not to use high sudsing detergent.
How to use the washing powder
Direct dissolved in the machine:
1.Fill small quantity of water.
2.Add the powder . Run for 30
seconds to dissolve it completely.
3.Put in laundries. Select suitable
water level.
The instant dissolving of the washing
1.Prepare warm water of 30 C and a
2.Add the powder while stirring to fully
dissolve it.
The powder is more prone to pollute the
laundries than the detergent. Therefore
please use it with proper quantity.
Dosage of different washing powder is
different. Please refer to the instruction
of the washing powder for the detail



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