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Preparation Before Washing - Haier XPB60-287S User Manual

Twin-tub washing machine
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Preparation before washing

Check the following before washing
Check if the
Clear the
laundry has
any special
Take out loose
items such
as coins, sand,
hairpins etc.
a. Check if the laundry is suitable for machine washing.
b. Divide the laundry into colour fast and non-colour fast items.
c. Place items that do not absorb water easily into the water by hand.
d. For heavily soiled items, please first remove loose dirt, then apply
detergent directly to the stain before washing.
e. For those items that may get lint or are furry or fluffy, please turn
them inside out before washing
f . Do not put laundry polluted by chemicals into the washing machine.
Positioning your washer
1.Connect the water inlet hose.
2.Select a suitable location for the washer on a hard,
even surface away from direct sunlight or heat
sources, e.g radiators, cooking appliances etc.
3.The washer must not be placed in an area where
the temperature is below freezing point.
4.Any floor unevenness may result in unstable
working or abnormal noise.
the machine is level.
Tie any
long strips,
and close
Please ensure
The weight of
When the machine
the laundry
is running buttons
shall not
may cause noise.
exceed the
To reduce the noise
rated capacity.
turn clothes inside
Loosen the
out or place them
laundry before
in a laundry bag.
placing it
evenly in the
0.8m H 1.2m

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