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Haier HDY-D70 User Manual

Condenser tumble dryer
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Tumble Dryer

For service, call 0845 025 3025.


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1: User Manual

    USER MANUAL Condenser Tumble Dryer HDY-D70 For service, call 0845 025 3025.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Table of contents page no. Overview ....................1 Safety instructions .................. 2 - 4 Installation ..................... 5 - 7 Preparation ....................8 Control panel .................... 9 Functions .................... 9 - 10 Programming guide ................. 11 Programme times ..................11 Using your appliance ................12 Cleaning and maintenance ...............
  • Page 3: Overview

    Overview Container handle Programme selector Door Plinth Earth terminal Back plate Power supply cable Rear footplate Back cover board Drainage outlet NOTICE Please read these instructions carefully before using this appliance. The instructions contain important information which will help you get the best out of the appliance and ensure safe and proper installation, use and maintenance.
  • Page 4: Safety Instructions

    Safety instructions Using your appliance will be simple, but please make sure read the following to get the best out of it and to ensure your own safety. BEFORE sWITChING ThE applIaNCE ON FOR ThE FIRsT TImE: ✓ Install the appliance in accordance with the installation instructions. ✓...
  • Page 5 DuRING DaIlY usE OF ThE applIaNCE ✓ Remove the door before the appliance is removed from service or discarded. ✓ Clean the fluff from the lint screen before or after each load. ✓ Unplug the appliance before attempting any service. ✓...
  • Page 6: Safety Instructions

    Safety instructions Electrical connection (uK ONlY) For your safety please read the following information Warning: This appliance must be earthed. The appliance must be connected to a 220 volt 240 cycle AC supply by means of a three pin socket, suitably earthed and should be protected by a 13 amp fuse.
  • Page 7: Installation

    Installation This appliance is for domestic/household use only and is not suitable for commercial use. Caution: protective gloves should be warn Dimensions a = 855 mm b = 620 mm c = 595 mm Weight = 43 kg packing accessories Checklist of the accessories and materials provided with the machine: Owner’s Certificate of...
  • Page 8 Installation If the direction of the dryer’s door is not suitable for the location, its opening direction may be changed. The procedure is as follows: 1. Unscrew the 4 hinge screws holding the door onto the machine and remove the door. 2.
  • Page 9: Installation

    Installation Draining During the drying of the laundry, water is automatically collected in the water collection box inside the machine. The water needs to be removed after every drying cycle. If your appliance is near a drain, you may allow water to discharge directly into the drain through the drain hose provided to avoid emptying the box every time.
  • Page 10: Preparation

    Preparation attention • Before use, clean any deposits from inside the drum with a wet towel. • Clean debris from the lint screen to increase drying efficiency. Warning: Do not dry wool, silk, down and other delicate fabrics. Turning the appliance on Before turning on the power for the appliance, check: •...
  • Page 11: Control Panel

    Control panel F E D C B A. Programme selection dial Programme progress display Start/Pause button LED screen C. Signal button Maintenance displays D. Anti-crease button Power button Delicates button D+E. Child lock function Delay button Functions a. programme selection dial Turn this dial to choose the required drying programme.
  • Page 12: Functions

    Functions F. Delay button Touch this button before a programme starts. You may choose to start the dryer after a preset time. The delay range is between 1 and 19 hours. Every touch of the delay button will increase the delay by one hour. When you pass 19 hours, the delay time will turn off.
  • Page 13: Programming Guide

    Programming guide Degree max. programme Type of laundry of drying load Extra dry 7 kg Heavy cotton fabrics, sheets, gowns Ready to wear 7 kg Cotton fabrics, sheets, coats COTTON Ready to iron 7 kg Ordinary cotton fabrics Damp 7 kg Ordinary cotton fabrics Ready to wear 3 kg...
  • Page 14: Using Your Appliance

    Using your appliance 1. Turning on power Insert the power plug into an appropriate wall socket and turn on the power. Operating power supply: (220-240)V/50Hz. 2. load laundry Open the door and place the laundry into the drum of the appliance. To save energy and achieve better drying performance, please spin the laundry as dry as possible beforehand.
  • Page 15: Cleaning And Maintenance

    Cleaning and maintenance 1. Cleaning the exterior Wipe the body of the dryer and the control panel with a damp cloth. Remember not to use any organic solvents or corrosive agents to avoid damage to the appliance. 2. Cleaning the filter screen To ensure good ventilation during drying, the filter screen must be cleaned after every drying...
  • Page 16 Cleaning and maintenance 4. Cleaning the condenser The condenser must be cleaned monthly. Switch off the power supply before cleaning. - Hold the lugs on both sides of the lower panel and open it. See Fig. 6. - Using a coin or other tool, push the slides on the cover to...
  • Page 17: Trouble Shooting

    Trouble shooting In the unlikely event of difficulties with your appliance please follow the trouble shooting guide below. If the problem persists, contact the retailer if the machine is still within the guarantee period. If the appliance is out of guarantee, contact an approved service agent on 0845 025 3025. If an error code is displayed, please refer to the error code guide below.
  • Page 18 Trouble shooting Error messages In the event of an error one of the following codes may be displayed: Code Cause Solutions There is no change in the Contact an approved temperature of laundry in the drum service engineer Contact an approved The laundry is not dried service engineer The thermal sensor has...
  • Page 19: Specifications

    Specifications Type/Item HDY-D70 Power supply (220-240)V/50Hz Rated load (kg) Maximum operating current (A) Maximum power (W) 2800 Drying programme Dimensions (H×D×W) mm 855 × 620 × 595 The symbol on the product or on its packaging indicates that this product may not be treated as household waste. Instead it should be handed over to the applicable collection point for the recycling of electrical and electronic equipment.

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