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Trouble Shooting - ProSpot Fitness FUSION HG-5 Owner's Manual

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How the Patented ProSpot System works:
Starting from the Computer Brain, a signal is sent from the left & right side, thru the L & R Grey Base Frame
Wire Harness (white lead), Locking Post wire harness to the Lower rear Cable Knuckle connector, to inside
Barbell Cable to the Sensor on the Barbell. When skin contacts is made with Barbell Sensors, the signals return
to the Computer Brain, at which a 12-volt charge is sent via the Base Frame Wire Harness to the contact strips
in the Locking Post to the solenoids, to release the spring loaded Slider Block Locking Pins when the Barbell is
lifted, allowing the Barbell to move up and down. When skin contact with Barbell Sensor is broken by either
hand, the Computer Brain reads this and stops the 12-volt charge to the solenoids, at which time, the spring
loaded Locking Pins instantaneously engages the hole on the Guide Post and locks the Barbell from any
downward movement.
Trouble Shooting of ProSpot Systems
ALWAYS REMEMBER: After performing any service on the unit RESET the Computer on your ProSpot system
before using it. Just unplug the power supply Electronic Box, wait 30 seconds and plug back in. Resetting the
Computer allows it to recalibrate and work to its greatest efficiency.
Electrical Service Inspection Checklist:
1. Check for proper functioning of wall receptacle. (Test plug for power)
a. If bad, find new 110V AC power supply.
b. Check surge suppressor plug strip for proper function.
2. Check wall transformer connection to Electronic Box. Should not be bent or loose.
a. If bad, replace Electronic Box.
3. Check for green flashing light, the indication power to Electronic Box.
a. If no green light, test 12V Wall Adapter for 12-17 volts output. If voltage is less or none, replace
12Vpower supply.
4. Inspect white connectors from Base Frame Wire Harness connection on Electronic Box for loose wires.
a. If loose, plug in tight.
b. If broken, replace Base Frame Wire Harness.
5. Inspect Base Frame Wire Harness for possible pinching in frame during assembly.
a. Replace Base Frame Wire Harness if damaged or defective.
6. Inspect Base Frame Wire Harness connection to Locking Post Wire harness.
a. If loose, plug in tight.
b. If broken, replace Base Frame Wire Harness or Locking Post Wire Harness.
7. Inspect Locking Post Wire Harness connection to Contact Strips.
a. If loose, plug in tight.
b. If broken, replace Locking Post Wire Harness.
a. Inspect Locking Post Wire Harness plug in connector to Lower Cable Knuckle.
b. If loose, plug in tight.
c. If broken, replace Locking Post Wire harness.
8. Check contact points of Sensor Weight Bar (Reference Diagram on page 28).
a. Check Sensor Collar for proper adjustment. Sensor Collar Brass Pin must make contact with
metal plate on Cable Knuckle.
b. Check Brass Contact Pin and Spring for proper continuity.
c. Check Spacer Collar for proper positioning.
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