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Fujitsu Inverter 9374379453 Operating Manual page 17

Air conditioner compact cassette type heat & cool model (reverse cycle)
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Multi-type Air conditioner
This indoor unit can be connected to a multi-type outdoor unit. The multi-type air conditioner allows multiple indoor units to be oper-
ated in multiple locations. The indoor units may be operated simultaneously, in accordance with their respective output.
Simultaneous Use of Multiple Units
Instructions relating to inverter (
● When using a multi-type air conditioner, the multiple in-
door units can be operated simultaneously, but when 2 or
more indoor units of the same group are operated simul-
taneously, the heating and cooling ef¿ ciency will be less
than when a single indoor unit is used alone. Accordingly,
when you wish to use more than 1 indoor unit for cooling
at the same time, the use should be concentrated at night
and other times when less output is required. In the same
way, when multiple units are used simultaneously for heat-
ing, it is recommended that they be used in conjunction
with other auxiliary space heaters, as required.
● Seasonal and outdoor temperature conditions, the struc-
ture of the rooms and the number of persons present may
also result in differences of operating ef¿ ciency. We rec-
ommend that you try various operating patterns in order to
con¿ rm the level of heating and cooling output provided by
your units, and use the units in the way that best matches
your family's lifestyle.
● If you discover that 1 or more units delivers a low level
of cooling or heating during simultaneous operation, we
recommend that you stop simultaneous operation of the
multiple units.
● Operation cannot be done in the following different operat-
ing modes.
If the indoor unit is instructed to do an operating mode that
Instructions relating to heating (*) are applicable only to "HEAT & COOL MODEL" (Reverse Cycle).
*● During use of the heating mode, the outdoor unit will occa-
sionally commence the defrost operation for brief periods.
During the defrosting operation, if the user sets the indoor
unit for heating again, the defrosting mode will continue,
and the heating operation will begin after completion of
defrosting, with the result that some time may be required
before warm air is emitted.
) are applicable only to "INVERTER MODEL".
it cannot perform, the OPERATION indicator lamp on the
indoor unit will À ash (1 second on, 1 second off) and the
unit will go into the standby mode.
Heating mode and cooling mode (or dry mode)
Heating mode and fan mode
● Operation can be done in the following different operating
Cooling mode and dry mode
Cooling mode and fan mode
Dry mode and fan mode
● The operating mode (heating mode or cooling (dry) mode)
of the outdoor unit will be determined by the operating
mode of the indoor unit that was operated ¿ rst. If the in-
door unit was started in fan mode, the operating mode of
the outdoor unit will not be determined.
For example, if indoor unit (A) was started in fan mode and
then indoor unit (B) was then operated in heating mode,
indoor unit (A) would temporarily start operation in fan
mode but when indoor unit (B) started operating in heat-
ing mode, the OPERATION indicator lamp for indoor unit
(A) would begin to À ash (1 second on, 1 second off) and
it would go into standby mode. Indoor unit (B) would con-
tinue to operate in heating mode.
*● During use of the heating mode, the top of the indoor unit
may become warm, but this is due to the fact that cool-
ant is circulated through the indoor unit even when it is
stopped; it is not a malfunction.


Table of Contents

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