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Operating Tips; Heating Performance; Low Ambient Cooling; Group Control - Fujitsu Inverter 9374379453 Operating Manual

Air conditioner compact cassette type heat & cool model (reverse cycle)
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Instructions relating to heating (*) are applicable only to "HEAT & COOL MODEL" (Reverse Cycle).

*Heating Performance

● This air conditioner operates on the heat-pump principle,
absorbing heat from outdoor air and transferring that heat
indoors. As a result, the operating performance is reduced
as outdoor air temperature drops. If you feel that insuf¿ cient
heating performance is being produced, we recommend
you use this air conditioner in conjunction with another type
of heating appliance.
● Heat-pump air conditioners heat your entire room by recir-
culating air throughout the room, with the result that some
time may be required after ¿ rst starting the air conditioner
until the room is heated.
*When Indoor and Outdoor Temperature are High
● When both indoor and outdoor temperatures are high dur-
ing use of the heating mode, the outdoor unit's fan may stop
at times.
Dual Remote Controllers (optional)
An additional remote controller can be added up to the maximum of 2 remote controllers. Either remote controller can control the air
conditioner. However, the timer functions cannot be used at the secondary unit.

Group Control

1 remote controller can control up to 16 air conditioners. All of the air conditioners will be operated with the same settings.
Group control cannot be used when using it by the multi type.

AUTO Restart

In Event of Power Interruption
● Should the power supply to the air conditioner be inter-
rupted by a power failure, the air conditioner will restart au-
tomatically in the previously selected mode once the power
is restored.
● Should a power failure occur during TIMER operation, the
timer will be reset and the unit will begin (or stop) operating
under the new timer setting. In this event, the TIMER indi-
cator lamp will À ash.
*Microcomputer-controlled Automatic Defrosting
● When using the Heating mode under conditions of low out-
door temperature and high humidity, frost may form on the
outdoor unit, resulting in reduced operating performance.
In order to prevent this kind of reduced performance, this
unit is equipped with a Microcomputer-controlled Automatic
Defrosting function. If frost forms, the air conditioner will
temporarily stop, and the defrosting circuit will operate brief-
ly (for about 4 to 15 minutes).
During Automatic Defrosting operation, the OPERATION
indicator lamp will À ash.
● After heating operation stops, if frost forms on the outdoor
unit, the unit will start Automatic Defrosting operation. At this
time, the outdoor unit will automatically stop after operating
for a few minutes.

Low Ambient Cooling

● When the outdoor temperature drops, the outdoor unit's
fans may switch to Low Speed, or one of the fans may stop
● Use of other electrical appliances (electric shaver, etc.) or
nearby use of a wireless radio transmitter may cause the air
conditioner to malfunction. In this event, temporarily discon-
nect the power supply plug, reconnect it, and then use the
remote controller to resume operation.


Table of Contents

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