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Standby Mode; Check The Signal Strength - Philips MT3120 User Manual

Handsfree phone
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Indicates the battery level (from
full to low).
When the handset is charging,
the bars keep scrolling until the
battery is fully charged or you
unplug the adapter from the
The empty battery icon flashes.
The battery is low and needs
If you are on the phone, you hear warning
tones when the battery is almost empty. You
can plug in the charger to continue the call. The
phone turns off after approximately 15 minutes
when the battery is completely empty.

Standby mode

Your phone is in standby mode when it is idle.
In standby mode, the phone's charge lasts
about a week. If the auto lock has been set, you
see a key icon on the idle screen. You need to
press the icon to activate the phone. The auto
lock feature is automatically disabled during an
incoming call.

Check the signal strength

Indicates the link status between
the handset and base station. The
more bars are shown, the better
the connection is.
Make sure the handset is registered to the
base station before you make or receive
If you hear warning tones when you are
on the phone, the handset is almost out
of battery or the handset is out of range.
Charge the battery or move the handset
nearer to the base station.



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