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Philips MT3120 User Manual

Handsfree phone
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  • Page 1: User Manual

    Always there to help you Register your product and get support at MT3120 Question? Contact Philips User manual...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents Call from the phonebook Edit a record Delete a record 1 Important safety instructions Delete all records 2 Your handsfree phone 7 Call log What is in the box Save a missed call number to the Overview of the phone phonebook Main menu icons Return a call...
  • Page 4 12 Appendix Text and number input tables...
  • Page 5: Important Safety Instructions

    1 Important safety • This is a handsfree product with high speaker volume. Make sure the product is not too close to your ear. instructions • This equipment is not designed to make emergency calls when the power fails. An alternative has to be made available to allow emergency calls.
  • Page 6: Your Handsfree Phone

    To fully benefit from the support that Philips offers, register your product at Quick start guide com/welcome.
  • Page 7: Main Menu Icons

    Indicates you are in a call. Main menu icons Displayed when you browse the phonebook. The following is an overview of the menu The alarm clock is activated. options that are available on your handsfree The ringer is off. phone. For detailed explanation of the menu options, see the corresponding sections in this The headphone is plugged into the user manual.
  • Page 8: Get Started

    3 Get started Caution • Make sure that you have read the safety instructions in the "Important safety instruction" section before you connect and install your handset. • A lanyard is provided together with the phone. You are recommended to use the lanyard and the clip together to prevent the phone from dropping.
  • Page 9: Configure Your Phone (Country Dependent)

    Register your phone Your phone automatically asks you to register the phone with your original cordless phone's base station when you turn it on for the first time. If you skipped this step, refer to steps 1-3 below, otherwise continue after step 3. to access the main menu screen.
  • Page 10: Set The Date And Time

    Tap to select a time format, then tap Note confirm. • You can find the passcodes/PIN in the manual of your original cordless phone with base (unless you changed the standard PIN code). Charge the phone • This phone is only able to connect to a base station with the correct passcodes/PIN.
  • Page 11: Standby Mode

    Indicates the battery level (from full to low). When the handset is charging, the bars keep scrolling until the battery is fully charged or you unplug the adapter from the phone. The empty battery icon flashes. The battery is low and needs recharging.
  • Page 12: Calls

    4 Calls Note • The call timer displays the talk time of your current call. Note Note • When the power fails, the phone cannot access emergency services. • If you hear warning tones, the phone is almost out of •...
  • Page 13: Silence The Ringer For An Incoming Call

    » You can now communicate with the caller. Headphones mode You can plug in any standard headphones (e.g. Philips SHE7000) into the phone to listen in greater privacy. The headphone jack is the same jack as the charging jack. Headsets with mic are not supported.
  • Page 14: Text And Numbers

    5 Text and numbers You can enter text and numbers for phonebook records and other menu items. Enter text and numbers Tap on the keypad to enter the character and numbers. Select to delete the character. Press to add a space. Switch between the upper case and lower case By default, the first letter of each word in a...
  • Page 15: Phonebook

    6 Phonebook Add a record Note This phone has a phonebook that stores up to • If your phonebook memory is full, the phone displays 20 records. You can access the phonebook from a notification message. Delete some records to add the handset.
  • Page 16: Delete A Record

    » The phonebook entry is highlighted. > [Edit], then tap Select to confirm. • to scroll up or down. Edit the name, then tap to confirm. Edit the number, then tap to save. » The record is saved. Note • Changes to the phonebook on your handsfree phone does not impact the phonebook on other DECT phones you are using.
  • Page 17: Call Log

    7 Call log Note • If you pick up a call on your original phone but not the handsfree phone, it will appear as a missed call on the handsfree phone. The call log stores the call history of all missed, received or dialed calls.
  • Page 18: Delete A Call Record

    Delete a call record from the idle screen or main menu. » The call log is displayed. Select a record, then then tap to access the option menu. Select [Delete], then tap to confirm » The handset displays a confirmation requests.
  • Page 19: Settings

    8 Settings Note • When you activate the alarm, your phone still alerts you even when silent mode is activated. Phone to access the main menu screen. Set the handset's ringtone volume > [Phone] > [Sounds] > [Silent Select mode] > [On/off] > [On] or [Off], then You can select among 5 ringtone volume levels, to confirm.
  • Page 20: Set The Key Tone

    Select [Delay], then select a ring delay • Set the display language option, then tap to confirm. • Select [Select number], then select the Note contact which you want to exclude from this setting. Tap to confirm. The • This feature only applies to models with multiple- language support.
  • Page 21: Alarm

    • • In Eco mode, transmission will be reduced to minimize radiation. For • selected Philips models (CD48x, to switch between [AM]/[PM] . CD49x, CD68x, CD69x and SE888), both the handset and DECT base will Note reduce transmission power drastically when the handset is close to the base.
  • Page 22: Register Your Phone

    will maintain standard transmission power. In this case, the range is not affected. • Apart from Eco mode for the reduction of the transmission power and radiation, this handsfree phone uses a power adapter which consumes very little power in standby mode. Register your phone Register your phone manually to the base station before use (see 'Register your phone'...
  • Page 23: Technical Data

    Talk time: 10 hours • Standby time: 160 hours Battery • Integrated battery: Li-Polymer Adapter Charger • Philips: SSW-1920EU-2, Input: 100-240V 50/60Hz 0.2A, Output: 6V@500mA • Philips: SSW-1920UK-2, Input: 100-240V50/60Hz 0.2A, Output: 6V@500mA Power consumption • Eco power supply with minimal power consumption: 0.01W...
  • Page 24: 10 Notice

    Hereby Philips Consumer Lifestyle, declares available today. that the MT3120 is in compliance with the Philips plays an active role in the development essential requirements and other relevant of international EMF and safety standards, provisions of Directive 1999/5/EC.
  • Page 25: Remove The Integrated Battery

    consequences for the environmental and human health. Remove the integrated battery If there is no collection/recycling system for electronic products in your country, you can protect the environment by removing and recycling the battery before disposing the phone. When this logo is attached to a product, it means a financial contribution has been paid to the associated national recovery and recycling system.
  • Page 26: Frequently Asked Questions

    11 Frequently • Make sure there is power and the phone is connected to the charger. asked questions Bad audio (crackles, echo, etc.) • The handset is nearly out of range. Move it closer to the base station. • The phone receives interference from the How to connect the handsfree phone to my nearby electrical appliances.
  • Page 27: Text And Number Input Tables

    12 Appendix A B Г 2 A B C Æ Ä Å Ç Δ Ε Ζ 3 D E F É Η Θ Ι 4 G H I Text and number input tables Κ Λ Μ 5 J K L Ν...
  • Page 28 m n o Ћ 6 Р С Т У p q r s Š 7 Ф Х Ц Ч Π Θ Σ ß t u v Lj 8 Ш Щ Ъ Ы w x y z Ž 9 Ь Э Ю Я Ω Ξ Ψ...
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