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Final Sound F1000i User Manual page 21

Stereo and home theatre systems
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What are the roles of the six speakers in a Home Theater System?
Your main channels, e.g. the left and right speakers, will handle the larger special effects, the musical score, and any
left and right effects.
The Center channel will handle almost all the dialogue as well as 60-70% of the main action on the screen.
The rear channels are for ambient effects or to recreate different settings, as well as the screen action that is
recorded to happen at the rear of the listener.
The subwoofer handles the extremely low frequencies such as the explosions in an action film or the deepest
rumble of a bass drum.
What is the difference between Dolby Pro Logic and Dolby Digital?
Dolby Pro Logic is a 4-channel surround system that provides left and right main speaker channels, a Center
channel to keep dialogue Centered on the TV regardless of viewer location, and a mono surround channel
(This mono signal is usually split between two surround speakers). Dolby Digital is a 5.1 channel surround system
that provides left and right main speaker channels, a Center channel, and discrete, full-range left and right surround
channels. The .1 in 5.1 is the Low Frequency Effects (LFE) channel. It sends additional bass information to the
subwoofer-usually involving dramatic sound effects like explosions.
What is "timbre matching"?
This means that all of the speakers in a Home Theater system have the same sound characteristics or voicing.
This allows for a smooth, convincing transitions between left, center, right, and surround channels.
Are Final speakers suitable for Dolby Digital AC-3, DTS, etc.?
Yes. Final speakers are very accurate to be used with any decoding system designed for the Home Theater.
Can my Final Sound loudspeakers become updated?
Absolutely. Technology continues to develop, including that of electrostatic loudspeakers. For this reason, Final
Sound loudspeakers are constructed in a way such that it is easy to renew and replace components. Not only does
this restrict maintenance costs; it also offers you the opportunity to modify your loudspeakers to keep them
thoroughly up-to-date. Your Final Sound dealer can carry out these updates for you.
What is the warranty?
Your Final Sound Home Theatre System can be provided with limited 3-year warranty coverage on the flat-panel
speakers and 1-year warranty coverage on the subwoofer if the registry card in the manual is completed and re-
turned to Final Sound. The limited warranty will not be honored when the product has been used or handled other
than in accordance with the instructions in the user manual. See for more details the chapter Warranty Conditions
on page 5 of this manual.
Is a Final loudspeaker protected against overloading?
Basically: yes The design of the Final Inverted series of electrostatic loudspeakers has been done with the protection
of the user in mind and the protection of the loudspeakers against mistreatment in mind. The design has several
levels of protection built into the electronics. One of those circuits protects against overloading. In case of an
overload condition, the loudspeaker will shut off for a short period of time. If the overload condition is persistent,
please reduce the volume of the amplifier. But, protecting a loudspeaker is always a trade off between simply cutting
off musical information and allowing dynamics to surpass reasonable sound levels. Before serious damage can be
done, every loudspeaker will first give a clear warning signal by means of severe audible distortion. That's the
moment to lower the volume. If the state of overloading (and severe audible distortion) will continue, serious
damage to the panels can occur. Because of the protection circuit's 'trade off' behavior, we do not guarantee that this
circuit will protect the loudspeaker against all possible kinds of mistreatment. Damage resulting from such
mistreatment is not covered by our warranty conditions.
Where can I find more information about Final Sound?
For any questions about Final Sound or about installing your speakers, contact your Final Sound dealer or visit our
website at
Contents Copyright 2006 Final Sound Solutions.



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