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Final Sound Subwoofer (Unit Has Its Own User Manual); What Is The Function Of The Final Sound Subwoofer; How Do I Unpack The Final Sound Subwoofer Safely; How Do I Perform A Safe Installation - Final Sound F1000i User Manual

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8.1 What is the function of the Final Sound subwoofer?

The Final Sound subwoofer is capable to reproduce music signals up to 250 Hz, which is a unique feature and
exclusive to the Final Sound concept. This Final Sound Subwoofer is designed to match perfectly with the
characteristics of the Final Sound Model F1000i flat-panel speakers and belongs with the electronics and its perfect
driver to the upper end of the subwoofer range. The Final Sound Subwoofer cabinet is provided with a down-firing
active subwoofer and a build-in amplifier.

8.2 How do I unpack the Final Sound subwoofer safely?

This package includes
One AC-power cord
One Final Sound subwoofer
One user manual for the subwoofer
If your package is not complete, do not operate the system but contact your Final Sound Dealer.
The easiest way to unpack is the following. Put the box on a flat surface on the ground. Open one side by cutting the tape
carefully without damaging the contents of the box. You find the subwoofer in a plastic foil, with shock absorbing buffers
positioned around the corners. Now carefully take out the subwoofer, please avoid touching the woofer unit positioned
at the downside of the cabinet. We recommend saving all packaging materials for possible later use. Avoid touching the
If any unit appears to be damaged when unpacking, do not operate the damaged unit. Repack the unit in its original
carton and notify your authorized Final Sound dealer immediately.
For further details please look at the manual supplied with the subwoofer.

8.3 How do I perform a safe installation?

IMPORTANT: Before connecting the subwoofer, all sound system equipment should be disconnected from the
mains until you have gone through all steps below. This will avoid the risk of damage to your system while
connections are made or broken.

8.4 Where do I place the Final Sound subwoofer?

The Final Sound subwoofer is developed to reproduce music signals of the audio range below 250 Hz. Our human
ears can locate the higher frequencies much better than the low frequencies that come out of the subwoofer. This
makes the positioning of the subwoofer less critical than full range speakers. The definite location should be a
compromise between sound and your domestic preferences.
For an easy start we recommend to place the unit between the left and right front speaker. Make sure that air can
flow around the cabinet also on the back of the subwoofer for cooling reasons, especially when you are planning to
place the subwoofer in some kind of furniture or on a small area.
The Final Sound Subwoofers covers the low frequency range (from 25Hz for the S200 and 35Hz for the S100 and
40Hz for the S90)) up to 250Hz. While the F1000i covers the frequency range from 38Hz up to 20kHz, it is important
to define carefully the crossover frequency between the subwoofer and the electrostatic panels, which is influenced
by the acoustic properties of the room and the placement of the subwoofer.
High Voltage Inside. To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, do not expose this
apparatus to rain or moisture.
Contents Copyright 2006 Final Sound Solutions.



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