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Final Sound Model F1000I Flat-Panel Front And Rear Speakers; What Is The Function Of The Final Sound Front And Rear Speaker Panels; Where Do I Place The Final Sound Speaker Panels - Final Sound F1000i User Manual

Stereo and home theatre systems
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7.1 What is the function of the Final Sound front and rear speaker panels?

The Final Sound flat-panel front speakers are the main channels in a stereo setting and have a dual role in a Home
Theater system. The front and rear speakers are used to create ambient effects. In a home cinema setting even
actions occurring at the back of the listener will be reproduced. Both in a stereo configuration and a Home Theater
configuration, the flat-panel speakers function in close harmony with the Final Sound subwoofer, which does not
have to be placed near-by. This is due to the fact that the human ear cannot locate low frequencies as well as middle
and high frequencies.
The Final Sound Model F1000i flat-panel speakers are designed to be used as floor-
standing loudspeakers. However Final Sound provides as an option specially designed
brackets to mount the speaker-panels on the wall. The brackets can be obtained as
an accessory. After having installed the floors-standing speaker-panels or after having
mounted the speaker-panels on the wall by means of the brackets, the panels can be
adjusted towards the listening position.

7.2 Where do I place the Final Sound speaker panels?

There is a difference between a left (front/rear) and a right (front/rear) Final Sound
speaker panel. Spacers in four vertical segments divide each Final Sound loudspeaker
panel. The narrow strips have to be oriented to the inside. The difference is shown in
the figure beside. To illustrate the best position of the speaker panels we have to
differentiate between Final Sound Stereo and Final Sound Home Theatre
Application 1: The Final Sound Home Theatre configuration:
The Final Sound Home Theatre configuration consists of two front-speakers, two rear/
surround speakers, a center speaker and a subwoofer. We recommend a symmetric positioning of the speakers with
respect to the screen, as to enhance the "home cinema experience" . The center speaker and front speaker panels
should be located on the same horizontal axis. Sometimes it's even better to place the center speaker slightly further
away than the front speakers. You want to create an "arc" that places the 3 speakers in the front at the same distance
from the listener as shown in the illustration. . Please note that electrostatics are dipoles, i.e. the speakers produce
sound from both sides of the panels. This means an electrostatic speaker should always placed away from the wall
and turned under a slight angle with the wall (not parallel with the wall).
The surround or rear speakers should be positioned adjacent to and
slightly behind the primary listening area, on the rear wall or floor to
provide a sense of spaciousness and ambience for all Surround Sound
The subwoofer is not shown in the figure above since its location has
less influence in the overall sound performance than the position of the
front, rear and center speakers. You can read more about the subwoofer
location in chapter 'Final Sound subwoofer' .
Application 2: Final Sound Stereo configuration:
The panels in a stereo setting are preferably located in a symmetrical way and slightly away from the walls for
optimum imaging. The panels need to point slightly towards the favorite listening position as you can see in the
figure above looking at only the front speakers (the other speakers shown are not applicable in a stereo setting).
The subwoofer is not shown in the figure since its location has less influence in the overall sound performance
compared to the Final Sound panels. You can read more about the subwoofer in the chapter 'Final Sound subwoofer' .
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