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Congratulations - Final Sound F1000i User Manual

Stereo and home theatre systems
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We congratulate you on the purchase of a Final Sound flat-panel loudspeaker system.
You have invested in the finest instrument for audio reproduction available. The Final Sound product line consists of
front- and rear flat-panel speakers, center speakers and subwoofers.
The product line is based on a unique modular system. Final Sound offers you the possibility to start buying a stereo
system and easily extend this at any convenient time in to a complete Final Sound Home Theatre system. You can do
this just by adding a center speaker and/or another set of Final Sound flat-panel speakers.
The Final product line is designed to surpass the performance of other existing speakers and contains some of the
most elegant and sophisticated designs ever used for music reproduction.
The flat-panel speakers are capable of producing very pure and accurate sound due to their ultra low mass
diaphragm. The Final Sound technology has evolved through many years of research and development.
The Final Sound subwoofers are designed to match perfectly with the characteristics of the Final Sound
loudspeaker panels.
The Model F1000i speakers are designed for the use in a stereo setting or a so-called 5.1 Home Theater configura-
In the stereo setting there is a left and a right speaker channel. In a Home Theatre configuration however there are 2
front channels, 2 rear channels, 1 center channel and a subwoofer (low frequency) channel.
The Model F1000i flat-panel speakers are floor-standing loudspeakers. However Final Sound provides specially
designed brackets to mount the speaker-panels on the wall. The brackets can be obtained as an accessory.
The Final Sound Model F1000i Stereo system consists of the following components:
2 F1000i Final Sound flat-panel speakers (left and right channel).
As the F1000i start at 38Hz 1 Final Sound subwoofer (S200) is recommended as an optional choice
(to be purchased separately)
The complete Final Sound Model F1000i Home Theatre system consists of the following components:
2 F1000i Final Sound flat-panel front speakers.
2 F1000i Final Sound flat-panel rear speakers (Or another pair of Final Sound Speakers as surrounds
e.g. the F1000i).
1 F400i CP Final Sound flat-panel center speaker.
Recommended 1 Final Sound subwoofer (S200 To be purchased separately).
This manual includes the instructions for all separate Final Sound components mentioned above.
On page 4 you can find where to read the specific instructions you need.
Please read and follow these instructions carefully before you connect your Final Sound system to your amplifier.
These instructions are very important and will prevent you from experiencing any delay or system damage, which
might occur in a trial and error situation.
Final Sound wishes you great listening enjoyment!
Contents Copyright 2006 Final Sound Solutions.


Table of Contents

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