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How Do I Connect The Wires; How To Clean And Maintain The Final Sound Subwoofer - Final Sound F1000i User Manual

Stereo and home theatre systems
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8.5 How do I connect the wires?

There are various applications and systems where the subwoofer can be used for and therefore there are also
various ways how the subwoofer can be connected. The different options are described below to make an easy
shift to the applicable audio system possible.
Using an Audio/Video receiver or multi-channel amplifier, the connection of the Final Sound subwoofer in a Home
theater system can be done in several ways, depending on the brand of the A/V receiver or amplifier you use. In the
figure in the following chapter 'Connecting the Final Home Theatre System, the connections between the
Audio/Video receiver multi-channel amplifier and the Final Sound subwoofer are represented by means of lines.
The exceptions are:
• the connection between pre-out front and line-input of the subwoofer. This connection will make sure you can use
the crossover on the Final Sound subwoofer up to 250 Hz. Please read the amplifier's manual for further details or
ask your Final Sound dealer.
• the connections between the loudspeakers output on your amplifier and the high-power inputs on your
subwoofer. Some multi channel amplifiers need this connection to be able to play stereo (only left and right panel +
subwoofer playing). Please check your amplifier's manual to check if this will work or ask your Final Sound dealer for
further details.

8.6 How to clean and maintain the Final Sound subwoofer?

After switching the Final Sound subwoofer off, always unplug the subwoofer from the amplifier and disconnect the
power cord before you start cleaning. To prevent fire or shock hazard, clean only with a damp cloth. Never use
cleansers or chemicals. Never leave a wet cloth on the surface of the cabinet.
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Table of Contents

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