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Final Sound F1000i User Manual page 20

Stereo and home theatre systems
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Could my children, pets, or myself be shocked by the high-voltage present in the
flat-panel speakers?
No. Whilst your Final Sound loudspeaker systems are indeed connected to a power supply, they have excellent
insulation. When you remove your sweater in the winter, its electrostatic charge will be considerably greater than the
charge on the diaphragm in a Final Sound speaker. But of course, you should not open the loudspeakers, nor repair
them. Only your authorized Final Sound service technician, who is professionally trained in the workings of all Final
Sound products, should carry out this work. We stress not to touch any product that is connected to the power
supply, during operation.
Will excessive smoke or dust cause any problems?
Exposure to excessive contaminants, such as smoke or dust, may potentially affect the performance of the
electrostatic diaphragm and may cause discoloration of the diaphragm. Dirt and dust may be removed by means of
a soft brush attached to your vacuum cleaner. Before you clean your loudspeakers it is recommended to unplug the
system from the mains 24 hours in advance.
Are Final Sound front and rear flat-panel speakers to be treated as satellites?
Yes, they have to be installed as satellites on your Audio/Video receiver or multi channel amplifier. The correct
settings are "MEDIUM satellites" for the Model F1000i flat-panel speakers, which has to do with the frequency range
of the loudspeaker output.
Is it possible to change wall-mounted speakers into floor standers?
Yes, special developed stands are optional. The Final Sound dealer can give you further information.
Should I unplug my Final Sound Home Theatre System during lightning?
Yes. Unplugging before the storm is even better. It's a good idea to disconnect all of your audio/video components
during stormy weather.
What is to be done if puncturing, knocking over, or come in contact with fluids
and fire damages the Final Sound speakers?
Unplug your Final Sound loudspeakers and contact your Final Sound dealer.
Can I use a separate Final Sound Center Speaker channel as a stand-alone?
Yes, you can. We recommend you play the Final Sound Center together with the Final Sound subwoofer, which is
designed to function in harmony with the Final Sound Center Speaker.
Why do I need a Final Sound subwoofer?
The Final Sound Home Theater is based on the 5.1 multi channel amplifiers, which require 2 front speakers, two rear
speakers, one Center Speaker and a subwoofer.
The subwoofer will produce the low frequencies when necessary and is designed to function in harmony with the
other Final Sound speakers.
Do I need to spend much for a good matching A/V receiver or multi channel amplifier?
Depends. A good amplifier from 35 watts or more is sufficient. If you want to play music loudly, then the amplifier
must be able to supply more energy (voltage).
The most important factor in this respect is that the amplifier should be stable, i.e. that the power-supply is capable
of working correctly under different circumstances. It is important to realize that a Final Sound loudspeaker is very
transparent and thoroughly revealing. You will hear everything on your CD's, but you will also be confronted with
the characteristics and quality of your amplifier and source. This is why the stability of the amplifier is of considerably
greater importance than its' maximum power.
Which amplifiers do you recommend?
Many questions surrounding amplifiers, chips, formats, DVD formats etc. are still being evaluated throughout the
industry. The quality of the amplifier is important, but so is ease of use and set-up. For example, an amplifier should
be easy to switch from stereo to 5.1 by a user without having to call the dealer. Since some amplifiers will perform
better on the Final Sound system than others, we recommend asking your dealer for the best choice.
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