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General Information About Final Technology - Final Sound F1000i User Manual

Stereo and home theatre systems
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The flat-panel loudspeakers made by Final Sound are speakers with remarkable and unique features. Thanks to
many years of research, the Final Sound design and engineering team succeeded in effectively suppressing
interfering resonance, thus reducing the resulting distortions to an absolute minimum. The result is an extremely
refined and clear sound in which the signal peaks and dynamic extremities are reproduced without any problems.
Visually, flat-panel loudspeaker made by Final Sound is a transparent appearance, which will continue to captivate
as a result of its sound reproduction and timeless design.
Electrostatic Push-Pull principle
Final Sound flat-panel loudspeakers make use of the complex electrostatic technology. An electrostatic loudspeaker
produces sound by allowing a thin flexible diaphragm to move between two fixed plates (stators). ). The unmatched
sound quality of the F1000i electrostatic speakers has been achieved because of the application of the Final Sound
Inverter principle (for more details see our website An Inverted electrostatic loudspeaker
speaker is connected to a power supply to and the stators with a permanent + and - high DC Voltage (low power).
The audio signal transmitted by the amplifier is converted by means of an audio transformer (which is incorporated
in the electronic modules) to feed the diaphragm (also called the membrane). As a result, the diaphragm vibrates
between the stators perfectly following the music signal and producing the life like sound typical for an Inverted
electrostatic speaker.
This method has a number of important advantages in comparison with traditional electro-dynamic loudspeakers.
The diaphragm of an electrostatic loudspeaker weighs a fraction of the membrane of a conventional electro-
dynamic loudspeaker, which means the air can be brought into vibration much quicker and accurately. The large
surface area of the diaphragm creates a broad distribution of the sound waves, resulting in an optimum spatial
In Final Sound's design the push-pull principle has been applied. This entirely symmetrical drive of the diaphragm
is the basic principle of an extremely low distortion rate. In order to maintain this symmetry we have chosen a level
non-curved construction.
Interfering resonance, inherent vibrations that can occur in all elements of the electrostatic loudspeaker, has an
electrical as well as a mechanical origin. Important physical similarities exist between both types of resonance.
Transformers mainly cause the electrical resonance. Therefore, the latter are developed under our direct supervision
and are constructed using first class materials.
Mechanical resonance
The mechanical resonance can be divided into frame, stator and diaphragm resonance. The Final Sound electrostatic
flat-panel loudspeakers have a fully metal frame, which is extremely stable and does not permit any resonance.
The stator is constituted of perforated plates with a diaphragm in between them. It has a fully glued sandwich
construction and is therefore free of torsion and virtually free of resonance. The diaphragm is braced and divided
into three segments in such a fashion that the diaphragm resonance is limited to such an extent that it remains
outside the audible acoustic range.
The construction, the quality of the electronic components and transformers are of vital importance in order to
achieve the ultimate quality of sound reproduction. Together with the accurate assembly, which is thoroughly
checked in every phase, Final Sound guarantees many years of listening pleasure.
Spatial form
Electrostatic loudspeakers require a considerable surface area to produce superior sound. The advantage of
electrostatic loudspeakers is that they are extremely thin and transparent. This results in a slender and transparent
form with a superb three-dimensional spatial effect. Not only regarding the sound, but also the design. In spite of
their large surface area, Final Sound loudspeakers are not detrimental to your interior; to the contrary they may add
an attractive element to your interior.
As every Final Sound loudspeaker is built from individual components made by a partly automated, partly hand-
made manufacturing process, you are able to choose a design for your loudspeaker that best matches your living
room environment. In other words, Final Sound offers everyone great visual as well as sonic satisfaction.
Contents Copyright 2006 Final Sound Solutions.


Table of Contents

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