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Subwoofer Controls: Graphical Representation - Final Sound S110 User Manual

Final subwoofer user manual s110
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between the sub and the panels relative for the listening position. Phase adjustment is critical
to get proper subwoofer/speaker integration.
The Low Pass control has a roll-off range from 40 Hz to 200 Hz. For use with Final Sound
electrostatic panels the crossover is typically set to the lowest frequency an applied panel
can produce.
The Variable Bass Equalizer can lift the lowest part of the subwoofer's frequency curve. It's
used for compensation when playing movies or for playing enough bass in bass-shy rooms.
The On/Automatic switch: in the 'Automatic mode', the sub will switch on when receiving a
signal and switch off when receiving no signal after a certain amount of time. In the 'On
mode' it will stay on permanently.
The On/Off switch will apply main power to the subwoofer. Switch it 'off' during lightning or
Additional Controls
The additional controls are only active when the subwoofer is used in the special high pass
filter mode to drive Final electrostatic panels.
With the High Pass switch, you select a value for the high pass crossover according to the
applied Final Panels.
The Mid Bass equalizer: depending on the baffle size of electrostatic panels and the room
location, the subwoofer's upper frequency range needs a little adjustment. Three default
values for this compensation are programmed inside the sub.

5. Subwoofer controls: graphical representation

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