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Connecting The S110 To Your System - Final Sound S110 User Manual

Final subwoofer user manual s110
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The graphic in this chapter will provide you with a representation about the subwoofer's
the recommended adjustment will give a starting point for a smooth transition between
the subwoofer and the panels. To accomplish this, adjust the 'var low pass crossover'
according to the recommended settings in table 1. Secondly, adjust the 'high pass filter'
setting according to the recommendation in table 2. The low pass filter's upper frequency
limit is set by the 'var low pass cross over control'. The high pass filter's lower frequency
limit is set by the 'high pass filter control (positions 1, 2 and 3)'.
The 'mid bass equalizer' shows 3 positions. Depending on the panel's position and the
room's acoustic behavior, these settings are usable to smoothen the frequency curve in
the cross over region.
The 'var bass equalizer' task is to adjust the subwoofer's lowest octave. Applications
reach from room acoustic compensation to low frequency compensation for movie
Table 2 will provide some start up settings. There is no tight relationship between the
switch positions and the panels of your choice. The ultimate position depends on the
panel's position and the room acoustics.

6. Connecting the S110 to your system

The line level input (LINE IN) is a standard RCA connector, and is compatible with all
consumer electronics. The amplifier will automatically sum the two input signals together to
create a mono bass signal. In the event an LFE/SUB-OUT signal is fed to the subwoofer,
either line level input may be used. This is also the case when you use separate subwoofers
for the left and the right channel.
You need to feed the LINE IN with a stereo signal, if the subwoofer's special high pass
filtering is in use. When you apply two subwoofers and the special high pass filtering is in
use, feed the left signal to one subwoofer and the right signal to the other one.
The LINE OUT is specially reserved for the high pass filter feature. It will route the high pass
filter's output signal (the panel's signal) to the panel's power amplifier.
The high level input is compatible with all consumer amplifiers. The input impedance of the
high level inputs is high enough to not draw significant amounts of power or load down the
output of any power amplifier. Small gauge wire may be used to provide the input signal.
When using the subwoofer's high pass filtering, it's possible to feed the full range stereo
signal into the high level input and route the LINE OUT panel's signal to the panel's power
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