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Features Of The S110 Subwoofer - Final Sound S110 User Manual

Final subwoofer user manual s110
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4. Features of the S110 SUBWOOFER

PANEL CONTROLS (see figure 7)
The S110 subwoofer has a wide variety of features, including:
Variable volume (level) control (Min-Max)
Phase Switch (0-180)
Variable phase control (Min-Max)
Variable low pass crossover (40 Hz to 200 Hz)
Variable Bass Equalizer (Min-Max)
Switchable high pass filter
Switchable mid bass EQ
Auto turn-on
High and low level inputs
Low level outputs
Switch able power supply (110/220V user selectable)
The cabinet of the S110 uses 19mm thick high-density composite walls. The cabinet is
finished in a beautiful black satin finish.
The amplifier is a 100W RMS class A/B design. It features a large power transformer,
oversized power supply capacitors, and a large external aluminum heat sink to ensure long-
term cool operation.
The driver is a long throw 8 inch driver, heavy gauge cast aluminum basket, epoxy-reinforced
paper pulp cone. The linear motor strength curve from this motor ensures extremely low
distortion and compression over the full operating bandwidth, as well as a very high transient
The Final Sound S110 subwoofer has some additional features, to make the most optimal
match with the Final electrostatic loudspeakers. The chapter ' Connecting the S110 to your
system', will explain which equipment you need to use these special subwoofer features. The
connection between a regular subwoofer and an electrostatic driver, brings some additional
interface considerations. The Final sub's build in high pass filtering and other features,
guarantees the best possible integration between a subwoofer and an electrostatic panel.
Connecting and setting up the system using the additional features is a little bit more
demanding. In order to make life easy, we provide you with a quick set up procedure.
Standard Controls
The level control allows setting the gain of the built-in amplifier to match your main
loudspeakers. A total range of 60 dB is provided, allowing integration with nearly any audio
Phase can be switched to 0 or 180, depending on the sub's position relative to the base line
between the loudspeakers.
The Variable Phase control compensates for the time-delay between the panels and the
subwoofer. The right position depends on the distance from the sub to the base line. If the
subwoofer is located elsewhere in the room, this control compensates for the time delay
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