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If You Need Assistance; If You Need Service; Moving The Range - KitchenAid GAS RANGE Installation Instructions Manual

30" freestanding gas range with standard clean oven
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It range does not operate:
Check that the circuit breaker is not tripped
or the house fuse blown.
Check that the power supply cord is plugged
into the wall receptacle.
Check that gas line is turned on.
See Use and Care Guide for troubleshooting list.
If you need assistance:
If you have questions about operating, cleaning
or maintaining
your range:
Refer to Use and Care Guide.
Call the Consumer Assistance Center. Check
your Use and Care Guide for a toll-free
number to call or call the dealer from whom
you purchased this range. The dealer is
listed in the Yellow Pages of your phone
directory under "Appliances - Household -
Major - Service and Repair."
If you need service:
Maintain the quality built into your range by
calling an authorized service company.
To obtain the name and number of an
authorized service company:
Contact the dealer from whom you
purchased your range; or
Look in the Yellow Pages of your telephone
directory under "Appliances - Household -
Major - Service and Repair;" or
Call the Consumer Assistance Center.
The toll-free number is listed in your Use
and Care Guide.
When you call, you will need:
The range model number.
The range serial number.
Both numbers are listed on the model/serial
rating plate located on the frame behind the
broiler door.
Part No. 3196325 Rev. B
0 1996
Moving the range:
Injury Hazard
Because of the weight and size of this range,
two or more people are required to move it.
All ranges can tip.
Do Not step, lean or sit on the range drawer
or door.
The anti-tip device packed with range must
be installed. See Installation Instructions.
Failure to follow these instructions
result in injury.
When moving range, slide range onto cardboard
or hardboard to prevent damaging the floor
If removing the range is necessary for cleaning
or maintenance:
1. Shut off the gas supply to the range.
2. Disconnect gas and electrical supplies. If
necessary, pull the range out, away from the
wall, just far enough to disconnect the gas and
electric supply lines.
3. Remove range to complete cleaning or
Move range back into operating position. Look
underneath range (a flashlight may be needed)
to check that leg is engaged in anti-tip bracket.
If leg is not properly engaged, remove and
reposition bracket to insure that leg fits
properly in bracket.
5. Check that range is level.
6. Reconnect gas line to range and check for
7. Plug power supply cord into outlet.
Benton Harbor, Michigan 49022
Printed in U.S.A.



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