Important Safety Instructions; Additional Safetyinstructions Andyourresponsibilities - Whirlpool LE6098XFQ0 Use & Care Manual

Super capacity automatic dryers
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Important Safety Instructions
• Read all instructions
using the dryer.
• NEVER dry items cleaned,
washed, soaked in or spotted with
wax, paint, gasoline or flammable
fluids in the dryer. The fumes can
create a FIRE HAZARD or
launder and air dry fabrics contain-
ing these materials.
• NEVER allow children to operate,
play with or crawl inside the dryer.
Close supervision of children is
necessary when the dryer is used
near children.
• DO NOT reach into a dryer if the
drum is moving.
• When discarding an old dryer,
ALWAYS remove the door to
prevent accidental entrapment.
• DO NOT install or store dryer
where it will be exposed to the
• DO NOT tamper with the controls.
• You are responsible for making
sure that your dryer is installed,
repaired and parts replaced by a
qualified person.
• Use only fabric softeners specifi-
cally labeled as not being harmful
to the dryer.
materials can result from:
- drying rubber, rubber-like and
heat sensitive materials with heat.
- allowing lint build-up inside the
dryer or exhaust system. Clean-
ing should be done periodically
by a qualified person.
• Clean lint screen before or after
each load.
• DO NOT let dust, lint, paper, rags,
chemicals, etc. pile up around or
under the dryer.
• Dryer must be electrically
grounded. See the Installation
Additional safetyinstructions andyourresponsibilities
• NEVER operate the dryer if:
- it is not working right (i.e. noisy, too hot).
- it is damaged.
- parts are missing (i.e. door latch).
- all panels are not in place.
- the lint screen is loose, damaged
or missing.
• ALWAYS shut off the gas valve
before leaving on vacation if you have
a gas dryer.
• ALWAYS unplug the power supply
cord or turn off electrical power before
attempting to service the dryer. Shut
off GAS VALVE if you have a gas dryer.
• You are responsible
for making
sure that your dryer:
- is properly maintained.
- is properly installed and leveled
on a floor that can support the
weight in a well ventilated room.*
- is located in an area where the
temperature is above 45°F (7.2°C).
- is connected to the proper outlet
and electrical supply.*
- is properly connected to fuel and
exhaust systems.*
- is not installed against drapes or
- is used only for jobs normally
expected of home clothes dryers.
- is not used by anyone unable to
operate it properly.
*See the Installation Instructions for
complete information.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents