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Additional Dryer Features; Electronic Dry-Miser * Control; Gentleheatsystem; Finish Guard ® Setting - Whirlpool LE6098XFQ0 Use & Care Manual

Super capacity automatic dryers


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Additional Dryer Features
Electronic DRY-MISER *
The electronic DRY-MISER control is
an electronic sensor that determines
the amount of moisture in the clothes.
The dryer automatically shuts off when
the proper dryness is reached.
The dryer automatically reduces the
heat settings in HEAVY HIGH and
PERM'T PRESS MED. During the last
few minutes of each of these tempera-
ture settings the dryer temperature
gradually reduces to a lower heat set-
ting. This helps prevent overdrying.
FINISH GUARD _ setting
When you are unable to remove a load
from the dryer as soon as it stops,
wrinkles can form.
FINISH GUARD tumbles the load,
without heat, every 5 minutes for up to
40 minutes. This tumbling rearranges
and fluffs the load to help avoid wrinkles
that set in when the load remains in
the drum.
You don't have to set the Cycle Con-
GUARD takes over automatically to
protect the load if you don't open the
door within 5 minutes after the PERMA-
NENT PRESS cycle stops.
A signal will sound every 5 minutes
during FINISH GUARD, for up to 40
minutes. The signal will stop when the
dryer door is opened.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents