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Whirlpool LE6098XFQ0 Use & Care Manual page 5

Super capacity automatic dryers


Table of Contents
1. Select a cycle by turning the Cycle
Control Knob either way to point to
the cycle and setting you want. See
pages 6-8 for further cycle
2. Set the Temperature
Selector on
or between any desired temperature
3. Push the Start Button to start
the dryer.
4. To stop and restart the dryer:
• Open the door or turn the Cycle Con-
trol Knob to OFF to stop the dryer.
• Close the door, select a cycle (if nec-
essary) and push the Start Button to
restart the dryer.
The Cycle Control Knob should point
to an OFF area when the dryer is not in
use. If the dryer is stopped before the
cycle is finished, turn the Cycle Control
Knob to an OFF area.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents