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Important Safety Instructions; Save These Instructions - Whirlpool 3RLER5437 Use & Care Manual

Electric and gas dryers
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To reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, or injury to persons when using the dryer, follow basic
precautions, including the following:
Read all instructions before using the dryer.
Make sure the room containing the dryer has an
adequate air supply for gas combustion and/or
drying operation. A window or equivalent means
of ventilation must be opened in the room when
the dryer is in use (an equivalent form of opening
includes an adjustable louvre, hinged panel, or
other means of ventilation that opens directly to
outside air).
Keep a minimum clearance of 10 cm (4 in.) between
the rear of the dryer and any wall.
The operation of this appliance may affect the
operation of other types of gas appliances which
take their air supply for safe combustion from the
same room. If in doubt, consult the appliance
Do not obstruct the air supply to the dryer (see
Installation Instructions for minimum clearances).
Do not place items exposed to cooking oils in
your dryer. Items contaminated with cooking oils
may contribute to a chemical reaction that could
cause a load to catch fire.
Do not dry articles that have been previously
cleaned in, washed in, soaked in, or spotted with
gasoline, dry-cleaning solvents, cooking oils, or
other flammable, or explosive substances as they
give off vapours that could ignite or explode.
Do not allow children to play on or in the dryer.
Close supervision of children is necessary when
the dryer is used near children.



Before the dryer is removed from service or dis-
carded, remove the door to the drying compart-
Do not reach into the dryer if the drum is moving.
A door switch is fitted for your safety.
Do not install or store the dryer where it will be
exposed to the weather.
Do not tamper with controls.
Do not continue to use this appliance if it appears
to be faulty.
Do not repair or replace any part of the dryer or
attempt any maintenance unless specifically recom-
mended in this Use and Care Guide. Repairs and ser-
vicing should only be carried out by competent
service personnel.
Do not use fabric softeners or products to eliminate
static unless recommended by the manufacturer of
the fabric softener or product.
Do not use heat to dry articles containing foam rubber
or similarly textured rubber-like materials.
Always use the cool-down period at end of drying
cycle to avoid a heat build-up in stored clothes.
Clean lint screen before or after each load. Do not
operate dryer without lint screen in place.
Keep area around the exhaust and inlet openings and
adjacent surrounding areas free from the accumulation
of lint, dust, and dirt.
The interior of the dryer and exhaust vent should be
cleaned periodically by qualified service personnel.
See Installation Instructions for earthing requirements.



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