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Whirlpool MVW18PDAXW0 Use And Care Manual page 14

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if you experience
First try the solutions suggested here to possibly avoid the cost of a service call.
Possible Causes
Not cleaning or
Using too much detergent.
The suds from too much detergent can keep washer from
removing stains (cont.)
operating correctly. Always measure detergent and follow
directions based on load size and soil level.
Not using correct cycle for fabric type.
Use a higher soil level cycle option and warmer wash
temperature to improve cleaning.
Not using dispensers.
Not washing like colors together.
Use Heavy cycle for tough cleaning. See the "Cycle Guide" to
match your load with the best cycle.
Use dispensers to avoid chlorine bleach and fabric softener
Load dispensers before starting a cycle. Select Fabric Softener
Added-Yes (on some models) when using fabric softener.
Do not add products directly onto load.
Wash like colors together and remove promptly after the cycle
is complete to avoid dye transfer.
Incorrect dispenser
Clogged dispenser.
Use only liquid chlorine bleach in the bleach dispenser. Use only
fabric softener in the fabric softener dispenser.
Fabric damage
Sharp items were in pockets during
Empty pockets, zip zippers, and snap or hook fasteners before
wash cycle,
washing to avoid snags and tears.
Tie all strings and straps before starting wash load.
Mend rips and broken threads in seams before washing.
Strings and straps could have tangled.
Items may have been damaged before
Fabric damage can occur if load is
tightly packed.
Liquid chlorine bleach may have been
added incorrectly.
Garment care instructions
may not
have been followed.
Clean Washer maintenance not done
as recommended.
Using too much detergent.
Load garments in loose heaps evenly around the basket wall.
Load with dry items only.
Use cycle designed for the fabrics being washed.
Add only 1 or 2 garments after washer is started.
Do not pour liquid chlorine bleach directly onto load. Wipe up
bleach spills.
Undiluted bleach will damage fabrics. Do not use more than
by manufacturer.
Do not place load items on top of bleach dispenser when
loading and unloading washer.
Always read and follow garment manufacturer's
care label
See the "Cycle Guide" to match your load with the
best cycle.
See "Washer Care" in Washer Maintenance.
Unload washer as soon as cycle is complete.
Be sure to measure correctly. Always follow the manufacturer's
See "Washer Care" section.
Lid locked light is
The lid is not closed.
Close the lid. The washer will not start or fill with the lid open.
A cycle was stopped or paused
The washer may still be spinning. The lid will not unlock until the
using the Start/Pause/Unlock
basket has stopped spinning. This may take several minutes if
washing large loads or heavy fabrics,
Before calling for assistance or service, please check "Troubleshooting".
It may save you the cost of a service call. If you still need
help, contact the dealer from whom you purchased the washer or an authorized service company. When calling, please know the
purchase date and the complete model and serial number of your washer. The information will help us to better respond to your

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