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Maytag MER5730BAW User Manual

Coil & radiant electric range rs-1
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Installer:Pleaseleave thismanualwith
this appliance.
Consumer: Please read and keep this
manualfor future reference.Keep sales
receiptand/orcancelled checkas proofof
Model Number
Serial Number
Dateof Purchase
Pages 6-10
_EFORE YOU CALL . .......
Page lS
Inourcontinuing effortto improve
the qualityand performanceof
our cookingproducts, i t may be
necessaryto make changesto
theappliance without r evising this
If youhavequestions, c all:
1-800-688-9900 ( U.S.A.)
1-800-688-2002 ( Canada)
1o800-688-2080 ( U.S.TrY for
hearing or speechimpaired)
(Mon.-Fri., 8 am-8pm Eastern Time)
For serviceinformation, seepage 17.
. .
. Page
Form No, A/04/01
Part No, 8113P290-60
Litho U.S.A.



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  Summary of Contents for Maytag MER5730BAW

  • Page 1 ..Page If youhavequestions, c all: 1-800-688-9900 ( U.S.A.) 1-800-688-2002 ( Canada) 1o800-688-2080 ( U.S.TrY for hearing or speechimpaired) (Mon.-Fri., 8 am-8pm Eastern Time) lnternet: For serviceinformation, seepage 17. Form No, A/04/01 Part No, 8113P290-60 ..p:/iwww.m 8yts. 74005907...
  • Page 2: In Case Of Fire

    IMPORTANT SAFETY IFISI'RUCTIOFIS GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS Readandfollowall instructions beforeusing NEVERuse aluminumfoil to linedrip bowls or cover oven racks or oven bottom. This this applianceto preventthe potential risk of fire, electricshock, personal i njuryordamageto could resultin risk of electricshock, fire, or WARNING: NEVER use appliancedoor,or the applianceas a resultof improper u sage of damage to the appliance.
  • Page 3: Heating Elements

    COIL ELEMEF1TS SELF-CLEAF!IFIG OVEN CAUTION:NEVER store items of interestto childrenin cabinetsabovean applianceor on (SELECT MODELS) backguard of a range.Childrenclimbingon ap- Clean only parts listed in this guide. Do not pliance,door or drawerto reach items could cleandoor gasket.The gasketis essentialfor Topreventdamageto removableheatingel- damagethe appliance or be burned or seri- a good seal.
  • Page 4: Setting The Controls

    5URI:ACE COOKING 5URt:ACE CONTROL5 Usetoturnon thesurfaceelements.An infinite BeforeCooking After Cooking choiceofheatsettingsisavailablefrom LOWto > Always placea pan on the surfaceunit > Clean up messy spills as soon as pos- HIGH.Theknobscanbeseton or between any sible. beforeyouturn iton.To preventdamage of the settings. to range,neveroperatesurfaceunitwith- >...
  • Page 5: Cooking Areas

    GLASS-CERAMIC SURFACE (SELECT MODELS) GLASS-CERAMIC SURFACE Cooktopmayemit lightsmokeand odorthe first few timesthe cooktopis used. This is normal. Whena controlis turnedon, a red glowcan be seenthroughthe glass-ceramic surface. Do not use the cooktop if the glass is The elementwill cycleon and off to maintainthe presetheatsetting. brokenor if metal meltson to it.
  • Page 6: Coil Elementsurface

    SURFACE (OOKIHG, (ONT, COil COIL ELEMENTSURFACE (S[L[CT MODELS) I Do not use oversized cookware. Pans ! To prevent staining and discoloration, UFT-UPPORCELAIN COOKTOP should not extend more than 1-2 inches cleancooktopafter eachuse. beyondthe element. TO LIFT: Whencool,graspthe cooktopfront ! Wipeacidicor sugaryspillsas soonasthe I When home canning or cooking with big cooktophas cooled as these spills may edge.
  • Page 7 OVEH COOKIHG Thecontrolpanelis designedforeasein programming. T hedisplaywindowon thecontrolshowstime ofday,timer andoventemperature.Styling and featuresmay differ slightlydependingon the model. Bake CANCEL More+ Timer Clock Set Clock Less- Cook .,&top Broil Clean Time FUHCTIOH PADS BROILPAD The indicatorlight on the first pad will "dim"slightlyand the indicator Use for top browningand broiling.
  • Page 8: Control Options

    OVEH (OOKIHG, com. CONTROL OPTIONS COOKTIME/STOPTIME PADS TO RESTORE: Repeatsteps 1 and 2. 12:00 willappearbrieflyin thedisplayfollowedbythe Use to programthe oven to start and stop current time of day. automatically. CLOCK CONTROLLED OVEN 1. Press Cook Time pad and enter the de- COOKINGBEEPS CONTROLLOCK-OUT siredcookingtime.
  • Page 9: Oven Racks

    OVEN LI6HT BAKIHG ,&HID ROASTIHG Push the switch on the control panel to turn the oven light on and off. On select models the ovenLIGHT Be sure all packingmaterial is removed during cooking,immediatelydiscard the oven light automaticallycomes foodand its container.The foodcouldbe from oven beforeturningon.
  • Page 10: Rack Positions

    OVEH COOKIHG, com. RACKPOSITIONS BROILING 4. Check for proper installation by placing your handon thetopsurfaceofthehalfrack and pressingdown firmly. 1. PresstheBroilpad.The BROILindicator on the Broilpadwill lightand 000wilt light TO REMOVEFROMTHE OVEN: inthedisplay.TheOVENON indicatorwill light and there will be an eight second When the oven is delay beforethe oventurns on.
  • Page 11 CLOCK CONTROLLED OVEN SETTINGTHE CONTROLSFOR 6. Whenthe oventurnson,the OVENON CLOCK CONTROLLED OVEN indicator will light and the oven tem- peraturewiflappearin thedisplay.Press COOKING theCook Time padto recalltheremain- 1. Press the Cook Time pad. The COOK ing cook time, TIME indicatoron the Cook Time pad will 7.
  • Page 12: Care And Cleaning

    CARE &CLEANING SELF-CLE, H OYEH Wipe up excess grease or spilloversfrom the Move the door lock lever right to the oven bottom to prevent excessive smoking, locked position (selectmodels). flare.upsor flamingduring the cleancycle. For ..,,,,,,j ease of cleaning, the heating elementcan be lifted slightly (1 inch).
  • Page 13: Control Knobs

    (EAHIHG PRO(EDURES DRIP BOWLS - CHROME CLOCK AND CONTROL PAD AREA (SELECT MODELS) >- Whencool, wash after each use, rinse >_ To activate "ControlLock" for cleaning, see page 7. anddryto preventstainingor discolora- tion. > Wipe with a damp cloth and dry. >_ Be sure appliance is off and all >...
  • Page 14: Glass-Ceramic Cooktop

    CARE 8,CLEAF!iFIG, com. GLASS-CERAMIC COOKTOP - > Burned-on or CrustySoils- Scrubwith a "scratchless" or "neverscratch" scrubber (SELECT MODELS) OVEN RACKS spongeand CooktopCleaningCreme*. Neveruseovencleaners,chlorinebleach, > Cleanwith soapywater. ammoniaor glass cleaners with ammo- NOTE:Holda razorbladescraperata 30o > Removestubbornsoilwithcleansing pow- nia. NOTE: Callan authorizedservicerif angleandcarefullyscrapeoffanyremain- der or soap-filled scouringpad.Rinseand theglass-ceramic topshouldcrack,break...
  • Page 15 M. IHfB AH(E OVEN WINDOW LEVELING LEGS (SELECT MOOELS) OVEN DOOR To protectthe oven door window: 1. Do not use abrasive cleaning agents >- Be sure the anti-tip bracket secures suchas steelwoolscouringpadsor pow- oneoftherearlevelinglegsto thefloor. deredcleansersas theymay scratchthe Do not place excessiveweighton or This bracketpreventsthe range from glass.
  • Page 16 BEFORE YOU CALL fOR ERViCE OVEN DID NOT CLEAN PROPERLY. CONCERNS, FOR MOST T RY 5. Pittingor flaking. I Sugaryboilovers that were not THESE FIRST: Longercleaningtime may be needed, removedpromptly. S ee pg, 13. I Checkif ovencontrolshavebeenproperly Excessivespillovers,especiallysugaryand/ set. or acidicfoods,werenotremoved priortothe BAKING RESULTS ARE NOT AS self-cleancycle, Checkto be sureplugis securelyinserted...
  • Page 17 NOTES...
  • Page 18 Canadian Residents If YOU H EED SERVICE Theabovewarrantiesonlycoveran appliancein- stalledin Canadathat hasbeencertifiedor listed Call the dealer from Whom your appliance was purchased or call Maytag by appropriate test agenciesfor compliance to a AppliancesSales Company, MaytagCustomerAssistanceat 1-800-688-9900 National Standard of Canadaunless theappliance USAor 1-800-688-2002CANADA,to locate an authorized servicer.

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