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Status Indicator; Status Window - Frigidaire LGBD2431LF0B Use & Care Manual

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Status Indicator
The WASHING light (some models) comes on at the
beginning of cycle and remains on until the end of the
main wash.
Whether heated or unheated dry is selected the DRYING
light will come on during the drying portion of the cycle.
When the SANITIZE option is selected, the SANITIZED
light will glow when the SANITIZE cycle is finished. The
light will remain on until the door is opened. If the
dishwasher did not properly sanitize the dishes, the light
will not come on. This can happen if the cycle is
The RINSING AGENT LOW light (some models) comes on
at the end of a cleaning cycle when the rinse agent
reservoir is low. The light will remain on through 5
successive cycles or until the reservoir is filled.
The CLEAN light (some models) will come on at end of
cycle and remain on until door is opened.
Child Lock Controls
To prevent children from accidently changing the
dishwasher cycle or starting the dishwasher, lock the
dishwasher controls by pressing and releasing the RINSE
ONLY pad (some models) orthe NO HEAT DRY pad (some
models) for 3 seconds while the door is latched. An
indicator light on the lock graphic pad will illuminate when
the controls are locked and no new selections can be made
until the lock is released. To unlock the controls, press the
same pad RINSE ONLY or NO HEAT DRY, until the indicator
light goes out.
Status Window
The STATUS window, available on some models,
indicates the following activity:
_ m e roO_ °_
The time remaining could suddenly increase or drop
several minutes. This means the Smart Sensor has
checked the soil level and has determined that additional
water fills are needed or that water fills can be deleted.
1H-24H ...........
Hd or HO........
Number of delay start hours. The
last hour will count down in
Close dishwasher door. The status
indicator lights will also flash to
indicate current cycle status.
Indicates a water heat delay.
Number of minutes left in cycle (1-
99). If cycle is longer than 99
minutes, a small light will appear in
the lower right corner and remain
on until time counts below 99.
Appears in window when
dishwasher is first installed, or
when power has been interrupted.
indicator lights will also flash. To
clear, touch START/CANCEL pad.
Appears in window when the rinse
aid dispenser is low and needs to
be refilled.



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