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Frigidaire Fully Integrated Direct FeedModel Dishwashers Service Manual

Frigidaire Fully Integrated Direct FeedModel Dishwashers Service Manual

Fully integrated direct feed model dishwashers
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Service Manual
Fully Integrated Direct Feed
Model Dishwashers
October 2006
Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Frigidaire Fully Integrated Direct FeedModel Dishwashers

  • Page 1 Dishwasher Service Manual Fully Integrated Direct Feed Model Dishwashers 5995477345 October 2006...
  • Page 2: Safe Servicing Practices

    Electrolux Home Products, Inc. cannot be responsible, nor assume any liability, for injury or damage of any kind arising from the use of this manual.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    TABLE OF CONTENTS Safe Servicing Practices ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2 The Design and Operation of the Fully Integrated Dishwasher --------------------------------------- 5 PLD4555RFC ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5 PLD4375RFC ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5 LEDB500FEE ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5 Cycle Selections ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 6 Ulimate Scrub ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6 Maxx Clean ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6 Speed Clean ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 6 Normal Wash ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6 China/Crystal ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6...
  • Page 4 The Control System --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 15 Soil Sensing ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 15 Temperature Controls ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 15 Service Tests ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 16 Water Temperature Test ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 16 To Activate the Water Temperature Test --------------------------------------------------------- 16 Water/Service Test ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 16 To Start the Test ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 16 To Exit the Water/Service Test --------------------------------------------------------------------- 16 Chart for the Water/Service Test ------------------------------------------------------------------- 17 Relay/Triac and Sensor Test ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 17-18...
  • Page 5: The Design And Operation Of The Fully Integrated Dishwasher

    Fully Integraded Direct Feed As stated earlier, a wash cycle can not be changed after the first fill without a Cancel/Drain, options to Model Dishwashers the wash cycle can be changed at any time up to the point they are to be applied. If at any time after the cycle has been started, the door is opened the unit will stop, by closing the door the operations will resume without pressing the Start/Cancel pad.
  • Page 6: Cycle Selections

    Cycle Selections Normal Wash This cycle is for normally soiled dishes. The control automatically selects the Normal speed for the wash motor, an assured water temperature of 135°in the main wash and 140° in the final rinse. All of the PLD4555RFC options are available and soil sensing will be used.
  • Page 7: Option Selections

    The display will flash an HO on models so equipped. Option Selections This option will increase the water temperature to 140°. There is a time override for this option of not more then 10 minute. Sanitize Rinse PLD4555RFC The Sanitize rinse increases the finial rinse segment to a temperature of 155°...
  • Page 8: Control Lock

    Control Lock The CLEAN indicator is energized at the end of all wash cycles with the exception of a Rinse and hold The control lock disables the keypad so that the cycle. The clean indicator will remain on until the settings entered into the control can not be changed.
  • Page 9: The Alternating Wash System

    On the underside of the filter is a soil director which directs the loosened food particles to the lower left side of the sump to a stainless steel food macerator used to pulverize the soil so it can pass through the drain hose.
  • Page 10: Part In The Wash System

    Ball at the top of ramp he speed of the motor is determined by the elec- opening hole to center arm tronic control based on the cycle selected. The The pump restarts the control continually monitors motor speed with input water pressure in back from a Hall Effect sensor mounted to the rear of the of the ball forces the...
  • Page 11: Lower Spray Arm

    Lower Spray Arm Upper Spray arm This spray arm is designed using three spray arms to This arm is located in the top of the tub and turns in spray water up into the lower rack. There are also a counter clockwise direction, and sprays simulta- on the underside of this spray arms 4 legs used for neously with the center spray arm.
  • Page 12: Drying System

    Drying System If for any reason this door is not closed, the control will attempt to close the door 5 times if it continues to fail a failure code will appear in the display. The dishwasher The Drying system consists of a Fan/Vent assembly, will not operate until this condition is corrected.
  • Page 13: Heater

    Heater Dispensing System The heater mounted in the bottom of the tub in- The detergent and rinse aid dispenser consists of creases water temperature, then in the dry cycle two dispensers combined in one housing and are assist in drying the dishes. See Figure 21 The controlled with one wax motor actuator.
  • Page 14: Door Latch Assembly

    Fill system After the fill in the main wash, the control applies power to the wax motor actuator. The plunger of the The fill system of this dishwasher consists of the wax motor extends pressing down on a pivot arm water fill valve and a float safety switch.
  • Page 15: The Control System

    The Control System The number of times the control checks the soil level varies with cycle but in cycles it is used the pre-wash water will always be checked. The control can The electronic control, with input from various increase a cycle length or decrease as needed but sensors, has total operation of the dishwasher once never longer then the longest cycle or shorter then a wash cycle has been started.
  • Page 16: Service Tests

    Water/Service Test Service Tests The control has a number of tests that have been In the Water/Service Test, the control will step programmed into its memory most of these are for through each function of the product and operate manufacturing purposes and are not useful for field each component before ending and illuminating the service.
  • Page 17: Chart For The Water/Service Test

    Chart For the Water Service Test Device being DESCRIPTION monitored FILL/DISPENSER 60 1 0 fan damper uo FILL 27 1 0 turbidity WASH/HEAT (3450rpm) 45 0 0 hall sensor PAUSE 0.4 0 WASH/HEAT (2800rpm) 75 0 WASH/HEAT/DISP (3450rpm) 60 0 0 thermistor DRAIN 90 0...
  • Page 18: Relay/Triac And Sensor Test

    Relay/Triac and Sensor Test To access this test the unit must be placed in PF condition. While in PF press and hold Pad # 1 and Pad # 7 at which time an “rt” will appear in the display. You can now follow the chart below as to how to select the component to operate.
  • Page 19: Control Codes

    Control Codes At time codes may appear in the display below are a list of codes. Not all codes are failure or error codes so be sure to read what the code means. Display Reason for Code What it indicates When is a wash cycle the control does not receive the proper indication that "uo"...
  • Page 20: Disassembly And Service

    DISASSEMBLY AND SERVICE SAFETY PRECAUTIONS Always turn off electrical power supply before P3 connector servicing any electrical component, making ohmme- Ribbon for keypad Red wire to heater ter checks, or making a part replacement. Refer to safe service procedures at the front of this service manual before servicing the dishwasher.
  • Page 21: Door Latch

    Door Latch Detergent/ Rinse aid Dispenser 1. Disconnect the dishwasher from electrical supply 2. Remove outer door panel To diagnose operation of the dispenser use the 3. Remove console Water Service Test 4. Remove wires from both door switches See the section on testing the control system. 5.
  • Page 22: Door Seal

    Upper Rack Door Seal 1. To remove rack, unsnap and remove retainers at 1. Door seal just pulls out of channel around tub. end of metal track. Once retainers are removed, 2. To replace find center of gasket make sure back pull rack straight out.
  • Page 23: Lower Spray Arm, Spray Arm Support And Filter

    FLOAT SWITCH AND MOUNT BRACKET Lower Spray Arm, Spray Arm Support & Filter See Figure 43 Remove float by lifting up out of tube molded in bottom of tub. 1. Remove lower rack 2. Lower spray arm clips onto the lower spray arm 1.
  • Page 24: Drain Pump

    PUMP AND MOTOR ASSEMBLY DRAIN PUMP 1. Disconnect the dishwasher from electrical supply Testing the drain pump can be done by using the 2. Remove spray arm, spray arm support, and Water Service Test following the test the drain pump filters from inside of tub will be activated when the number 7 appears on the 3.
  • Page 25: Delivery Tube

    8. Reinstall tube on to sump then install center The following repairs will require removing the screw. dishwasher from under the counter. Before starting 9. Tighten both upper spray arm mounting nut and the repair, disconnect the power to the product, also clamp on sump.
  • Page 26: Exploded Views

    CONTROL PANEL Models LEDB500FEE0 PLD4375RFC0 PLD4555RFC0 Control Cover Cover Gasket Control Board Overlay Display Board Foam Insulation Switch Tail Outer Console Control Panel RH Console LH Console P30C0157...
  • Page 27: Door - Model Ledb500Fee0

    DOOR Detergent/Rinse Aid Dispenser Model LEDB500FEE0 Door Assembly Liner Latch Assembly Door Clamp Handle Mounting Door Handle Backer Friction Door Wiper Pulley Gasket Cable LH Arm Door Hinge Assembly Support Friction Pulley RH Arm Assembly Spring P30B0042...
  • Page 28: Door - Models Pld4375Rfc0 & Pld4555Rfc0

    DOOR Detergent/Rinse Aid Dispenser Models Door PLD4375RFC0 Assembly PLD4555RFC0 Liner Latch Assembly Door Clamp Handle Mounting Door Handle Backer Friction Door Wiper Pulley Gasket Cable LH Arm Door Hinge Assembly Support Friction Pulley RH Arm Assembly Spring P30B0044...
  • Page 29: Tub

    Models LEDB500FEE0 Roller Assembly PLD4375RFC0 Door Strike PLD4555RFC0 Drain Hose Assembly Roller Assembly Float Water Inlet Tubing Clamps Float Tub Gasket Switch Assembly Blower Vent Assembly Clamp Thermostat S ID Retainer P30U0023 Vent Bezel...
  • Page 30: Motor & Pump

    MOTOR & PUMP Delivery Tube Models Gasket LEDB500FEE0 PLD4375RFC0 3rd Level PLD4555RFC0 Spray Arm Grommet Center Lower Spray Arm Spray Arm Soil Director Base Glass Trap Spray Arm Volute Cover Support Check Ball Filter Filter Assembly Sump Housing Sump Gasket Heater Heater Bracket...
  • Page 31: Frame

    FRAME Models LEDB500FEE0 PLD4375RFC0 PLD4555RFC0 Front Frame Brace Junction Box Cover Water Valve Kickplate Assembly Adjustable Toeplate P30F0022...
  • Page 32: Racks - Model Ledb500Fee0

    Handle Assembly RACKS Fence Upper Bracket 4 Wire Fence Rack Assembly Lower 3 Wire Fence Slide Rack Cup Shelf Snap In Roller Holder Adjustment Bracket Slide Knife Fold Holder Rack Down Basket Assembly Slide Fence Bracket Cup Shelf Fence Cup Shelf Fence Silverware Baskets Rear Roller...
  • Page 33: Racks - Model Pld4375Rfc0

    RACKS Upper Rack Handle Rear Bracket 4 Wire Fence Rack Rack Assembly Slide Front 3 Wire Fence Cup Shelf Roller Adjustment Utility Bracket Basket Rack Slide Fold Down Fence Bracket Silverware Baskets Model Rack Assembly PLD4375RFC0 Wheel & Bracket P30R0106 Assembly...
  • Page 34: Racks - Model Pld4555Rfc0

    Upper Rack Handle RACKS Rear 4 Wire Fence Bracket Rack Assembly Front Rack Slide Shelf Snap-In Roller Holder Adjustment Bracket Knife Fold Down Fence Holder Rack Slide Basket Assembly Bracket Cup Shelf Fence Silverware Baskets Roller Rack Assembly Assembly Model PLD4555RFC0 P30R0076...
  • Page 35: Service Data Sheet

    Display Codes (Readout) Display Codes (LED) To start Close and latch door. Press START/CANCEL pad. SENSING ---------------------- Turbidity sensor is checking the condition of the wash/rinse water. No sensing for LIGHT WASH (UPPER RACK), LIGHT WASH (LOWER RACK) and CHINA/CRYSTAL. BK......
  • Page 36 Standard Dry Air Flow Exploded View of Wash System Trouble Shooting Tips bottom of the outer door panel. This outside, When the control advances to the “dry” portion of the cycle, a vent actuation solenoid is closed. cooler, dryer air helps to speed evaporation of water from the hot dishes.

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