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Wash Cycle Selections; Hi-Temp Wash - Frigidaire LGBD2431LF0B Use & Care Manual

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Cycle Selections
Cycle times are approximate and will vary with options
selected. Hot water is necessary to activate dishwasher
detergent and melt fatty food soils. During the main wash
and final rinse recirculating fluid returning from being
sprayed on the dishware is continually heated. As needed,
the cycle is lengthened to assure that the fluid temperatures
critical to wash and rinse are achieved. Selection of higher
temperature options to handle heavier soils or to sanitize
dishware will result in longer cycle responses.
If your unit has a Smart Sensor, it is used to understand
how heavily soiled the dish load is so the cycle can be
automatically adjusted to the appropriate response. This
helpsto prevent energy waste. The sensor is calibrated at
the end of the cycle. For the first cycle after power is
applied (when first installed or after a power failure) the
sensor will not be calibrated and so cannot determine the
soil load. Therefore, your unit will provide a response
suitable for heavy soils on this first run after power is
restored. This will assure that whatever is loaded will get
cleaned. Energy use furing this first run may be higher
than would be typical.
Options Selections
When the HI-TEMP WASH option is selected, the dish-
washer heats water in the main wash to approximately
140°F (60°C).
This increase in water temperature
helps dishwasher
detergent remove food grease and soil from dishes more
effectively and aids in drying. The HI-TEMP WASH option
can be used with all cycles except RINSE ONLY. The HI-
TEMP WASH is automatically provided when the HEAVY
WASH cycle is selected.
When HI-TEMP WASH option is selected, the light above
the pad will come on and remain on until end of cycle. To
turn off the HI-TEMP WASH option, press the pad a second
time. The light above the pad will turn off.
The HEAT DRY option in combination with rinse aid will
enhance drying performance.
The energy required to use
the HEAT DRY option costs pennies per cycle. You may
choose not to select the HEAT DRY option; however you will
have items in your dish load that will not be completely dry
at the end of the cycle.
To sanitize your dishes and glassware, select the SANITIZE
option. When selected, the light above the pad will come on
and remain on until end of cycle. The water temperature
the final rinse will be raised to 155°F (68°C) and will be
maintained at that temperature as needed. This option is
available in Heavy, Normal and Light Wash cycles. Only
these sanitization cycles have been designed to meet NSF
The cycle time will be extended until the proper water
temperature is reached. Washing action will continue during
the water heating delay. For best results, the incoming
water temperature should be about 120°F (49°C).
An indicator light will be lit at the end of the cycle only when
the Sanitize criteria has definitely been met. If the cycle is
interrupted by the opening of the dishwasher door during a
crucial part of the cycle, if there is a power failure or if the
incoming water was too cold to allow the sanitization
temperatures to be reached in the allowed time the
indicator will not be lit.
To turn off the SANITIZE option, press the pad a second
time. The light above the pad will turn off.



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