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Frigidaire FDBB4365FC4 Use & Care Manual

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Product F
Preparing i


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  • Page 1 Product F Preparing i...
  • Page 2 Read all instructions before using this appliance. Save these instructions for future reference, Do not wash plastic items unless marked "dishwasher safe" or the equivalent. Check with manufacturer for This symbol will help alert you to such dangers as recommendations, if not marked. Items that are not dishwasher safe may melt and create a potential fire personal injury, burns, fire, and electrical shock.
  • Page 3 As each cycle begins, you may-or may not- Serial number hear the drain motor. Registering your product with Frigidaire enhances our ability The next sound you will hear is the splashing water as to serve you. YOUcan regls[er online a[ it enters the tub.
  • Page 4 Your dishwasher cleans by spraying a mixture of hot water and detergent through the spray arms against soiled surfaces. Each cycle begins with a pre-drain. Next, the dishwasher fills with water covering the filter area. Water is then pumped through the filter and spray arms. Soil particles go down the drain as the water is pumped out and replaced with clean water.
  • Page 5 Options Selections Getting Started Wash Pressure Load dishwasher (See Preparing and Loading Dishes). The WASH PRESSUREoption allows you to select the Add detergent (See Dishwasher Dispenser & desired wash pressure depending on your dishload. When Detergents). HIGH WASH PRESSUREis selected, the wash pressure is Add rinse aid (See Rinse Aid).
  • Page 6 Sanitize Option Heat To sanitize your dishes and glassware, select the The HEATED DRY option in combination with rinse aid will SANITIZE option. When selected, the light above the pad enhance drying performance. HEATED DRY option is will come on and remain on until end of cycle. The water available on all cycles except ENERGY SAVER&...
  • Page 7 TheSmart S oilSensor checks t hesoillevel o n your dishes in the Heavy Wash, Quick Clean, Normal and Top Rack cycles. Depending on soil level, the sensor will determine if additional water fills are needed to clean the dishes or if water fills can be deleted.
  • Page 8 "uF", "uo", or "CE". If one of these codes are displayed contact the Frigidaire Customer Care Center at 1-800-944-9044 They will be able to provide...
  • Page 9 • Dish Preparation Scrape away large pieces of food, bones, pits, toothpicks, etc. The continuous filtered wash system will remove remaining food particles. Burned-on foods should be loosened before loading. Empty liquids from glasses and cups. Foods such as mustard, mayonnaise, vinegar, lemon juice and tomato based products may cause discoloration of stainless steel and plastics if allowed to sit for a long period of time.
  • Page 10 Bowl Tines Upper Rack Option The bowl tines offer the ultimate in flexibility. When LIGHT WASH--UPPER RACK option can be used to wash closed, load with saucers or small dishes. Open halfway a wide assortment of items when you don't have a full and it is perfect for small casseroles.
  • Page 11 Removable High-Side Shelf Loading Bottom Rack Features and appearance of racks and silverware basket The removable high-side shelf can be used to hold may vary from your model. serving spoons, spatulas, or other small items. The shelf can also fold up or be removed for more space to load The lower rack is best for plates, saucers, bowls, and large pots or pans.
  • Page 12 Fold-down Tines The fold-down tines in the lower rack make easy loading for those extra large and hard-to-fit items. The tines may be left up for normal use or folded down for more flexible loading. Fold down for more space to load large pots or pans.
  • Page 13 Filling the Detergent Dispenser How much Detergent to use The detergent dispenser has one covered and one The amount of detergent to use depends on the water uncovered cup. Detergent in the uncovered cup falls into hardness. Water hardness is measured in grains per the dishwasher when the door is closed.
  • Page 14 Rinse Aid Water Pressure Rinse aid greatly improves drying and reduces The hot water line to dishwasher must provide water water spots and filming. Water "sheets" off dishes pressure between 20 and 120 psi. rather than forming water droplets that cling and leave Low water pressure may occur when laundry or showers spots.
  • Page 15 Care of Drain Air Gap If a drain air gap was installed for your built-in Burn Hazard dishwasher, check to make sure it is clean so the dishwasher will drain properly. A drain air gap is usually Allow heating element to cool before mounted on countertop and can be inspected by cleaning the interior.
  • Page 16 Before calling for service, review this list. It may save you both time and expense. This list includes common experiences Dishware Stained or Discolored that are not the result of defective • Tea and coffee can stain cups. Remove the stains by workmanship or material in your...
  • Page 17 Dishwasher Leaks Water in Bottom of Tub • Use only fresh detergent designed for automatic • Water left in bottom of tub after cycle is complete is dishwashers. Measure detergent carefully. Try a not normal. If water remains in the bottom of the tub, different brand.
  • Page 18 Dishwasher Does Not Drain Stains on Tub Interior Properly Washing large amounts of dishware with tomato based soil can cause a pink/orange apperance. This will • If unit is hooked up to a food waste disposer, make not affect performance and will gradually fade over sure the disposer is empty.
  • Page 19 _our appliance is covered by a one year limited warranty. For one year from your original date of purchase, Electrolux will pay all costs or repairing or replacing any parts of this appliance that prove to be defective in materials or workmanship when such appliance nstalled,...

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