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Frigidaire FEB789ECCE Owner's Manual page 18

Electronic oven controls convection bake with self-cleaning oven
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Ovensmokes excessively d uring
Ovendoor is closed. D oorshouldbe opento broilerstop position during
Meattooclose tothebroilburner. Reposition therack to provide moreclearance
between t he meat a ndthe broiler.
Meatnotproperly p repared. Remove excess fat frommeat. S lash r emaining f atty
edges a t rightangles t o prevent curling, b utdonotcutintothelean.
Gridon broiler p anwrongsideup.Grease c annot d rainintobroiler p an.Always
place thegridonthe broilerpanwith the ribsupandthe slotsdownto allow
grease t o dripintothe pan.
Broiler panused withoutgridorgridcovered w ithfoil.DONOT use thebroiler p an
withoutthegridor cover t hegridwithfoil.
Grease spatters andfood buildupcause excessive smoke. R egular c leaning is
necessary whenbroiling frequently.
Many factors affect b aking results. SeeBakinginyourCooking Guide for hints,
causes andcorrections. See AdjustingOvenTemperature.
Self-cleaning c ycledoesnot work,
Controls n otsetproperly. Follow instructions under O venCleaning.
cycle wasinterrupted. Stop timemust b eset2-4hours past t hestart
time. F ollow steps u nder "Stopping o rInterrupting aSelf-Clean Cycle "intheOven
Cleaning section.
Soilnot completelyremoved after
self-cleaning cycleis completed,
Failure t oclean bottom, f ronttopofoven, f rame ofoven ordoorarea outside oven
seal. T hese areas arenot in the self-cleaning area, b utget hot enough to burn
onresidue. Clean these areas b efore theself-cleaning cycle isstarted. B urned o n
residue c anbecleaned w itha stiffnylon brush andwaterora nylon scrubber. Be
careful notto damage t heoven seal.
spillovers inoven. S et t he self-clean cycle fora longer c leaning t ime.
Flames insideovenor smokefrom
spillovers inoven. T his isnormal, especially forpiespillovers or forlarge
amounts o fgrease o nbottom ofoven. W ipeupexcessive spillovers before starting
theself-clean cycle.

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