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Frigidaire FEB789ECCE Owner's Manual page 14

Electronic oven controls convection bake with self-cleaning oven
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instructions, continued)
Note: The door cannot be opened until
the oven temperature hasdropped below
Push the CANCEL pad
before opening the door.
THE OVEN DOOR OPEN.This can damage
the door locking system. Usecaution when
opening the door after the self-cleaning
cycle is completed. The oven may still be
Use caution when open-
ing the door after the self-cleaning cycle.
The oven may still be VERY HOT.
Before cleaning any part
of the oven, be sure the electronic oven
control is turned off or else push the
CANCEL pad. Wait until the oven is
DO NOT line the oven
walls, bottom, racks or any other part of
the range with aluminum foil. Doing so
will destroy heat distribution,
poor baking results and cause permanent
damage to the oven interior (aluminum
foil will melt to the interior surface of
the oven).
The oven can be programmed to begin cleaning immediately and stop at a later
time automatically, or to start at a delayed time and stop automatically.
To Begin Cleaning
and Stop Automatically
To assure satisfactory results, we recommend a 2 hour self-clean cycle for light
soils, a 3 hour cycle for average soils, and a 4 hour cycle for heavy soils.
Make sure the clock is set to the correct time of clay as the self-clean opera-
tion works directly with the clock.
Close the oven door.
Push the CLEAN pad. "
" will appear in place of the time of clay
display. The words "CLN Time" will appear in the display.
Push the Increase (A)
or Decrease (T)
pad. Set the cleaning time based
on the amount of soil you have. When setting the cleaning time, the time
will increase or decrease in 5 minute increments.
As soon as the controls are set, the motor driven lock will begin to close and the
cleaning cycle will begin. It takes about 15 seconds for the door to completely
lock and the words "Clean Locked" and "On" to appear in the display. The door
cannot be opened after the oven temperature reaches 560% (293°C). Push the
CANCEL pad before opening the door. The door cannot be opened unless the
oven temperature is below 560% (293°C). See "Stopping or Interrupting a Self-
Clean Cycle," page 14.
To Start at a Later Time and Stop Automatically
Follow steps 1 & 4 above.
Push the STOPTIME pad. The time of day and cleaning time will appear in
the display window. The words "CLN Time" wil glow in the display.
Push the Increase ( A ) or Decrease (V)
pad until the time that you want
cleaning to be completed appears in the display.
The control will calculate backward from the set stop time to determine
when the cleaning cycle should begin. The words "Delay" and "Delay Clean
Locked" will glow in the display. To recall the time that the oven will come
on, push and hold the CLEAN pad for 3 seconds, the calculated start time
will appear in the display for a few seconds.
The clean cycle will come on automatically at the calculated time. At that time,
the words "Delay" and "Stop" will out and "On" will appear.
The oven will continue to heat until it reaches a very high temperature. Soil and
spillovers wil burn off of the oven surfaces. Do not try to open the oven door
without cancelling the cleaning cycle. When the set cleaning time has elapsed,
the oven must cool for about 1 hour or until the interior temperature has dropped
below 560°F(293°C). The word "Locked" will remain in the display until the oven
cools below 560°F(293°C). Only then can the door be opened.
or Interrupting
the Self-Cleaning
Cycle at Any Time
If you need to stop or interrupt the self-clean cycle due to excessivesmoke or fire:
Push the CANCEL pad.
Open windows and doors to rid the room of smoke.
If the word "Locked" remains in the display, the oven is too hot to open the
door. When the oven cools below 560°F(293°C), the word "Lock" will go out.
The oven door can now be opened. If the self-clean cycle was interrupted due
to smoke, correct the condition and start the self-clean operation again.
When cycleiscompleted, a powderyash will befound wherevertherewas heavy
soil. Wipe up any residue with a damp cloth after the oven has cooled.
If the oven was not satisfactorily cleaned, the cleaning time was not long enough.
Reset the controls and repeat the self-cleaning cycle.
It is normal for some soil to remain at the bottom front and corners of the oven.
This remaining soil is difficult to remove because it was exposed to high heat. To
remove, scrub with a new soap-filled steel wool pad. Rubbing with a paste made
of water and a mild cleanser may also be helpful in removing this soil.

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