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Introduction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
Cooking Recommendations . . . . . . . . 10 USA 1-800-374-4432
Setting Oven Controls . . . . . . . . . . . 19
Care and Cleaning . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37
Before You Call . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42
Warranty . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 45
A22491101 (October 2022)



Summary of Contents for Frigidaire GCWG2438AW

  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    Warranty . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 45 A22491101 (October 2022) USA 1-800-374-4432...
  • Page 2: Introduction

    Installation checklist Welcome to our doors Thank you for bringing Frigidaire into your home! ˆ Handles are secure and tight We see your purchase as the beginning of a long ˆ Door seals completely to cabinet on all sides relationship together .
  • Page 3: Important Safety Instructions

    ImPOrtANt SAFEty INStructIONS Read all instructions before using this NOtE appliance . This manual contains important safety Indicates a short, informal reference – symbols and instructions . Please pay something written down to assist the attention to these symbols and follow all memory or for future reference .
  • Page 4 ImPOrtANt SAFEty INStructIONS ImPOrtANt INStructIONS FOr WARNING uNPAcKING ANd INStALLAtION Tip Over Hazard ImPOrtANt • A child or adult can tip the Read and follow the below instructions oven and be killed. and precautions for unpacking, installing, • Install the anti-tip device and servicing your appliance .
  • Page 5 ImPOrtANt SAFEty INStructIONS For personal safety, this appliance must WArNING be properly grounded . For maximum Air curtain or other overhead range hoods safety, the power cord must be securely that operate by blowing a downward air connected to an electrical outlet or flow onto a range or cooktop, shall not junction box that is the correct voltage, be used in conjunction with gas ranges or...
  • Page 6 ImPOrtANt SAFEty INStructIONS If a 2-prong wall receptacle is the only available outlet, it is the personal WArNING responsibility of the consumer to have • Stepping, leaning, or sitting on the it replaced with a properly grounded door or drawers of this appliance 3-prong wall receptacle, installed by a can result in serious injuries and also qualified technician .
  • Page 7 ImPOrtANt SAFEty INStructIONS cAutION cAutION Wear proper apparel - Loose-fitting or Use proper pan size . This appliance is hanging garments should never be worn equipped with one or more surface units while using the appliance . Do not let of different sizes .
  • Page 8 ImPOrtANt SAFEty INStructIONS ImPOrtANt INStructIONS FOr uSING ImPOrtANt INStructIONS FOr SELF yOur OVEN cLEANING OVENS Protective liners—Do not use aluminum cAutION foil, aftermarket oven liners, or any other materials or devices to line oven Before using self clean, remove the broiler pan, any food, utensils, and bottom, oven racks, or any other part cookware from the oven, storage drawer...
  • Page 9 ImPOrtANt SAFEty INStructIONS ImPOrtANt INStructIONS FOr Remove the oven door from any unused cLEANING yOur APPLIANcE oven if it is to be stored or discarded . Do not touch a hot oven light bulb with cAutION a damp cloth . Doing so could cause the bulb to break .
  • Page 10: Cooking Recommendations

    Special Features Use the special features of your Frigidaire oven to get the best baking and roasting results . Goal Feature • Breads and pastries that rise higher with Steam Bake a crispy, golden crust and a light and flaky...
  • Page 11 cOOKING rEcOmmENdAtIONS Bakeware The material of bakeware affects how evenly and quickly it transfers heat from the pan to the food . material Attributes recommendation Shiny metal bakeware Shiny, aluminum, and non-coat- Recommended cooking temperatures ed bakeware is the best for even and times are based on shiny metal heating .
  • Page 12 cOOKING rEcOmmENdAtIONS cooking conditions Conditions in your kitchen can affect the performance of your appliance when cooking food . condition Attributes recommendation Aging cookware As pans age and become If food is too dark or overcooked, use the discolored, cooking times may minimum cook time in the recipe or packag- need to be reduced slightly .
  • Page 13 . The broiler pan will catch grease spills, and the insert helps prevent grease splatters . To purchase the broiling pan go to https://www .frigidaire .com/ convection cooking Convection Convection cooking uses a fan to circulate hot air around the oven and food .
  • Page 14: Before Setting Oven Controls

    ImPOrtANt Always use pot holders or oven mitts when using Your Frigidaire wall oven has many features that the oven . When cooking, the oven interior, oven allow you to customize the way your oven works . exterior, oven racks, and cooktop will become Take time to read this section for important very hot which can cause burns .
  • Page 15 BEFOrE SEttING OVEN cONtrOLS using menu Options to customize your Energy Saving mode cooking Experience The oven control has a factory preset built-in 12- Hour Energy Saving feature that will turn off the When you first install your appliance, the screen oven if the oven is left on for more than 12 hours .
  • Page 16 BEFOrE SEttING OVEN cONtrOLS 2 . 80% Volume Volume allows the oven control to operate with 3 . 50% strong tones, quiet tones, or no tones . Use the slid- er to set the volume . NOtE These temperature options are also available in Custom Preheat menu on the main screen cooking tips You can switch whether cooking tips are displayed...
  • Page 17 BEFOrE SEttING OVEN cONtrOLS Sabbath mode Factory reset Scroll to Sabbath mode. Scroll to Factory reset and touch 2 . Read and follow all instructions to set and 2. Follow screen prompts when finished cancel . See “Setting the Sabbath Note: Your appliance was set with predetermined Feature for the (default) oven control settings .
  • Page 18 BEFOrE SEttING OVEN cONtrOLS Lock Screen As a safety measure the oven doors and controls can be locked . Follow screen directions to lock and unlock . From the Settings Menu, Select Lock Screen, then touch and hold LOcK for 3 seconds . When the doors and controls are locked the screen will show the time of day, a note that the oven is locked, and an uNLOcK key .
  • Page 19: Setting Oven Controls

    SEttING OVEN cONtrOLS ON / OFF LIGHt When ON/OFF is pressed, the display opens to the Press the Light key to turn the oven light on or off Quick Start screen . table 1: minimum and maximum control settings Feature mode min temp/ max temp/ time...
  • Page 20 SEttING OVEN cONtrOLS Quick Start modes When ON/OFF is pressed the display opens to the • Bake (page 21) Quick Start screen . • Convection Bake (page 24) From the Quick Start screen, you can immediately • Air Fry (page 23) start the Bake function by pressing StArt .
  • Page 21 SEttING OVEN cONtrOLS Setting Bake to set Bake Bake uses heat that rises from the oven bottom for Press ON/OFF key . best baking results . A reminder tone will sound indicating when the set bake temperature is reached and to place the food in the oven .
  • Page 22 SEttING OVEN cONtrOLS Setting cook time Setting delay Start Use Cook Time to set the amount of time need- Delay Start allows a delayed starting time only for ed for most oven functions . The oven will turn on Bake, Convection Bake, Convection Roast, Steam immediately (or after a specified delay) and stop Clean, and Self Clean .
  • Page 23 SEttING OVEN cONtrOLS Air Fry 6 . When cook time ends Off will be in display . The Air Fry feature works best for single rack Press ON/OFF to return display to show the baking with packaged and convenience foods . time of day .
  • Page 24 SEttING OVEN cONtrOLS convection Bake to set convection bake with a default oven set Convection Bake uses a fan to circulate the oven’s temperature of 325°F (163°c): heat uniformly around the oven . This improved Select Oven mode and scroll to convection heat distribution allows for even cooking and Bake browning results .
  • Page 25 SEttING OVEN cONtrOLS Setting Broil to set broil with the default broil oven temperature of 550°F (288°c): Use the broil function to cook foods that require Arrange the oven racks when cool . For direct exposure to radiant heat for optimum optimum browning results, preheat oven for 2 browning results .
  • Page 26 SEttING OVEN cONtrOLS Important notes: • Always arrange oven racks when the oven is cool . • For best results when broiling, use a broil pan with broil pan insert designed to drain the fat from the food and help avoid spatter and reduce smoking . •...
  • Page 27 SEttING OVEN cONtrOLS convection roast to use convection roast at a temperature of 350°F (177°c): Convection roast combines a cook cycle with the Touch Oven mode and scroll to convection convection fan and elements to rapidly roast meats roast. and poultry . Heated air circulates around the meat from all sides, sealing in juices and flavors .
  • Page 28 SEttING OVEN cONtrOLS convection roasting tips: • Preheating for convection roast is not necessary for most meats and poultry . • Arrange oven racks so meat and poultry are on the lowest rack of the oven . • Since convection roast cooks faster, may be able to reduce cook times as much as 25% from the rec- ommended time of your recipe (check the food at this time) .
  • Page 29 SEttING OVEN cONtrOLS Keep Warm to use multi-rack: Arrange the oven racks when cool . Keep Warm should only be used with foods that are already at serving temperatures . Keep warm 2 . Select Oven mode and scroll to multi racks. will keep cooked foods warm and ready for serving 3 .
  • Page 30 SEttING OVEN cONtrOLS cooking with Steam Steam Bake Steam creates the best conditions for baking bread Note: More moisture will be present than during on a single rack . Baked goods will have improved conventional baking or roasting . Moisture could browning and texture and is recommended for condense on handle or in the door, and depending baking moist and flavorful breads and pastries such...
  • Page 31 SEttING OVEN cONtrOLS Steam roast Bread Proof Steam creates the best conditions for roasting pro- Bread proofing creates the best conditions for teins . Meats will be crisp outside and juicy inside . yeast to multiply and cause your dough to rise . Touch Oven modes and scroll to Slow cook, Steam Roast is recommended for meat or poultry .
  • Page 32 SEttING OVEN cONtrOLS Setting the Sabbath Feature for the WArNING Jewish Sabbath and Holidays (some models) Food poisoning hazard . Do not let food sit for more than one hour before or after cooking . For further assistance, guidelines for Doing so can result in food poisoning or sickness .
  • Page 33 SEttING OVEN cONtrOLS SEttING SABBAtH mOdE: Self clean A self cleaning oven cleans itself with high tem- Sabbath Mode is set using the menu Options. peratures (well above normal cooking tempera- Touch the menu Options bars . tures), which vaporizes soils or reduces them to a fine powdered ash you can wipe away afterwards 2 .
  • Page 34 SEttING OVEN cONtrOLS Important notes: • Completely remove all oven racks and any accessories from oven cavity to avoid damage to oven racks . If the oven racks are not removed they may discolor . • Remove all items from the oven and cooktop including cookware, utensils, and any aluminum foil .
  • Page 35 SEttING OVEN cONtrOLS to set a self clean cycle: Setting delay Start Self clean Be sure the oven is empty and all oven racks to start a delay self clean with default clean time are removed . Remove all items from the oven . of 3 hours.
  • Page 36 SEttING OVEN cONtrOLS Steam clean 8 . Take care opening the door when the steam clean is finished . Stand to the side of the oven The Steam Clean feature offers a chemical free and out of the way of escaping vapor . time saving method to assist in the routine clean- ing of small and light soils .
  • Page 37: Care And Cleaning

    Care and Cleaning Remove spills and any heavy soiling as soon as possible . Regular cleaning will reduce the difficulty of major cleaning later . cAutION Before cleaning any part of the appliance, be sure all controls are turned off and the appliance is cool .
  • Page 38 Care and Cleaning Surface or Area Cleaning Recommendation Porcelain-enameled broiler pan Rinse with clean water and a damp cloth . Scrub gently with a soapy, and insert non-abrasive scouring pad to remove most spots . Rinse with a 50/50 solution of clean water and ammonia . If necessary, cover difficult Porcelain door liner spots with an ammonia-soaked paper towel for 30 to 40 minutes .
  • Page 39 Care and Cleaning General cleaning cleaning Porcelain Enamel Oven Refer to the table at the beginning of this chapter The oven interior is porcelain on steel, it is safe to for more information about cleaning specific parts clean using oven cleaners . of the oven .
  • Page 40 Care and Cleaning replacing the Oven Light Aluminum Foil, Aluminum utensils, and Oven Liners cAutION Be sure the oven is unplugged and all parts are WArNING cool before replacing the oven light . Never cover any slots, holes, or passages in the oven bottom or cover an entire oven rack with The interior oven light is located at the rear of the materials such as aluminum foil .
  • Page 41 Care and Cleaning removing and replacing the Oven door Oven door cAutION hinge The door is heavy . For safe, temporary storage, locations lay the door flat with the inside of the door facing down . WArNING Make sure the appliance is turned off before you remove or replace parts, to avoid the possibility of electric shock .
  • Page 42: Before You Call

    Before You Call Oven Baking For best cooking results, preheat the oven before baking cookies, breads, cakes, pies, pastries, etc . There is no need to preheat the oven for roasting meat or baking casseroles . The cooking times and tempera- tures needed to bake a product may vary slightly from your previously owned appliance .
  • Page 43 . We may be able to help you avoid a service visit . If you do need service, we can get that started for you! 1-800-374-4432 (United States) Problem cause / Solution Entire appliance does not Appliance not connected .
  • Page 44 Before You Call Self-clean Problems Problem cause / Solution Self clean does not work . Oven control not set properly . See “Self Clean” on page on 33 . Oven racks discolored or Oven racks left in oven cavity during self clean . Remove oven racks from do not slide easily .
  • Page 45: Warranty

    WArrANty Your appliance is covered by a one year limited warranty . For one year from your original date of purchase, Electrolux will pay all costs for repairing or replacing any parts of this appliance that prove to be defective in materials or work- manship when such appliance is installed, used and maintained in accordance with the provided instructions .
  • Page 46 Our home is your home. Visit us if you need help with any of these things: owner support accessories service registration (See your regristration card for more information.) 1-800-374-4432...

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