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Frigidaire FEB789ECCE Owner's Manual page 9

Electronic oven controls convection bake with self-cleaning oven
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I[ :'w'-_''mL'jL'm Use caution when using
the automatic timer. Use the automatic
timer to cook cured or frozen meats
and most fruits and vegetables. Foods
that can easily spoil, such as milk, eggs,
fish, meat or poultry should be chilled in
the refrigerator first. Evenwhen chilled,
they should not stand in the oven for
more than 2 hours before cooking be-
gins, and should be removed promptly
when cooking is completed.
I Note: Baking can be stopped at any time
by pushing the CANCEL pad.
Air circulation during convection
To Set the Oven for a Delayed Starting
Time and an Automatic
To set the controls for this type of operation, follow steps 1-6 on previous page
and then steps 7-8 below:
Push the STOP TIME pad. "
" and the words "Bake Stop Time"
will glow in the display. There must be at least a half-hour difference from the
start time to the stop time for the automatic control to work.
Push the Increase (A) or Decrease (V) pad until the time that you want
cooking to be completed appears in the display. After a few seconds, the Stop
Time will again be shown in the display. If the baking temperature is not set,
the control will beep once. '....
will flash, and the word "Bake" will
glow in the display. The control will calculate backward from the set stop time
to determine when cooking should begin. The words "Delay, .... Bake," "Stop
Time," and "Bake Temp Set" will glow in the display. Tocheck the baking time,
push the BAKE TIME pad.
The oven will come on automatically at the calculated time. At that time, the words
"Delay," "Bake," and "Stop Time" will go out and "Bake Time" and "On" will
appear. When the set bake time runs out, the control will beep 3 times. "00" will
appear in the display window. The control will then continue to beep once every
10 seconds for 5 minutes or until the CANCEL pad is pushed.
To Convection
Due to better heat distribution inside the oven, lower temperatures can be used
when using the convection mode. This temperature adjustment is automatically
made by the electronic oven control. When using the convection mode, the ac-
tual oven temperature will be 25%/12°C lower than the displayed temperature.
This allows you to use your existing recipes without having to manually adjust the
temperature down.
Remember to use tested recipes with times adjusted for convection baking when
using the convection mode. Times may be reduced by as much as 30% when
using the convection feature. Additional information
on convection baking and
convection recipes can be found in the Cooking Guide.
The oven can be programmed to bake in the convection mode at any temperature
from 135°F/57°C to 550°F/288°C. Preheating the oven for 10-12 minutes is
recommended when using convection, but is not necessary when roasting or
cooking casseroles. Follow the recommendations in the recipe.
Arrange oven racks while the oven is still cool.
Push the CONV BAKE/ROAST pad. '....
and the word "Bake" will
glow in the display.
Push the Increase (A) or Decrease (Y) pad until the desired convection
temperature appears in the display. When setting the convection temperature,
the temperature will start in at 325°F/163°C and increase or decrease in
increments of 5%/2.5°C.
As soon as the convection temperature is set, the oven will begin heating to the
selected temperature. The display will show the temperature and the words "Bake"
and "On" will appear in the display. When the displayed temperature reaches the
desired convection temperature, the oven isready for baking; only "Bake" isdisplayed.
The word "On" will appear in the display when the bake element is on.
4. When cooking is finished, push the CANCEL pad.
To change the convection temperature after baking has begun, repeat steps 2 &
3 above.
To cancel the convection function, push the CANCEL pad.
To Set the
The BAKE TIME and STOP TIME pads control the timed convection operation. The
automatic timer will turn the oven on and off at the times you select in advance.
The oven can be programmed to start immediately and turn off automatically; or
to start at a delayed time and turn off automatically.

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