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Oven Controls(Featureinformation) - Frigidaire FEB789ECCE Owner's Manual

Electronic oven controls convection bake with self-cleaning oven
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Oven Controls
For a Silent
When choosing a function, a beep
will sound each time a pad is pushed.
If desired, the controls can be
programmed for a silent operation.
To program, push and hold the
STOP TIME pad for approximately
5 seconds. The control will beep
twice. This will block the timer from
sounding when a pad is pushed.
To return the sound, push and
hold the STOP TIME pad again for
approximately 5 seconds until one
beep is heard.
The push pad control panel provides precise control of all oven functions plus a
lighted display window. For satisfactory use of your oven, become familiar with the
various functions of the oven as described below, the location of the push pads
and controls, and the instructions in the following sections. The control locations
and names are explained as they appear below from the left to the right. READ
Time Controls
BAKE TIME pad--Used to enter the length of the baking time.
STOP TIME pad--Used
with the BAKE TIME and CLEAN pads to program an
automatic baking or self-clean cycle stop time.
CLOCK pad--Used to set the time of day.
TIMER ON/OFF pad--Used to set or cancel the minute timer. The minute timer
does not start or stop cooking. It serves as an extra timer in the kitchen that will
beep when the set time has run out.
Safety Lockout can be accessed by
simultaneously pressing the BAKE
TiME and STOP TiME buttons.
Pressing the button sequence changes
the mode between ON and OFR
During the OFF mode, depressing any
button results in the word "OFF" being
displayed for 2 seconds.
While in Safety Lockout, the display will
show the current time of day.
to enter the convection temperature.
BAKE pad--Used to enter the baking temperature.
BROIL pad--Used to select the broil function and broiling aloneness level.
CLEAN pad--Used
to select the self-cleaning function.
CANCEL pad--Used to cancel any function previously entered except the time of
day and minute timer. Push the CANCEL pad to stop cooking or at the end of any
cooking function to clear the display.
Set pads--(increase A,
decrease V ). Used along with the function pads to select
oven temperature, cooking time, stop time (when programming an automatic stop
time), time of day, clean time and minute timer.
OVEN LIGHT pad--Use the oven light pad on the control panel to turn the oven
light on and off when the door is closed.
The oven
can be programmed
* Bake conventionally
* Time bake with automatic on and off times.
* Convection bake
* Time Bake using convection
* Broil
* Self-Clean

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