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KOHLER 12RES Operation And Installation Instructions Manual

Residential/commercial generator sets.
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Operation and
Generator Sets
Digital Control

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    Operation and Installation Residential/Commercial Generator Sets Models: 8.5RES 12RES Controller: Advanced Digital Control POWERSYSJEMS KOHLERo NATIONALLY REGISTERED POWERSYSTEMS TP-6195 1/04...

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    California Proposition & WARNING Engine exhaust from this product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. Product Identification Information Product identification numbers determine service parts. Controller Identification Record the product identification numbers in the spaces Record the controller description from the generator set below immediately after unpacking the products so that operation manual, spec sheet, or sales invoice.

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Product Identification Information ..........Inside front cover Safety Precautions and Instructions ............Introduction ................Service Assistance ................ Section I Specifications and Features ............Specifications ............Generator ............Engine ............... Advanced Digital Control ..........Service Views ............Section 2 Operation ...............

  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents, continued Section 4 Troubleshooting ..............Introduction ............Generator Set Troubleshooting .......... Fault Codes ............Controller Troubleshooting ..........Battery Charger Troubleshooting ........Section 5 Wiring Diagrams ..............Specification Numbers ..........Controller Wiring Diagram Reference ........Section 6 Installation ..............

  • Page 5

    Safety Precautions and Instructions IMPORTANT SAFETY Accidental Starting _1_ WARNING INSTRUCTIONS. Electromechanical equipment, including generator sets, _1_ WARNING transfer switches, switchgear, accessories, can cause bodily harm and pose life-threatening danger when improperly installed, operated, Explosion. maintained. To prevent accidents Can cause severe injury or death. aware of potential dangers and act Relays...

  • Page 6

    Battery gases. Explosion can cause Engine Backfire/Flash Exhaust System severe injury or death. Battery gases Fire can cause an explosion. Do not smoke WARNING or permit flames or sparks to occur near _1_ WARNING a battery at any time, particularly when it is charging.

  • Page 7

    Hazardous Noise Fuel System _1_ WARNING _1_ WARNING _1_ CAUTION Hazardous voltage. Backfeed to the utility system can cause property damage, severe Hazardous noise. injury, or death. Explosive fuel vapors. Can cause hearing loss. Can cause severe injury or death. if the generator set is used for...

  • Page 8

    Welding on the generator set. Can Heavy Equipment Moving Parts cause severe electrical equipment damage. Before welding on the _1_ WARNING _1_ WARNING generator set perform the following steps: (1) Remove the battery cables, negative (-) lead first. (2) Disconnect all engine electronic control module...

  • Page 9

    NOTICE Servicing the generator set when it is operating. Exposed moving parts Electrostatic discharge damage. can cause severe injury or death. Electrostatic discharge (ESD) Keep hands, feet, hair, clothing, and damages electronic circuit boards. test leads away from the belts and Prevent electrostatic discharge...

  • Page 10

    Notes Safety Precautions and Instructions TP-6195 1/04...

  • Page 11 The equipment service requirements are very important to safe and efficient operation. Inspect the parts often KOH_ER CO KOHLER, WISCONSIN USA and perform required service at the prescribed intervals. tp6195 Obtain service from an authorized service distributor/ Figure Emissions Label, 8.5RES Engine (CH20)

  • Page 12

    Phone: (86) 21 6288 0500 Fax: (86) 21 6288 0550 • Look at the labels and stickers on your Kohler product India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka or review the appropriate literature or documents India Regional Office included with the product...

  • Page 13: Tp-6195, Digital Control

    • Low oil pressure excitation voltage. • Overcrank safety • Overspeed Engine • Overfrequency • Overvoltage The generator set has a four-cycle, twin cylinder, air- cooled Kohler _ engine. The engine operates • Underfrequency clean-burning natural gas or propane (LP) vapor. • Undervoltage Engine features include: •...

  • Page 14

    Service Views AD_6_3_ 1. Enclosure 13. Oil drain valve 2. Muffler 14. Oil filter 3. Oil check 15. Alternator cooling air intake 4. 0il fill 16. Exhaust 5. Air cleaner 17. Spark arrestor 18. DSAM leads 6. Spark plug locations (both sides) 7.

  • Page 15

    Section 2 Operation Prestart Checklist Exercising the Generator To ensure continued satisfactory operation, perform the Operate the generator set under load once each week following checks or inspections before or at each for one hour. If the generator set does not have a startup, as designated, and at the intervals specified in programmed exercise mode or an automatic transfer the service schedule.

  • Page 16: Controls And Indicators, Tp-6195

    2.3.1 Controls and Indicators start/stop switch. (A remote start/stop switch can be connected to controller leads 3 and 4. See the wiring Figure 2-2 describes the controls and indicators located diagrams in Section 5). on the generator set controller. 2.3.3 Stopping the Generator The LED display indicates generator...

  • Page 17: Fault Shutdowns, Adc Fault Shutdown Codes

    2.3.4 Fault Shutdowns shutdown switches generator automatically reset when the problem is corrected. The The generator set shuts down automatically under the high engine temperature switch automatically resets fault conditions listed in Figure 2-3 and the controller when the generator set cools. However, the fault does not clear until the controller is reset.

  • Page 18: Resetting After Fault Shutdown, Continuous Power Mode

    7. Move the generator set master switch to the AUTO 2.3.5 Resetting the Controller after a position for startup by remote transfer switch or Fault Shutdown remote start/stop switch. Always identify and correct cause of a fault Note: The controller's LED display remains off shutdown before...

  • Page 19: Line Circuit Breaker, Fuses

    Circuit Protection Battery Charger If the generator set circuit breaker trips or the fuses blow generator equipped with 6-amp float/equalize battery charger to maintain the engine repeatedly, see Section 4, Troubleshooting, for possible causes. starting battery. The charger's power cord must be connected to a 120 VAC power source.

  • Page 20

    2.5.1 Battery Charger Operation Figure 2-8 illustrates the three-stage charging method. Red and green LEDs indicate charger operation. chart Figure2-9 describes indicator operation during each stage of the charging process. Figure 2-8 Charging Method Display Operating Condition Red ON When the red LED is on, it indicates the battery is discharged and the battery charger is recharging at the Green OFF BULK rate (stage 1).

  • Page 21

    Section 3 Scheduled Maintenance _1_ WARNING _1_ WARNING Hazardous voltage. Moving Accidental starting. Can cause severe injury or death. Can cause severe injury or death. Operate the generator set only when Disconnect the battery cables before all guards and electrical enclosures working generator set.

  • Page 22: Battery Charger Operation

    Procedure Visually Clean Test Section Check Change Frequency System Component or Procedure Inspect Fuel Flexible lines and connections Quarterly Main tank supply level Weekly Fuel piping Yearly Lubrication Oil level 8 hours or before use Crankcase breather* Yearly or 500 hours Change oil Yearly or 100 hours Replace filter*...

  • Page 23: Low Oil Pressure Shutdown, Oil Check, Engine Oil Recommendation

    Lubrication System 3.3.4 Oil Change Procedure Drain the oil while it is still warm. See Section 3.2, Service Schedule, for oil change and oil filter replacement intervals. See Section 1.5, Service 1. Drain the oil. Views, for the oil drain, oil check, oil fill, and oil filter locations.

  • Page 24

    Air Cleaner Element and d. Reconnect the generator set engine starting battery, negative (-) lead last. Precleaner e. Reconnect the power to the battery charger. The engine has a replaceable high-density paper air f. Start and run the generator set for a minute to cleaner element with an oiled foam precleaner.

  • Page 25

    1. Place the generator set master switch in the Note: Do not blockthe generator set cooling air inlets or OFF/RESET position. mount other equipment above them. Overheating and severe generator damage 2. Disconnect the power to the battery charger. OCCUr. 3.

  • Page 26

    Exhaust System goggles, rubber gloves, and boots when servicing the battery. Do not open a sealed battery or mutilate the battery case. If battery acid splashes in the eyes or on the skin, immediately Remove all combustible materials from the exhaust flush the affected area for 15 minutes with large quantities of location.

  • Page 27: Cleaning The Battery

    Refer to this section for general battery information and from the battery and scrub the terminals with a wire maintenance. All generator set models use a negative brush. Clean the battery and cables with a solution of ground with a12-volt engine electrical system. Consult baking soda and water.

  • Page 28: Checking Electrolyte Specific Gravity

    3.8.3 Checking Electrolyte Specific Correction °C °F Gravity 71.1 + 032 + 030 Use a battery hydrometer to check the specific gravity of 65.6 + 028 Example 1: electrolyte in each battery cell. + 026 hydrometer's test instructions, if available, or Figure 3-9 Temperature below 26,7°C (80°F) 60.0 + 024...

  • Page 29: Fuel System

    Battery Charger 2. Stop the generator set. 3. While the engine is still warm, drain the engine generator equipped with 6-amp lubrication oil from the engine crankcase. float/equalize battery charger to maintain the engine starting battery. charger's leads 4. Refill the engine crankcase with oil. See Section factory-wired.

  • Page 30: Battery

    3. Clean the battery. Refer to Section 3.8.1 for the Battery 3.10.5 cleaning procedure. Perform battery storage last. 4. Place the battery in a warm, dry location. 1. Place the generator set master switch in the 5. Connect the battery to a float/equalize battery OFF/RESET position.

  • Page 31: Introduction, Generator Set Troubleshooting

    Section 4 Troubleshooting Introduction dealer. Maintain a record of repairs and adjustments performed on the equipment. Use the record to help describe the problem and repairs or adjustments made Use the following charts to diagnose and correct to the equipment. common problems.

  • Page 32: Fault Codes, Controller Troubleshooting, Battery Charger Troubleshooting

    Fault Codes Battery Charger Troubleshooting The Advanced Digital Control displays fault codes to aid in troubleshooting. Fault codes, descriptions, Use the battery charger's LED indicators and the table in recommended actions are listed in Figure 2-3. Figure 4-3 to troubleshoot battery charger operation problems.

  • Page 33: Specification Numbers

    Section 5 Wiring Diagrams Specification Numbers Controller Wiring Diagram Reference At the time of print, this manual applied to the model numbers specification (spec) numbers Figure5-2 lists the wiring diagram numbers Figure 5-1. On occasion the manufacturer may provide locations. this manual with units that are not listed below, such as when similar new specs are created prior to the updated Drawing...

  • Page 34

    "n €: _C_Y IIFI 14.," !L ....FUSLF:n_YOE_Pl-la _;_. p1_-1F_EL_L_ndNFLyO0"_L 71;* IGNITK_411Mlr_3 .._U_ F_,L _S NECT _ TO N CO NOT G(_NNE_T MODE FI JUMP_I LOWI_R JUMF_RIT02 COfmNUOLm POVW JUMPIER_ TO 3 _,U_'aW, UNe Z*eUT _U_y,mU_ r4_T mUm_M_ P_VI_ _EL_ 0_'._ ZaNUO O_ _E_T_r _Rr4_...

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  • Page 36

    "11 P1 CONMEDNC_NS A1_2100 COt_RO_ER JUNG31ON m_m,_] RN*I (_4_ N01_ F_fl P7 JUMPER P14 CC_NECIIONS CONNE_ON88BE ADV-_. 21 m UMmUb_ LOW POW_ MOCE SHOWN. m_#1 _1-I= 4 IB ENGINE Jl 6 Nf_I Ft*_- _PE Ctt25 Ctt20 _1_1,) ¢ ¢ EU<_ Rm _1-'_ TtJp_L _,_ C_MECT...

  • Page 37: General, Weight, Generator Set Inspection, Mounting, Exhaust Requirements

    Section 6 Installation General Mounting Have authorized distributor/dealer install the Install the generator set outdoors. Maintain a minimum generator set outdoors according to the instructions in clearance of 0.9 m (3 ft.) from any building as shown in this section. Do not install this generator set indoors.

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  • Page 39: Air Requirements, Power Supply, Fuel System, Fuel Supply

    Figure 6-2 gives the exhaust flow and temperature Power Supply rated load. Mount the generator set so that the hot exhaust does not blow on plants or other combustible Utility power must be supplied to the generator materials. location. Provide a 110- or 120-volt outlet connected to utility power supply...

  • Page 40: Fuel Pipe Size, Fuel Conversion

    6.8.2 Fuel Pipe Size the recommended fuel ratings for natural gas and LP vapor fuels. Contact the natural gas utility for flow rate Ensure that the natural gas pipe size and length meet information or a gas meter upgrade. the specifications in Figure 6-9.

  • Page 41

    WARNING Explosive fuel vapors. Can cause severe injury or death. Use extreme care when handling, storing, and using fuels. The multi-fuel system allows conversion from natural gas to LP vapor (or vice-versa) in the field while maintaining emissions-standard compliance. Atrained technician or authorized distributor/dealer can convert the fuel system.

  • Page 42

    7. Remove the plug from the LP port in the fuel block. 17. Move the generator set master switch to the AUTO See Figure 6-11. Clean the plug with a dry cloth or position. brush, apply fresh pipe sealant, and install the plug To convert from LP vapor to natural gas, follow the same into the natural gas outlet port.

  • Page 43: Electrical Connections, Ac Load Lead Connections

    Electrical Connections See Figure 6-13 and Section 5, Wiring Diagrams, for the generator set electrical connections. Make the following AC connections: 6.9.1 AC Load Lead Connections 1. Connect the output leads going to the transfer _1_ WARNING switch (L1/L2 black leads) to the AC circuit breaker load side.

  • Page 44: Continuous Power Mode Jumper

    Remote Start Connection 6.9.2 Locate the P7 connector near the top of the controller. See Figure 6-14. Remove the jumper (optional) from pins 1 and 2 of the P7 connector. If the P7 connector has three pins, connect the jumper Connect leads 3 and 4 from the ADC 2100 controller to across pins 2 and 3 for storage.

  • Page 45

    6.9.4 Battery acid cleanup. Battery acid can cause severe Battery injury or death. Battery acid is electrically conductive and corrosive. Add 500 g (f lb.) of bicarbonate of soda (baking _1_ WARNING soda) to a container with 4 L (f gal.) of water and mix the neutralizing solution.

  • Page 46: Battery Charger

    Use a 12-volt battery with a minimum rating of 675 cold 6. Connect the positive (+) lead to the engine starting battery. cranking amps at 0°E The generator set uses a negative ground with a 12-volt engine electrical system. 7. Connect the negative (-) lead to the engine starting See Figure 6-15 for battery connections.

  • Page 47: Accessories, Common Fault And Run Relay Board

    6.10 Accessories Have accessories installed authorized distributor/dealer or a licensed electrician. Follow the installation instructions provided with each kit. separate conduit for AC and DC leads to reduce the possibility of electrical interference. Verify that the leads and conduit do not interfere with the operation of the generator set or obstruct the service areas.

  • Page 48: Carburetor Heater

    6.10.2 Carburetor Heater An optional carburetor heater is recommended improved cold starting in locations where the ambient temperature drops below 0°C (32 °F). The carburetor heater prevents condensation and carburetor icing. The heater turns on when the temperature at the thermostat falls below approximately 4°C (40 °...

  • Page 49: Controller Configuration, System Configuration, Advanced Configuration Mode, Warranty Registration

    The unit configuration and engine type are factory-set Return the form to the distributor/dealer or mail it directly for each type of generator set and engine, and should not be changed in the field. Kohler Power Systems Generator Warranty Administrator 6.11.2 Advanced...

  • Page 50

    Notes Section6 Installation TP-6195 1/04...

  • Page 51

    Appendix A Abbreviations The following list contains abbreviations that may appear in this publication. est. estimated A, amp ampere cubic feet per hour ABDC after bottom dead center cubic feet per minute E-Stop emergency stop alternating current center of gravity etc.

  • Page 52

    International Organization military standard round head Standardization m/sec, meters per s econd round head machine (screw) joule MTBF mean time between failure rly. relay Japanese Industry Standard MTBO mean time between overhauls FinS root mean square kilo (1000) mtg. mounting rnd.

  • Page 56

    KOHLERo POWERSYSTEMS KOHLER CO. Kohler, Wisconsin 53044 Phone 920-565-3381, Fax 920-459-1646 For the nearest sales/service outlet in the US and Canada, phone 1-800-544-2444 KohlerPowerSystems,com Kohler Power Systems Asia Pacific Headquarters TP-6195 1/04 7 Jurong Pier Road Singapore 619169 Phone (66)264*6422, Fax (66)264*6465...

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