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    II1'11111 IIIIIl'lll IIIIIIll I II II I'LI'H The HOOVER vacuum cleaner you have just purchased is a combina- tion cleaner. It is used for carpet and rug cleaning and may be used with attachments for above the floor cleaning. The model and serial number appear toward the rear of the bottom of the cleaner.

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    The use of an extension cord is not recommended, If cleaner is in disrepair, do not attempt to operate, Have repairs made by the qualified personnel at Hoover Factory Service Centers or Authorized Hoover Warranty Service Dealers. • Use vacuum cleaner...

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    Unpacking Handle section Unpack the cleaner from the car- ton and remove and dispose cardboard packing. Make a small loop with cord and Before operating your cleaner, place it over the hook at the back identify features and controls of the handle. When operating, shown...

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    1. Edge Cleaning: Brushed edge cleaning is provided on the right side of the cleaner. Standard edge cleaning is provided on the left side. 2. Handle Release Pedal: step on pedal to lower handle to either operating or low position. 3.

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    How to assemble Remove the tape holding the two handle attachment screws from the lower end of the handle. CORD screws aside. Align handle with ON-OFF switch to the rear of the cleaner and label to the front. Fold cord beside cord tube as shown.

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    Check air freshener dispenser The small drawer in the top of the bag cap should not be removed. If it should become detached, replace by unhooking the bag spring and tipping the bottom the drawer to insert projections into back of cap opening. Push drawer down...

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    ON-OFF "Power Surge" switch Operate your cleaner at normal speed by pushing the switch down one position. To turn cleaner off, NORMAL-a push switch 'POWER Normal Speed is to be used for SURGE" regular cleaning of carpet and rugs and when using cleaning tools.

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    Adjustment for carpet pile height cleaning of carpet and rugs takes place at the nozzle. This is the opening at the bottom of the cleaner where the agitator is lo- cated. NOZZLE It is necessary for the nozzle to be adjusted properly to the various...

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    Air freshener tablets may be ob- tained from your local authorized Min Max Hoover dealer, a Hoover Factory Service Center, or by using the mail order form packed with your cleaner. Cleaning...

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    Push connector and converter gether and twist until the projec- tions on the converter fit into the holes on the hose connector. This unit should remain assembled all future tool use. Using cleaning tools A. Attach converter Disconnect cleaner from elec- trical outlet.

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    B. Select proper cleaning tool The cleaning tools have many uses. Select the tool best suited for the cleaning task from the de- scriptions below. 1. Wail/floor brush* for walls and very irregular hard surface floors such as brick and slate. 2.

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    Turn the plastic ring as shown lock the too! in place. To remove tools, reverse the procedure. LOCK For additional length, attach wand to the hose using the same proce- dure as for attaching tools Tools attach to the wand in the same manner.

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    HOOVER throw away bags made by The Hoover Company. HOOVER bags can be identified by the trademarks -- -- ® How to change bag Disconnect cleaner from elec- trical outlet.

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    3. Push cardboard bag collar firmly 4. Tuck remainder of bag into onto fill tube by first, positioning outer jacket. Zip shut. bottom of collar, and then top, onto tube. Make sure the collar pushed past the raised portion the top and bottom and tightly place on the tapered portion...

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    HOOVER belt. Some other belts on the market, not manufactured under the Hoover design quality controls, may not operate the agitator correctly and may damage your cleaner.

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    to replace agitator belt Disconnect cleaner from electri- cal outlet before replacing belt. Place the cleaner on the floor. For ease in installation, follow directions given below and posi- tion yourself to the left, rear of the cleaner. 1. Turn cleaner over. Release handle to lowest position.

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    MOTOR PULLEY 6. Place one end of the new belt over the metal motor pulley. Lettering on belt should be visible and not against pulleys. Slip the other end around the plastic pulley end of the agitator. (See illustration) AGITATOR END PLATE 8.

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    , _y-_--m • _-- 11. Bottom plate attaches in a 12. Maintaining front connection, hinge-like motion. Place the rotate bottom plate to cover bot- tom of cleaner, Make sure dirt groove on the front of the bottom plate over the notched edge on the duct is in position...

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    Clean out dirt tube. For access to the dirt tube, first remove disposable bag. Then move dirt tube by pushing either side to release clips. Lift dirt tube up and out. To replace dirt tube, position over lower seal and push down. Insert one side against retention...

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    Agitator brushes Disconnect cleaner from electri- cal outlet before checking brushes. When brushes are worn and bristles do not touch the edge of a card held across the nozzle, they should be replaced. Always place both brushes at the same time to maintain cleaning effec-...

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    Authorized Warranty Service Dealer. service under warranty, follow the instructions in the Warranty provided with this product. Do not send your cleaner to The Hoover Company in North Canton service as this will only result in delay.

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    Always identify your cleaner by model number when requesting informa- tion or ordering replacement parts. (The model number appears on the bottom of the cleaner.) If further assistance is needed, contact The Hoover Company Con- sumer Affairs Department, North Canton, Ohio 44720, 216-499-9200.

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    For optimum cleanin 9 performance and safety, study and follow your Owner's Manual -keep it in a handy and safe place for future reference. THE HOOVER COMPANY, NORTH CANTON, OHIO 44720 5-.86 U4219 LithoUSA 56511-262...

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