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Cable Box Functions - Hitachi 27CX0B Operating Manual

Solid state color tv
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• To operate your cable box, point the Genius remote at the remote sensor of the cable box.
The Genius remote is designed to operate different types of cable boxes. You must first program the Genius remote to
match the remote system of your cable box (Refer to Table 2 on page 26).
(1) Turn ON yourcable box.
(2) Set the Multi-Page select switch on the Genius remote to MENU/CATV.
(3) AIM the Genius remote at the front of your cable box.
(4) While holding down the SELECT button, press the button that matches your cable box as shown on page 26. The
channels on the cable box will begin changing after 5 seconds when the correct button is pressed. When this happens the
Genius Remote control is programmed for your cable box. If the cable box channels do not change after 5 seconds, try a
different Genius Remote button.
(5) Release both buttons when the cable box begins to change channels. The precoded cable box buttons will now control
your cable box.
• If your cable box cannot be operated after performing the above procedure, the codes have not been precoded into
the Genius remote control and it will not be able to operate your cable box.
• You will only have to program your remote control to match your cable box once. The remote will remember
codes until you replace the batteries.
• Whenever you install or replace batteries in the Genius remote, you must reprogram the Genius remote to match
the remote system of your cable box.
• When operating your TV or VCR, remember to set the Multi-Page select switch to the proper position.
• Be sure to keep the original remote control for the cable box even if you use the Hitachi Genius remote to control
the cable box.



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