Hitachi 27CX1B Operating Manual

Solid state color tv
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  • Page 2 • Model number and serial number are Indicated on back side of the set, POWER SOURCE: This HITACHI color TV is designed to operate on 120 volts 60 Hz, AC household current. Insert power cord into a 120 volt 60 Hz outlet.
  • Page 3: Safety Tips

    HITACHI television receiver, Please fill out your warranty card at once and mall it to HITACHI. This will enable HITACHI to notify you promptly in the improbable...
  • Page 4 SAFETY TIPS grounding of the lead-in wire to an antenna dis- PROTECTION AND LOCATION OF YOUR SET charge unit, size of grounding conductors, loca- tion of antenna discharge unit, connection 16-1 If an outside antenna is connected to the televt- grounding electrode, and requirements...
  • Page 6 2. Two "AA" size, 1.5V batteries (For Remote Control Unit) For information regarding how to obtain these accessories, please call TOLL FREE 1-800-448-2244 for your nearest HITACHI Authorized Parts Distributorinthecontinental United States. ForAlaska and Hawaii, pleasecontactyournearest HITACHI Regional office. PART NAME PART NO.
  • Page 7: Remote Control

    REMOTE CONTROL BATTERY INSTALLATION REPLACEMENT Open the battery cover of the remote transmitter by pushing the notched part of the cover with your fingers. Insert new "AA" size batteries or equivalent for the Remote. When replacing old batteries, push them towards the springs and lift them out.
  • Page 8 For example, in direct sunlight or near a heating appliance, etc. VIEWING The major benefit of the HITACHI Color Television is its If the TV's audio output will be connected to a Hi-Fi viewing screen. To see this screen at itsbest, test various system'sexternalspeakers,the bestaudio performance locations in the room to find the best spot for viewing.
  • Page 9: Hookup Cables And Connectors

    HOOKUP CABLES AND CONNECTORS Most video/audio connections between components canbe madewith shieldedvideoand audio cablesthat have phonoconnectors. For best performance,video cablesshoulduse 75-ohm coaxialshieldedwire. Cables can be purchasedfrom moststoresthat sell audio/video products. B eloware illustrations and names ofcommonconnectors. Beforepurchasing anycables,be sureoftheoutput and inputconnector t ypesrequired bythevariouscomponents,Also make sure the cables are the correctlength.
  • Page 10: Front Panel Controls

    FRONT PANEL CONTROLS FOR 27CXIB AND 27CX15B FRONT VIEW 27CX1B ® ® o665%-- '• MENU • • • See Page 20 for .J___J ENTER MENU, CURSOR, CURSOR and ENTER button operation. 27CX15B £S\%%% MENU • • See Page 20 for ENTER _ MENU, CURSOR, CURSOR...
  • Page 12: Channel Selector

    POWER Button Press thisbuttonto turnthe TV on or off. NOTE: Your HITACHI TV will appear to be turned "OFF" if there is no video input when VIDEO is selected. If you have no input to VIDEO, press the INPUT(20SA5B/27CX1B) or AVX(27CX15B) button until the normal broadcast picture appears (See page 22).
  • Page 13: Rear Panel Jacks

    REAR PANEL JACKS --INPUT TERMINALS VHF/UHF ANTENNA TERMINAL j----- AUDIO to HI-FI OUTPUT | TE.M,NA'S® OUTPUT" INPUT VIDEO © VHF/UHF S-VIDEO S-VIDEO INPUT (Except 20SA5B) Antenna Inputs The VHF/UHF terminal can be used for normal TV, cable TV (CATV), a TV game, etc. ®...
  • Page 14: Rear Panel Connections

    REAR PANEL CONNECTIONS cable "IV coaxial cable _i__ - ..Outside antenna or _----_ 2-way signal splitter VHF/UHF Optional, see tips I on pag_ ,======= .._-n r_n oo IJJJH JlJJJ_ Stereo System Amplifier -Iyptcal lult _eatu[e setup. Follow connections that pertain to your personal entertainment system.
  • Page 15: Audio Amplifier

    EXTERNAL CONNECTIONS CONNECTING EXTERNAL AUDIO AMPLIFIER To controlthe audiolevelof anexternalaudioamplifier withthe remotetransmitter, connectthe systemas shownbelow in Fig. 1. OUTPUT (REAR OF SET) AUDIO TO HI-FI TERMINAL TOAUDIO INPUT TERMINAL OF EXTERNALAMPLIFIER_ ),_, AUDIO AMPLIFIER EXTERNAL EXTERNAL SPEAKERS SPEAKERS NOTE: To preventdamagetothe speakerand distorted sound,set thevolumecontrolofthe audioamplifierlower and adjustthe soundlevel usingthe volumecontrolon the remotetransmitter of the TV set.
  • Page 16: External Video Sources

    CONNECTING EXTERNAL VIDEO SOURCES The exact arrangementyou use to connect the Video Cassette Recorder,Video Disc Playerand VideoCamera toyour TV set is dependenton the modeland featuresof eachcomponent.Checkthe Owner'sManualof each component f or the locationof itsvideoand audioinputsand outputs.The following connection diagramsare offeredas suggestions. However,you may need to modifythem to accommodate yourparticular assortmentof components and features.
  • Page 17 AUDIO OUT INPUT VIDEO © (MONO) AUDIO FIG. 1 TERMINAL OUTPUT HITACHI MODEL VT-S751A or similar model OF VCR BACK Completely insert the connection cord plugs when connecting to REAR panel jacks. If you do not the NOTE: picture that is played back may be abnormal.
  • Page 18: The Remote Control

    (CLU-361U) In addition to controlling all the functions on your HITACHI Color TV, the new remote is designed to operate different types of VCR's and CATV (Cable TV) converters with one touch. Basic operation keys are grouped together in one area.
  • Page 19: Vcr Control

    (CLU-414Ul) In addition to controlling all the functions on your HITACHI Color TV, the new remote isdesigned to operate different types of VCR's and CATV (Cable TV) converters with one touch. Basic operation keys are grouped together in one area.
  • Page 20 HOW 10 USE IHE REMOTE TO CONTROL YOUR TV A detailed explanation of the circled numbers is on the following pages. (Example: (_). HITACHI CLU-361 U POWER "IV CABLE ® ®...
  • Page 21 HOW TO USE THE REMOTE TO CONTROL YOUR TV POWER Button Press this button to turn the TV set on or off. If a message is set, it will be displayed when the TV is first turned on. (See page 39.) ®...
  • Page 22 HOW TO USE THE REMOTE TO CONTROL YOUlt TV MENU, ENTER, CURSOR Buttons All the on-screen display features can be set or adjusted by using these buttons. The "MENU" button will start or exit the on-screen display. The "CURSOR" buttons will highlight functions or adjust different features. The "ENTER"...
  • Page 23 HOW TO U:Sl- THE REMOTE TO CONTROL YOUR TV VOLUME, MUTE Buttons Press the "VOLUME" up ( Ak ) or down ( _P") button until you obtain the desired sound level. To turn the sound off instantly to answer the telephone, etc., press the "MUTE" button. Press the "MUTE" button again or press the "VOLUME"...
  • Page 24 HOWTO USETHE REMOTETO CONTROL VCR FUNCTIONS A detailed explanation of the circled numbers is on the following pages. (Example: @). HITACHI CLU-361U CABLE ® .,,' HITACHI CLU-414UI...
  • Page 25: Vcr Functions

    USING THE REMOTE TO CONTROL VCR FUNCTIONS Operating the precoded function for your VCR This remote is designed to operate different types of VCR's. You must first program the remote to match the remote system in your VCR. (Refer to pages 28.) Turn on your VCR.
  • Page 26 U:51NLi IHI- REMOTE TO CONTROL CABLE BOX FUNCTIONS A detailed explanation of the circled numbers is on the following pages. (Example: (_). ® HITACHI CLU-361U ® RESET TVNCR CABLE POWER "IV VCR CONTROL ® ® ® I_'!i!_i_ __ Pi' HITAOHI...
  • Page 27: Recall Button

    USING THE REMOTE TO CONTROL CABLE BOX FUNCTIONS Operating the precoded function for your cable box This remote is designed to operate different types of Cable Boxes. You must first program the remote to match the remote system in your cable box. (Refer to pages 28.) Turn on your cable box.
  • Page 28 14,23 Penney ... 09,10,11,13,15,48 Cable Star ....... GE ........09, 22 American High ....... 09 Pentax ........ 15,24 Century ........Hitachi ......00, 14, 15 Asha ........Philco ........Citizen ........JVC ........14, 26 Audiovox ........ Philips ........ 09,28 Contec ........
  • Page 29 EASY GRAPHIC GUIDE Press MENU on the remote control to display the different features on your HITACHI TV. The feature to be selected will be highlighted in a yellow. CURSOR MENU • ENTER 2. Press the CURSOR buttons to highlight a different feature.
  • Page 30 EASY GRAPHIC GUIDE forchannel buttons. I First time setup lAIR/CABLE I Select antenna AUTO or cable TV. PROGRAM I CHANNEL Channel buttons, I CLOSED I Feature to display MEMORY add or erase. I CAPTION I dialogue/text. MENU LANGUAGE Choose English, French, or Spanish Language. Return video and audio adjustments to factory settings.
  • Page 31 SET UP Select SET UP when setting your TV up for the first time. Use the CURSOR UP/DOWN buttons on the remote to highlight the function desired. Buttons Buttons • • • • • r'-"J'IAIR ['TCATV1 r--ICATV2 • MENULANGUAGE ENTER MENU MENU ENTER...
  • Page 32 SET UP Use th=sfunct,on after AU] OPROGRAM to add or erase additional channels to the remote control LCHANNEL CHANNEL ,4_, V buttons. Your choice will be highlighted in red. MEMORY CHANNEL MEMORY Use Remote CHANNEL MEMORY PROGRAM CURSOR Buttons C.ANNELO, ,_l CHANNEL I--'IADD [ ]ERASE ,<...
  • Page 33 SET UP This feature will allow you to select any one of 3 different languages for all on screen displays. LANGUAGE MENU U=e Remote CURSOR Button MENU LANGUAGE MENU LANGUAGE %o., ENGLISH ENGLISH FRENCH FRENCH _]SPANISH SPANISH • MENU • MENU ENTER MENU...
  • Page 34 RESET RESET Use the reset to change your preferred video and audio adjustments to factory settings. UII Rlmlde CURSOR CURSOR Buitons But_oni u. ..,. -> Factory SetUngs: VIDEO AUDIO Balance: ::.._..... Contrast: Bass: ,.,.,,...,.,..,_ Color: :_-:::::_ _-::::_ ::::::_ Treble: __:::::_:.::_::_:_ Tint: ....
  • Page 35 PROGRAM This selection contains advanced features which will make TV viewing easier and more enjoyable. PROGRAM Use Remote Use Remote CURSOR Buttons CURSOR ICHILD Buttons I LOCK PROGRAM IVOLUME L ST IC_)RRECT ENTER MENU ENTER MENU (SET) (EXIT) (SET) (EXIT) Use this feature to give up to 30 channels a name.
  • Page 36 PROGRAM This lunction will block out the picture and sound of the selected channel. LOCK I CHILD CHILD LOCK [Tj CHILD LOCK I'--I KEY NUMBER CHANGE PROGRAM WOLUME KEY NUMBER: 0 - 9 L ST K_ORRECTION NEXT CHANNEL: CH • CH •...
  • Page 37 PROGRAM i VOLUME Use this function to reduce the volume level of up to four TV channels that sound loud compared to other TV channels. CORRECTION .._ L_YEL _..._:L _ LSVSL CHANNEL ICHILD CAPTION LOCK looo,,o _oo% PROGRAM 100% 1co°/, L ST / _['_'_T_!
  • Page 38 CLOCK Use this feature for all time related functions. CLOCK I CLOCK n The time must be set before you can use the ON/OFF TIMER or AUTOMATIC MESSAGE. USe Romo_ CURSOR Buttons T}ME--:-- I-'_7]AM r-']PM .,',. ->II MESSAGE I HOUR: 01-12 CLOCK •...
  • Page 39 CLOCK The messagefunctionallowsthe user to programmessagesof up to 31 charactersin the TV's memory. The user can programthe messageto appear everyday or one time only. I AUTOMATIC MESSAGE Uee Remote MESSAGE MESSAGE **tot**tft***i******* CURSOR YOUR HOMEWORK CLOCK ON/OFF Buttons WILL CHILDLOCK TIMER I--1CANCEL _]CANCEL...
  • Page 40 VIDEO Select VIDEO to adjustpicture settings, andto improve picture quality. VIDEO UleRemotB CURSOR Buttons ENTER MENU (SET) (EXIT) Use this feature to adjust contrast, color,tint, brightness,sharpness, and white control. ImHiiIII_llllIIIlllIl TINT _mm+_,+,+ BRIGHT _m_mt_ S HA R P N E S S F_COOL _WARM RESET...
  • Page 41 AUDIO Select AUDIO to adjust the TV to your preference, to improve the sound quality, and to select AUDIO special sound effects. Model 20SA5B does not have preference adjustment option. Use Remote Ulo Romot= CURSOR CURSOR "7" PREFERENCI_ SI=lrT! kIP- ->_).q ,-->...
  • Page 42: Int. Speakers

    AUDIO Use PREFERENCE SETTING to improve the sound performance of your TV depending on listening I PREFERENCE conditions. SETTING 27CXl B, 27CX15B PREFERENCE SETTING REFERENCEI _rs: I;_STEREO I"IS_'!--I.O_: DJUST / BET_ _::_I LOUDNESS r'_Jo N _]OFF INT, SPEAKERSF_ON ENTER MENU MENU (SET) (EXIT)
  • Page 43 CARE OF Y(..)UH HI-[A(.;HI COLOR ]V ANDYOUR REMOTE CONTROL Make sure the TV is turned off whencleaning the screen. Dust the screen and cabinet with a soft cloth. Clean the screen with a soft cloth moistened in warm water. Dry with a soft cloth. (A mild soap may be used if the screen is extremely dirty.) Place your TV and remote control away from extreme heat, humidity and extremely dusty places.
  • Page 44 RECEPTION PROBLEMS • IGNITION NOISE: Black spots or horizontal streaks may appear, picture may flutter or drift. Usually caused by interference from automobile ignition systems, neon lamps, electrical drills and other electrical appliances. • GHOSTS: Ghosts are caused by the television signal following two paths. One is the direct path and the other is reflected from tall buildings, hills or other objects.
  • Page 45: For Service

    CHECK HERE BEFORE CALLING FOR SERVICE SYMPTOMS NO picture, no sound • _• • • • • • Sound OK, picture poor • • • • • • • • Picture OK, sound poor • • • • • • •...
  • Page 46: Specifications

    SPECIFICATIONS Features: • Superfine Picture Quality 600 Line Horizontal Resolution tot (2/L;X1 b, _TCX|SB) • Dart Tint CPT • Remote Transmitter (Controls many VCR and Cable Box brands) • iCONS: Easy Graphics Guide • Full set of Input Jacks, including S-Video (27CX1B and 27CX15B) •...
  • Page 47 Hitachi Home Electronics (America), Inc. Hitachi has made every effort to assure you hours of trouble free operation from your unit. However, should you require service, a network of Hitachi Authorized Service Facilities has been established in all 50 states and Puerto Rico.
  • Page 48 HITACHI QR05912...

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