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GE GTS18FCSARWW Owner's Manual And Installation Instructions

16, 17, 18 models top-freezers refrigerator
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  Summary of Contents for GE GTS18FCSARWW

  • Page 1: Table Of Contents Safety Instructions Connecting Electricity ..Extension Cords ....Proper Disposal ....Safety Precautions .... Operating Instructions Automatic Icemaker ... Care and Cleaning ..10, 11 Shelves ....6, 7 Storage Drawers ..... 8, 9 TemperaUHe Controls ..Installation Instructions Preparing to Install the ReDig>rator...
  • Page 2: Proper Disposal

    IMPORTANTSAFETYINFORMATION. READALLINSTRUCTIONSBEFORE USING. DANGER!RISK OFCHILDENTRAPMENT PROPER D ISPOSAL O FTHE REFRIGERATOR Refrigerants Child entrai)ment and suffocation are not problen_s of the past.Junked or abandoned All refrigeration products contain refrigerants, refl_igeratox_ are still dangerous...even if they which under federal law must be rein oved prior will sit for 'iJust a few da}_s."...
  • Page 3: Safety Precautions

    IMPORTANTSAFETYINFORMATION. READALLINSTRUCTIONSBEFORE USING. A WARNING! Use this appfiance only for its intended purpose as described in this Owner's Manual SAFETY PRECAUTIONS When using electrical appfiances, basic safety precautions should be followed, including the following: Be careflfl closing do(n_ when...
  • Page 4 iMPORTANTSAFETYiNFORMATiON. READALL iNSTRUCTiONSBEFORE USING. WARNING! HOWTOCONNECT E LECTRICITY Do not, under any circumstances, cut or remove the third (ground) prong from the power cord. For personal safety, this appliance must be properly grounded. The power cord of dfis appliance is eqtfipped _d_ a 3- This provid_ the b_t...
  • Page 5 About the temperaturecontrol dial Turning the dial to 0 stops cooling in both compartments-fresh food and freezer. It does not shut off power refrigerator. to the Control Settings Temperature Control Dial temi)erature control dial has nine settings plus O. I is the warmest.
  • Page 6 About the fresh foodcompartmentshelves. Shelf supports at various levels allow you to custom-space your shelves. Not all features are on all models. Half-Width Shelves One end of the shelf rests on a molded NOTE:Theshelf to the @t of the track/s designedto hookintothe @t-hand dot, side-wall support;...
  • Page 7 About the freezer compartment shelves, gecom Some models have an ice-tray shelf and some have a full-width step shelf. Ice- Tray Sheff To remove the ice-tray shelf, lift the left side of the shelf off its supports, then pull the shelf to the lett to ti'ee it of the plug supports.
  • Page 8 About storage drawer and cover removal. Not all features are on all models. Adjustable Humidity Drawer (onsomemodels) Humldlty Control Slide control all the to the Slide control all the way to the HIGH setting to proxide high h umidity setting to proxide lower humidit_...
  • Page 9: Automatic Icemaker

    About the automatic icemaker, A newly-installed refrigerator may take 12 to 24 hours to begin making ice. Automatic Icemaker (on some models) Switch Icemaker Throw awa_ first few batches of ice icemaker will produce seven cubes to allow water line to clear.
  • Page 10: Care And Cleaning

    Care and cleaning of the refrigerator. Cleaning the Outside The door handles and trim (on some Do not wipe the refr/_?eratorwith a soiled dish models). Clean with a cloth (laml)ened cloth or wet towel Thesemay leave a residue that can erode the paint Do not use scouring with soapy water: Dry with a sott cloth.
  • Page 11 g_com Behind the Refrigerator When pushing the refrlgeretor back, make sure Be caretul when moving reti'igerator you don't roll over the power cord or icemaker away fl'om wall. All t vl)es of floor cove_ings be damaged, particularly supply line {on some models). cushioned coverings those...
  • Page 12: Installation Instructions

    Installation Refrigerator Instructions Models 16, 17, 18 Questions ?Call 800.GE. C ARES(800.432.2737) or Visit,,m x_ ebsite.t: In Canada. call 1.800.361.3400 or Visit,,m_+ebsite ,t: BEFORE YOU BEGIN CLEARANCES Alh)w tile fi)llo_fing clearances for ease of installation, Read these instructions completely and carefully°...
  • Page 13 Tubing Osmosis _'ater System, tile only approved installation kit, 1/4" outer diameter to connect tile refi'igerator is with a GE RVKit. For other reverse osmosis water to tile water suppl> If using copper, be sure both systems, ti)llow tile manufacturer's recommendations.
  • Page 14 OR you can cut off the flared fitting with a tube cotter and then use a compression fitting. Do not cut _k)rmed end .4/'oIn GE SmartConnect'" Refi'igerator robing. • Shutoff valve to connect to the cold water line.
  • Page 15 Make is flfllv inserted into wflve. Tighten the compression nut secm'ely. For plastic tubing from a GE Sn/art(_onnect" --/4' Refrigerator Tubing kit, insert the molded Saddle-Type VerticalC01d ShutoffValve of the tubing into the shutoff...
  • Page 16 While holding tubing, tighten the fitting. For plastic tubing from a GE SmartConnec( ReKigerator Tubing kit, insert tile molded of the tubing into tile shutoff _zdve and tighten compression nut until it is hand...
  • Page 17: Reversing The Door Swing

    Installation Instructions PLUG IN THE REFRIGERATOR START THE ICEMAKER On power switch models, set the icemaker power Arrange coil of tubing so that it does _ibrate switch to the I (oil} position. On feeler models, against back of the refrigerator or against arm to the ON (down) move the feeler...
  • Page 18 installation instructions REVERSING THE DOOR SWING (CONT.) 2.2 X4ith a 5/16" hex-head socket drixer, remoxe [] BEFORE YOU START screws that hold the tol ) hinge, to the cabinet. UnI)lug refrigerator fl'om its electrical outlet. 2.3 I,ift hinge, (and shim glued to it) ,strai,*ht up to free...
  • Page 19 Installation instructions [] REMOVE THE FRESH FOOD [] REMOVE THE FRESH FOOD DOOR DOOR (CONT.) 3.1 Tape the door shut with masking tape. 3.4 Set the door outside-up on a non-scratching S//IS[il 3.5 Transter the two screws fl'om the opposite side of the cabinet to the screw holes xacated bx the center...
  • Page 20 Installation Instructions REVERSING THE DOOR SWING (CONT.) [] REVERSING THE HARDWARE [] REVERSING THE DOOR HANDLES Transfer fresh food door handle 4.1 Remove tile base orille (if' _our refrigerator one) b} pulling it straight out. 5.1.1 Remove tile handle plug using a tape-tipped putty...
  • Page 21 Installation Instructions I_REVERSING THE DOOR HANDLES 5.4 Transfer Freezer Door Handle (CONT.) 5.4.1 Rein ore screw holding ha n(lle to the of the door screws holding 5.1 Transfer fresh food door handle handle to the bottom of the door, (cont.) 5.1.5 Pull plug...
  • Page 22 Be sure the washer hinge, pin. Be sure the washer is ill place on the pill. spacer are in place on the pin. Plastic ge Pin Washer Hingem_ Washer Bracket Bracket and Spacer Modelswith a hingebracket Models with a hinge bracket that has 4 screw holes.
  • Page 23 Normal operating sounds, gecom Newer refrigerators sound different from older refrigerators. Modem refrigerators have more features and use newer technology. Do you hear what I hear? These sounds are normal. HUMMM... WHIRl. WHOOSH... • new high efficiency compressor may Hm thster and longer than wmr old refi'igerator and you mav...
  • Page 24: Troubleshooting Tips

    Before you call for service... Troubleshooting Tips Save time and money! Review the charts on the following pages first and you may not need to call for service. Possible Causes What To Do Refrigerator does not Refrigerator ha defrost cycle. * Wait abe)tit 30 minutes fi)r deft'()st cycle to end.
  • Page 25 Possible Causes What To Do Automatic icemaker Icema_ker power switch • On power switch models, set the power swit('h to the does not work is not /(on} positiolL teeler a i_n ii/odels, inove teeler (on some models) alan to the ON (down) position.
  • Page 26 CUSTOMER WARRANTY (forcustomers in Canada) Yourrefrigerator is warrantedto be free of defects in material and workmanship. Nhat is covered How Long Warranted Parts Labour (FromDate of Sale) Repairor Replace at Camco'sOption ;ompressor GEProfile:Ten(10) Years GEProfile:Ten(10) Years GEProfile:Five (5) Years GEand All Other GEand All Other GEand All Other Brands:One(1)Year...
  • Page 27 Please place in envelope and mail to: Veuillez mettre dans une enveloppe et envoyez & : OWNERSHIP REGiSTRATiON P.O. BOX1780 MISSISSAUGA,ONTARIO L4Y 4G1 (FORCANADIANCONSUMERS ONLY)
  • Page 28 Pleaseregistoryour product to enab;eusto contactyou Veui;ezenregisber vcee produiLafin de nous permet_'ede inthe remote event a safety nodce is issued forthis product communiqueravec voussijamais un avisdes6curiL#concemant and to a;'_ow for efficient communica_on underthe terms ce produit6taiL6miset de communiquerfaci".ement a vecvous en of your warranty, shouldthe need arise.
  • Page 29 GE Service Protection Plus 'M GE, a name recognized _orldwide %r quality and dependability; o_]%rs yon Service Protection Plus '"-comprehensive protection on all your appliances- No Matter What Brand! Benefits Include: We TI Cover Any Appliance. • Backed by GE •...
  • Page 30 FAIL[ RE TO COMPIA{TE AND RET[ rRN Tt tlS CARD DOES NOT DIMINISt t h_)l JR WARI_\N'[T RIGt tTS. For int)mnation about GEA's privacy and data usage policy, go to and click on 'Pri_acy Poli<v" or call 800.626.2224.
  • Page 31 This warranty is extended to the original purchaser and any succeeding owner for products purchased for home use within the USA. If the product is located in an area where service by a GE Authorized Servicer is not available, you may be responsible for a trip charge or you may be required to bring the product to an Authorized GE Service location for service.
  • Page 32: Consumersupport

    Ctlston/ers irl Canada should constllt ContactUs go.corn In tile L!.S.: If yon are not satisfied with the service you receive fl'om GE, contact us on (stir Website with all the details including your phone write to: General Managec (]tlstomer Relations...