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Craftsman 137.229151 Operator's Manual
Craftsman 137.229151 Operator's Manual

Craftsman 137.229151 Operator's Manual

1 hp (maximum developed) 12 speeds (250-3100 r.p.m.) 5/8 inch chuck 15-inch drill press


Operator's Manual
1 HP (Maximum Developed)
12 Speeds (250-3100 R.P.M.)
5/8 Inch Chuck
Model No,
Before using this Drill Press,
read this manual and follow
all its Safety Rules and
Operating Instructions
Safety Instructions
Parts List
Sears, Roebuck
and Co., Hoffman
IL 60179 USA
Visit our Craftsman
website: www.sears.comlcraftsman
Part No. 137229151001



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Summary of Contents for Craftsman 137.229151

  • Page 1 • Operation • Maintenance all its Safety Rules and • Parts List Operating Instructions • EspaSol Customer Help Line 1-800-843-1682 Sears, Roebuck and Co., Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 USA Visit our Craftsman website: www.sears.comlcraftsman Part No. 137229151001...
  • Page 2 SECTION PAGE Warranty ........................ Product Specificattone ..................... Safety Instructions ....................Accessories and Attachments .................. Carton Contents ...................... Know Your Drill Press ....... _.............. Glossary of Terms ............... ;......Assembly and Adjustment ............. _...... ,.... Operation ....................... Maintenance ......................Troubleshooting Guide ....................
  • Page 3 REMOVE ADJUSTING KEYS AND WRENCHES. GENERAL SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Form the habit of checking to see that keys and BEFORE USING THE DRILL PRESS adjusting wrenches are removed from the tool before turning =ON". Safety is a combination of common sense, staying alert NEVER LEAVETOOL RUNNING UNATFENDED.
  • Page 4 SPECIFIC SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS 14.SECURE WORK. Usa clamps or vise to hold the work when practical. It's safer than using your hand FOR THE DRILL PRESS and it frees both hands to operate tool, 15.WHEN using a drill press vise, always fasten to the table.
  • Page 5 GROUNDING INSTRUCTIONS This tool is intendedfor use on a circuitthat has a receptacle like the one illustratedin'FIGURE A. IN THE EVENT OF A MALFUNCTION OR FIGURE A shows a 3-prongelectrical plug and receptacle that has a groundingconductor.If a pmparly BREAKDOWN, groundingprovidesa path of least resistancefor electric current and reduces the risk of groundedreceptacle is not available, an adaPter (FIGURE B) can be used to temporarilyconnectthis...
  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

    Visit your Sears Hardware Department or see the Carefully unpack the drill press and all its parts, and Craftsman Power and Hand Tools Catalog for the compare againstthe list below. following accessories: •...
  • Page 8: Table

    Coverknob Beltguardcover Belt pulleys Belt tension handle Lightswitch Belttension lock knob Belttensionknob Set screws • Upperstopnut - Lowerstopnut Depthscale Depth stop Stopnut Motor Springcap Table Feedspring Cordclamp Power cord -- Spindle Tablesupport Bevel scale • Quill Tablelock Table support I( 5/8"...
  • Page 9 BASE - Supportsdrill press. For additionalstability, DRILLING SPEED - Changed by placingthe belt in any holesare provided in base to bolt drillpress to floor. of the steps (grooves) in the pulleys.See the Spindle (See "Specific Safety Instruction for Drill Presses.") Speed Chart inside belt guard.
  • Page 10: Base

    ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS Rg. B Foryourown safety, neverconnectplug to power sourceoutletuntilall assemblyand adjustmentsteps are completed, and you have read and understood the safetyand operatinginstructions. TOOLS NEEDED 8" S 10"AdJustab__ w_encb 4. (FIG. C) Loosen the support lock (2). Raise the table arm assembly by turning the crank handle (1) Comb_e_m_tre clockwise.
  • Page 11: Fence Assembly

    FENCE ASSEMBLY (FIG. F) INSTALLING THE HF.AD (FIG. D) This drill press has a channeled table top. mvl/_d_ql K_ 1. Determine the desired location for the fence (1).Sllde The Drill Press h_d Is very heavy and MUST be lifted theT-blocks (2) Into the appropriate channels as with the help of 2 PEOPLE OR MORE,to safely shown assemble the Drill Press head on the column.
  • Page 12: Arbor

    INSTALUNG THE CHUCK (FIG. G, H, and I 1. Clean out the tapered hole In the chuck (1) wlth a 7. Using a robber mallet, plastic-tipped hammer, or a CkHlndoth. mOCK OT wood and a hammer, firmlytap the chuck Clean tapered surfacason the arbor (2) and spindle(3). upward into posi_n on the spindle shaft.
  • Page 13 DRILL PRESS ADJUSTMENTS Fig. L CAUTION: All the adjustments for the opera,on of the ddl press have been completed at the lectory.Due to normal wear and use, some occasional madjustmente may be necessary. !_W_,I -'l_l_[el Toprevent personal injury, a dys ciscor. thepaug f nxn the powersourcewhen ma;dnganyadjustments SQUARING TABLE TO HEAD (RG.
  • Page 14 _[wr_,1 =t_'llKl[e_ To prevent personal injury, always disconnect plug from the power source when making any adjustment. Fig. O SPINDLE I QUILL (FIG. N) Rotate the feed handles counterclockwiseto lower spindleto its lowest position. Hand supportthe spindlesecurely and move it back and forth around the axis.
  • Page 15 _vlvh_ =1_[I To avoid injury from an accidental start, ALWAYS BASIC DRILL PRESS OPEATIONS make sure the switch is in the "OFF" position, the switch key is removed, and the plug is not connected to the power source outlet before making belt SPEEDS AND BELT PLACEMENT (FIG.
  • Page 16 ON I OFF SWITCH PANEL (FIG. S) The "ON I OFF" switch has a removable, yellow plastickey. With the key removed from the switch, Fig.T unauthorizedand hazardous use by children and other is minimized. 1. To turnthe drillpress "ON', insert key (1) into the slotof the switch (2), aqd move the switch upward to the "ON"...
  • Page 17 LOCKING THE CHUCK AT THE DESIRED DEPTH DRILLING TO A SPECIFIC DEPTH (FIG. V) (FIG. W) Drillinga blindhole (not all the way through workpiece) 1. With the switch "OFF", turn the feed handles until the to a given depth can be done two ways: chuck (1) is at the desired depth_Hold the feed handles at this position.
  • Page 18 BASIC OPERATION INSTRUCTIONS j. Use the SPINDLE SPEED recommended for the specificoperation and workpiece material. Check the panel on the inside pulley cover or the chart To get the best results and minimize the likelihoodof belowfor drillingspeed information.For personalinjury,follow these instructionsfor operating accessories, refer to the instructionsprovidedwith your drillpress.
  • Page 19 HOLDING A DRILLING LOCATION POSITIONING THE TABLE AND WORKPIECE 1. Using a centerpunchor sharp nail, make an (FIG. Y and Z) indentationin the workpiece where you want the 1. Lock the table (1) to the column (2) at a positionso hole.
  • Page 20 MAINTAINING YOUR DRILL PRESS To avoidshock or fire hazard, if the power cord is worn or cut in any way, have it replaced immediately. For your own safety, turn the switch=OFF" and remove LUBRICATION the plug from the power source outlet before maintaining or lubricatingyour drillpress.
  • Page 21 TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE To avoid injuryfrom an accidental start, turn the switch"OFF" and always remove the plug from the power source before makingany adjustment. • Consultyour local Sears Service Center iffor any reason the motor will not run. PROBLEM POSSIBLE CAUSES REMEDY 1.
  • Page 22 15" DRILL PRESS PARTS LIST When servicing use only CRAFTSMAN replacement parts•Use of any other parts may create a HAZARD or cause product damage, Any attempt to repair ot replace electrical parts on this Ddll Press may create a HAZARD unless repair is done by a qualifiedservice technician.
  • Page 23 15" DRILL PRESS PARTS LIST MODEL NO. 127. 229151...
  • Page 25 Manual de Operaci6n CRIIFTSMllN" 1 HP (Potencia M&xima) 12 Velocidades (250-3100 R.P.M.) Mandril de 518 Pulg. PRENSA TALADRADORA DE 15 PULG. Modelo No. 137.229151 CUIDADO: Antes de user esta Prensa • Instrucciones de Seguridad Instalaci6n Taladradora leer este manual • Operaci6n y seguir todas las Reglas de •...
  • Page 26 SECCI6N PAGINA Garania ......................... Especiflcaciones de la Herramienta ................Instrucciones de Segutidad ..................Accosorios y Aditamentos ..................Contenido de la Caja ....................Farniliarizares con la Prensa Taladradora ..............Glosario de T6rminos ..................... Ensamblaje y Regulaci6n ..................Operaci6n ........................ Mantenimiento ......
  • Page 27 RETIRAR LAS HERRAMIENTAS DE INSTRUCCIONES GENERALES DE REGULACI_N. Formarse el tk_oito deverificar q uelas SEGURIDAD herramientas y lasIlaves de regulaci6n hayan sideretJradas deltaladro antesdeactivarlo. ANTES DE USAR LA PRENSATALADRADORA NUNCADEJARDESATENDIDA UNAHERRAMIENTA Laseguridad es unacombinaci6n d esenlido comdn, m antenerse 15. ELI_CTRICA CUANDOESTI_FUNClONANDO.
  • Page 28 REGLAS DE SEGURIDADESPEC|FICAS FIJAR LA PIEZADE"rRABAJO, Cuando fuese_, usarsargentas o una prensa parasujetar la plezadetrabaJo. PARALA PRENSATALADRADOFIA Es n_a seguro que usarla _ y dejalibre ambasmanoe paraoperar la herramlerCa. RBIJI_=I_I=K_ AL USAR unaprensaparataJadro, siempresujetada a la mesa. Porsupropia seguddad, nobatarde usarla Prensa Taladradora enchufarla h asta queest6cornpletamente ensamblada e instalada CERCIORARSE QUEtodos loselement.smec._nicos de deacuerdo conlasistmcciones, y hastahaberlefdo y entendido...
  • Page 29 Estaherramlenta o std _ parausarse enun drcuito que INSTRUCCIONES PARA LA CONEXI6N ATIERRA teogauntomacorrlente comoel ilustrado e ft la RGURAA. La RGURA(A) muestmunenchufe el_K_o y untornacontente EN EL EVF.N10DE UNAFALLAO MALFUNClONAMIENTO, pe 3 contactos, unode loscuales es un_onductor pare la conex_n a _rra Ixovee unavl'ade manorrosistenoia parala cor_J6na _erra.Si nose dispone de untomacordente con cordente ekY_foa, r edudendo as( el riesgo de choque el_'trico.
  • Page 30 DESEMBALAJE Y VERIFICACI( N ACCESORIOS DISPONIBLES CONTENIDO $61ousaraccesorios r ecomendados paraesta Prensa Taladradera. Seguir losinstrucoiones que acompa_an a los Si faltasanpiezaso hubiesen piezasder3ades, noenohufar la accesorios. [] usodeaccesorios i nadecuados puede Prensa Taladradora hastaconseguir laspiezas faltantes o de generar riesgos. reemplazar lasda_adas y basra habercompletade elensam_aje.
  • Page 32 Cubierta Protectora Perilla de la Cubi_ Poleas de Manija Tensionadora Seguro dela Manija Interruptor Tans_nadoia de la Luz de Co_eas Manija Tensionadora de Correas Manijas de Avance Pemos de Fijacibndel Cabezal Collarfnde la Columna Profundidad Motor tpa del Resorte Mesa Resole del Sujetador Cremallera...
  • Page 33 VELOClDAD DETALADRADO - Se cambia colosando l acorrea BASE - ,_porla la Prenea Teladradora. Paramayor e6tabilidad an cualquiera d e laspoleas. Verla Table de Velocidades en la provisla deodfick_paraempemar la Prensa Talaclradom 81 piso. ( Ver"lnstrucciones deSeguridad Especificas p araPransas perteintema de la cobierta pmtectora d e lascorreas.
  • Page 34 INSTRUCCIONES PARA EL ENSAMBLAJE FlU.U rfq_igJ_l_iK_d _ Per su propia seguddad, nunca enchufar en el tomacorriente haste haber completado todos los pesos del ensamblaje la regulacibe, y haste haber Leido y entendido ]as instrucciones de seguddad y operaci6n. HERRAMIENTASNECESARIAS DesarmadorPiano Llave regufabde de 8"...
  • Page 35 ENSAMBLAJEDE LA GU_ (RG. F) INSTALACI6N DEL CABEZAL (FIG. D) Esta Prensa Taladradom _ene una masacon la superficie acanalada. Determinar la ubicack_deseadapara la gufa (1). ElcabezaldeJa PrensaTaladradora es muypesaday para Deslizarlos bloques T (2) en los canalesadecuados ensamblarse en forrnaseguraen la columnaDEBE levantarse como se muestra.
  • Page 36 INSTALACI(_)N DEL MANDRIL (RG. G ,H,I) Usando un rnazo de caucho o rnartno concabezade pl_dcoounbloque d emadera y unrna_llo, golpearlo Umplarel orifldo ahusado en et mandril (1) conun paso limp_o. levemente hada ardbahastaque encaje en posickln en eleje. Umpiar lassuperfldes ahusadas delwf_tago(2) y deleje (3): Fig.
  • Page 37 REGULACI6N DE LA PRENSA Fig. L TALADRADORA CUIDADO: T odos losajustes y regulaciones necesarias p arala operesibn d e la Prensa Teladradora h ansidoheches en la f_brica,DelYdo al usay desgeste normal, o cask_almente podrfan requedrse e lgunosreajustes. Paraevitar lesiones personales, siempre desconectar elenchufe deltomacorriente antesdehasarcualquier r egulacibn.
  • Page 38 rRB[i_PJ_l_e[ Fig. O Parae_r lesiones pecsona_ siempre desco_ el enchub delton_,co,-den_ antesdehanercualquier r eguladdn. F OnT A (RG. N ) Girarlasmanijas de avance contra el sanlJdo d el relojparebajar el ejehastesuposicide r ndsbaja.Sujetar el ejefirmemente c on la manoy movedo hacia atrdsy haciaadelante sobresusje.Si tuviese demasiado j uego,hacerIo siguiente: 1.
  • Page 39 Paraevitar tesiones d ebidas a unananque acddental, S IEMPRE cerdomrse que el Intenupex estden la posid6n OFF (Apagado) y desconecW el enchule deltomaconiente antesde hacer cualquier regulacidn. OPERACIONES BASICAS DE LA PRENSA TALADRADORA AUNEAMIENTO DE LASPOLEASDE[.AS CORREAS (FIG.Q) Abrir la cubierta protectom de lascorreas en laPrensa Taladradora.
  • Page 40 PANELDEL INTERRUPTOR ON/OFF(PrenderlApegar)(RG. S) Fig. T [] intermptor de"PRENDER/APAGAR' (ON/OFF)tleneunanave retlrable d e pl_=_:o=na,'t_ Conla llavere_ada del Intermptor, se rn]nimiza l apos_lidaddel usonoautodzado y pellgroso p otparte de nii_os y otraspersonas. 1. Paraprender la Prensa Teladradora, presionar " ON" (Prender), insertar l a Ilave (1) enla ranura del interruptor (2) y mover el interrupter haciaarriba a la posici6n de"ON"(Prender).
  • Page 41 RJACI(_I ELMANDRILA LA PRO_DAD DESEADA TALADRADO A UNA PROFUNDIDAD ESPECIFICA (RG.V) (FIG.W) Cuar_ se deseatalad_ unoritUodegohastauna profundk_ 1. Con e|intenuptor (Apagade) "OFF", g_ar _ manijas de espemca ¢ na_=ar _ pk3za compk_amem, sep.eden devad_ basra queel manddl ( 1) est6a li prdundidad hacerdoscocas: deseade.
  • Page 42 INSTRUCCIONES BASICAS PARA LA OPERACI6N Usarla VELOClDAD DE EJErecomendade parala opemddn espedflcay material a teladrar. Refedrse el panelen I== parteInterior d e ta mbierlade laspolees o SegJirestasbs'm,,cdones paraoperarla Prensa.Teladradora a la tablaquese indlca a conUnuack_n paraobtener rnejoms resultados y minlmizar l a podbi_adde informac_ sobrelas veloddedes d e perlomci_.Para obtener informaci_ sobre Im accesodm, relerirsea las in_nes...
  • Page 43 POSICIONAMIENTO DE LA MESAY PIEZADETRABAJO PARAMANTENERI.A BROCAEN LA POSICl6NDE LA PERFORACl6N (Rr-Y, Z) 1. Asagular k m',==a (1)a lacplurnna (2)an unaposidd_ t alqoe 1. Usando ancentro punz6no davopunliagudo, punzar la pieza lapunta dela brcoa (3) quede justo sobre laplezadetrabajo (4). detrabajo enel lugardonde se deseahacer el od_do.
  • Page 44 MANTENIMIENTO DE LA PRENSA TALADRADORA Paraevitarlosdesgosde choqueel6ctdco o incendio, s i el cordbn eli.._,'tdco estuviese gastado o cortado, r eparadoo cambiarlo de inmediato. Por supropiaseguddad colocar e l interruptor e n la posicibn LUBRICACI( N "OFF" (Apagado) y desconectar e l enchufedel tomacorriente antesde dade mantenimiento o lubdcarla PrensaTaiadmdora.
  • Page 45 GUfA PARADIAGN( )STICODE PROBLEMAS PareeviW IRionesocaslonadupot unmnmque acdd_tal, mover el Intem¢_ a la posld_ de 'OFF"(_) cord_ de sumlnls_del ton_ corriente m de hacercualqu_ regulaci6n, • Consultar a l CentredeSen_doSeamlocal_ el molor noammcMe potcualquler mo_w CAUSA PROBABLE PROBLEMA SOLUCI6N Tensk_incon'ecta de lacorrea. Operac_ nddo_ Regular.
  • Page 46 LISTA DE PARTES DE LA PRENSA TALADRADORA DE 15" MODELO NO. 137.229151 AI darlesewicio a la m_quina,s_o usarde repuestos C RAFTSMAN. B usode cuak:luier otrorepuesto puedecrearRIESGOS o da_arlaherramienta. Cualquier inte_ode reparar o reemplazar l aspiezasel6ctdcas deesta Prensa Taladradora p uedecrearRIESGOS a rne/x_que la repamck_ la hagaunt_cnico calificado de sen/Ido.
  • Page 47 LISTA DE PA_ES DE _ PRENSATA_DRADORA DE 15" MODELO NO. 137.229151...
  • Page 48 Your Home For repair-in your home-of all major brand appliances, lawn and garden equipment, or heating and cooling systems, no matter who made it, no matter who sold it! For the replacement parts, accessories and Operator's Manuals that you need to do-it-yourself. For Sears professional installation of home appliances and items like garage door openers and water heaters.

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