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Craftsman 315.116020 Operator's Manual page 9

1/2 in. impact wrench 19.2 volt
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CAUTION:Toprevent g eardamage, always allow
theshankto cometo a complete stopbefore chang-
ingthedirection of rotation.
Tostopthe impact w rench, r elease theswitchtriggerand
allowtheshankto cometo a complete stop.
NOTE: T heimpact w rench will notrununless thedirection
of rotation selector i s pushed fullyto theleftor right.
Avoidrunning theimpact w rench at lowspeeds for
extended periods oftime.Running a t lowspeeds un-
derconstant u sage maycause theproduct t o become
overheated. If thisoccurs, c oolthe product b y running it
withouta loadandatfullspeed.
See Figure 4, page L
Use only sockets designed for impact wrenches. Always
select the correct size impact socket for nuts and bolts.
Using the wrong size socket may dam-
age the nut or bolt and cause the fastening torque to
be inaccurate or inconsistent.
[] Remove the battery pack from the tool.
[] Push the socket onto the drive shank until the detent
pin locks it into place.
[] To remove the socket, pull it away from the drive
See Figure 5, page i.
Proper fastening
torque may be determined
by the kind
of bolt, the size of the bolt, the material, or the workpiece.
it is helpful to perform a test operation to determine
proper fastening time for the nut or bolt you are using. While
performing the test, make note of the speed selection.
[] Slide the socket over the nut or bolt.
[] Depress the switch and fasten for the proper fastening
[] Remove the impact wrench from the nut or bolt.
[] Check the torque with a torque wrench.
Do not use this tool to install lug nuts
on wheels without a torque limiting device. Doing so
could result in galled or broken lugs.
Many variables exist that will cause the available torque of
the fastener to vary considerably.
NOTE: Using a universal joint or extension bar may reduce
the fastening force of the impact wrench and require longer
fastening time.
After the head of a nut or bolt has
seated, additional impacting will increase the chance
of shearing bolts, nuts, sockets or tearing into wood.
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